MapTun – Quaife High Performance gear kit

Maptun are total performance Saab nuts who are 100% dedicated to Saab tuning. They’re a company that I’m very proud to have as supporters of Saabs United.

Those of you who are practiced gearheads know that Saabs can be vulnerable in the gearing department when you put the power down. To cater to those who seek higher performance, Maptun have teamed up with Quaife.

I’ll let them explain:


Throughout the years, we have tuned a large number of Saabs, some of which have left our shop with extreme levels of power. A recurring question has been how long the gearbox is going to last. That it will not last forever both we and the owner have been well aware of, the only question has been how long. Those times are finally over!

Together with well renowned Quaife in the UK, MapTun Performance have developed a gearkit adapted to the extreme demands of a high performance Saab. The kit has now been tested rigorously for over two years in cars with 485-540 hp and 600-700 (!) Nm.

Neither of the cars have noted any problems whatsoever with the gearbox, despite drivers being instructed to push the cars to the limit in a variety of driving conditions, grip conditions and tire choices. Unlike previous straight cut gearkits from Quaife, this one is adapted to street use and not pure racing applications.

The kit therefore features helical cut gears, which give a much better noise level, and a gearing which actually gives slightly higher top gears. Everyday functionality is thereby preserved.

Gear ratios:

  • 1st 12,21
  • 2nd 7,87
  • 3rd 5,57
  • 4th 4,25
  • 5th 3,39
  • 6th 2,85

The gearkits are manufactured by Quaife. The complete kit including a number of custom fabricated parts, such as bearings and input shaft. The kit also includes the output shaft and crown wheel, so it is a true 6 speed kit rather than a bolt on 6th gear.

The kit is only available from MapTun Performance!

We recommend a complete overhaul of the gearbox while installing the gearkit and that a Limited Slip Differential is installed.


The gearkits are available to replace the 5-speed gears in the following vehicles:

  • Saab 900/9-3 94-03,
  • Saab 9000 94-98,
  • Saab 9-5 98-10
  • Saab 9-3 SS
  • Get in touch with Maptun for more information and pricing.

    LIVE from the Maptun 10th birthday celebrations

    It looks like a rainy day in Örebro, but that doesn’t seem to have dampened the enthusiasm of a crowd of Saab owners as they descend on Maptun’s HQ to celebrate their 10th birthday.

    Jörgen Trued from the Saabs United Historic Rally Team is there and he’s sent along a bunch of photos via email.

    Click. (Now with added bonus of Jörgen’s 9-3 at the end….. for Smithy)

    Maptun birthday special offer

    Maptun are having their open house, 10th birthday celebrations tomorrow.

    We invite you to a party in Örebro with car show, activities and lots of fun. Of course, we will have great deals throughout the day.

    The anniversary party will be on 21st of August from 10:00-15:00

    I can now pass on the good news about a special offer the Maptun guys are making to celebrate the occasion. If you can make it to Örebro tomorrow, you can pick up one of their fantastic Stage 1 Maptuner devices at around 30% off.

    A Stage 1 Maptuner normally sells for SEK 7,995. Tomorrow only, they’ll be on sale for SEK 5,595. That’s a 2,400 crown discount on the normal price.

    NOTE: This special price is only for people attending the Maptun anniversary in person. It’s not available as an international order whether by phone or via the website. It’ll only be sold at that price to visitors at the Maptun facility.


    The stage 1 Maptuner is a simple way to boost the performance of your Saab with a tune specially written for your particular model. The software installs in just minutes and when it’s done, you’ll feel like you’re in a different car.

    See the video below for a demo of how easy it is….


    Thanks to Gunnar for the tip and the Fredrik’s for being dudes!

    Maptun 10th Birthday

    This is one for you Swedes within reasonable driving distance of Örebro – which means almost everyone!

    Saab tuners, SU sponsors and all-round first class guys – Maptun – are celebrating their 10th birthday:

    We invites you to a party in Örebro with car show, activities and lots of fun. Of course, we will have great deals throughout the day.

    The anniversary party will be on 21st of August from 10:00-15:00

    Do you want to exhibit your Saab at our show? Contact us! All nice Saabs can be exhibited, not only Maptuned ones. Winners will be awarded with both a trophy and certificate from Maptun!

    Exhibitors are invited to come to the car show from 08:00. You can wash your car close to Maptun if needed. More Information about offers will be announced closer to the Anniversary , but we promise that you will not be disappointed!

    If you’re within proximity, then please make sure you get involved. These guys are bonkers about Saabs, do some fantastic work and I’d love to see some fantastic snapshots of a rockin’ car show there in Örebro.

    Video: SUHRT gets a Maptun upgrade

    This one came as a pleasant surprise in my inbox today.

    Jorgen from the Saabs United Historic Rally Team called in to Maptun and got a little work done to his summer car. Just like my mate John here in Hobart, he’s had his car tuned with the new Maptuner portable tuning device.

    Cue the videos:




    The special discount offer they were talking about is fully outlined here.

    Short and sweet: Maptun are offering a 15% discount on all software upgrades and free shipping on your entire purchase (not just the software).

    To claim the discount:

    Head over to the Maptun website and check out the right tuning guide for your car. When you place an order, include the promotion code SU2010 in the order form. Your discount will be applied to the tuning software component of your order and your order will be placed.

    The offer closes at the end of this month, so get in quick.

    Note: I’m told there have been some difficulties processing some credit card orders. This was due to a setting on Maptun’s electronic processing system (it was set up as a fraud protection). That setting has been adjusted and those credit card transactions should now go through OK.

    15% off Saab tuning software from Maptun – and free shipping!


    Remember, this offer ends at the end of this month.

    And this was noted in comments:

    Just got Maptuner from the nice UPS man, ran the program and took it for a rip (15kms). Significant improvement all over. Car just runs better, power delivery is smoother and as many people have said the car just feels better. I look forward to putting some more miles on it…..

    ….I should also mention I ordered this Sunday night in Canada and got it at 2pm on Wednesday from Sweden.



    Today we have another outstanding offer from our site sponsors (and rally team sponsors) – Maptun.

    A few months ago we had a great discount offer on Maptun’s new plug-in Maptuner software. That offer was very popular and I’m pleased to say that we’re doing it again, though with a small difference this time.

    Until the end of May, Maptun are offering 15% off all tuning software, along with FREE SHIPPING on your entire order.


    The discount, combined with free shipping, means you’ll have more spare cash to consider a bigger upgrade than just software.

    All tuning companies offer staged tuning kits for your Saab. These staged kits build on each other so as to offer a tuning solution that matches your budget. Initial stages typically involve software, exhaust systems and air filters. That’s just the beginning, though. With some companies you can go even further with bigger injectors, a bigger turbo, an uprated intercooler and various other parts making up further steps on the ladder to tuning Nirvana.

    What sort of difference can a complete tuning kit make?

    Read more15% off Saab tuning software from Maptun – and free shipping!

    Living with a Maptun tune in a Saab 9-5

    A few months ago, Maptun offered a special deal on their tuning products for SU readers. I’ve just received an email from one of the guys who took up that offer and got a new Maptuner device for his Saab 9-5 Aero.
    I’m keeping his name out of this post, for reasons that will be obvious to those in similar circumstances.
    I hope you’ll find it interesting reading.

    Greetings. Thanks to you and MapTun for the February S-U special. I have a different car now.
    My car is a 2009 9-5 SportCombi with the 2.3T “Aero” gasoline engine and automatic transmission. The stock engine is 260 hp and 258 lb. ft. (~349.8 Nm) torque. The MapTun is a Stage 1 done via the MapTuner. The Stage 1 is rather mild for horsepower but an important boost in torque. The MapTun Stage 1 added 10 HP and around 52 lb. ft. / 70 Nm torque for totals of 270 bhp and 420 Nm (~309.8 lb. ft.) torque. This is about a 20% torque increase. MapTun confirmed that the automatic transmission torque is capped at 420 Nm.
    I applied the tune 3 weeks ago. I have made regular highway and street commutes plus one long trip. I have observed a +2 MPG improvement in fuel economy in *both* highway and street driving. The highway fuel economy improvement is validated both by numbers in the SID and by calculating at-the-pump using miles driven divided by gallons put in the tank. The street driving fuel economy is validated primarily by numbers in the SID with some at-the-pump observations.
    With the tune, I am now getting around 29 MPG highway on the SID and between 24 – 26 MPG on the SID in the specific mixed street driving that I do. This street driving has a bit of highway in it. The at-the-pump numbers are 0.5 to 2 MPG lower than the SID depending on amount of street driving but are still +2 MPG better than before the tune. Before the tune, I used to get around 27 MPG highway and 22 – 24 MPG in my specific mixed street driving.
    My family and I recently had to take a significant highway trip in the vehicle. Six days and about 2000 miles round trip. My wife commented that she is no longer getting car sickness. The improved torque delivery at lower RPMs has removed an annoying forward to rear rocking motion the car would exhibit before tuning. I would often be running with cruise control. The stock engine tuning would allow the car to slow and then run the engine up to a higher RPM to gain speed. This would rock the car and set off my wife’s motion sickness.
    MapTun’s email support has been fast and attentive. The Stage 1 tune has not tripped ESP or the torque limiter. With the benefits to fuel economy and passenger comfort, I would recommend the tune and do not plan to remove the tune. I haven’t mentioned “sporty driving.” I’ve been cautious. To paraphrase a Jeremy Clarkson-ism “I have enough torque to tear a hole in time.” The car feels more solid. Engine and speed come up with less drama. I no longer have to thrash the accelerator as much or sweat passing situations, especially on hilly roads.
    Thank you and Happy Saab-ing,

    Update – Observed fuel economy after Maptuner stage 1 upgrade

    The Chronology……
    First, a mate of mine named John upgraded his 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero V6 using the new Maptuner plug-in software upgrade device from Maptun.
    Next, he reported some observed fuel economy figures from a 500km trip he did in the car a short time afterwards.

    Computer fuel consumption showed 7.4Ltrs/100km on arrival at Devonport (31.8mpg US and 38.2 mpg UK). Car was not moved until return journey, computer settings were not altered. On arrival in Hobart at 8pm on Saturday 23rd fuel consumption read 7.5 litres/100km (that’s 31.4mpg US and 37.7mpg UK).

    The Question……
    Some of you quite rightly asked at the time how that compares to his normal consumption. I did fire off an email to John about that, but he was unable to answer as he was in Western Australia on holidays.
    Now returned, he’s sent me the following reply….

    Fuel Consumption
    Fuel consumption is about the same, maybe slightly better on highway driving and possibly slightly worse in town. Best consumption ever recorded on a similar trip (at similar cruising speed) was 7.1 litres/100klm but that was on the Launceston to Hobart leg with a good tail wind and no traffic interruptions. Previous trips to Devonport varied between 7.5 to 8.0 Litres/100klm.
    I have not covered enough distance in suburban driving yet to really say what the difference is there, although the computer readings suggest it may be a little higher, which you might expect (perhaps to be fair I should factor in a very hilly home suburb).
    The 7.4 litres/100klm figure I quoted for the northern trip (with ECU upgrade) had quite a few interruptions of slower traffic hence the slightly lower consumption perhaps.
    I think the extra performance lends the car to being driven with a bit more gusto. Given normal driving I think consumption is going to be about the same. I’m very happy so far and even if there was a small increase it would be worth it!

    You are now even more up to date 🙂
    I can personally vouch for the poor suburban figures we get here in Hobart. This is a very hilly city and John live up an even steeper and longer hill than what I do!

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