Hi-Res poster now available – in Swedish!

With many thanks (again) to the kind folks at Lowe Brindfors…..
And many thanks (a millions times over) to Elkparts…..
The Swedish version of the new Saab advertising poster featuring images from the Saab Support Convoys is now available for you to download and print.
(I recommend a right-click-save-as).
Click here for the Swedish version (6MB pdf), and in case you missed it, click here for the English version (3.5MB pdf).

The Saab Ad that you made :-)

Small-ish version available on Facebook. I’m going to tap Lowe for a big version and will make it available asap.
This ad is made up of photos from the various Saab Support Convoys that were held back in January. This is the ad that you made possible with your dedication, your willingness to act, and of course, with your cameras.
It’s a beautiful thing…..

Some GB sales and Re:Bjorn feedback

I’ve just heard some very encouraging news from England.
As you might recall, Saab GB launched a sales campaign called Re:Bjorn to celebrate Saab being sold to Spyker. The campaign started on Friday and finished yesterday (Monday).
I received some feedback about the event from Rob at Beechwood Saab:

Fri & Sat were much slower than we expected, particularly after the efforts we had put in, namely :

  • Lots of National & Regional Press coverage
  • Lots of National & Regional Radio coverage
  • 2,700 letters sent to our customer database
  • Dressing up the showroom & the outside sale promotional equipment
  • Champagne / Bucks Fizz on Ice
  • Individual drinks for the children
  • Food, inc individual “menu’s” for the kids
  • Balloons & Party bags for all the kids that came in
  • Wine tasting from local business
  • Cup cakes stand from local business
  • Fully paid up English breakfast / Bap for punters that arrived before 11am each day
  • Lots of staff running round to ensure no one was left unattended & were plied with copious amounts of alcohol (if not driving of course!)

But Sunday & Monday were REALLY busy & we ended up with doing a total of 10 sales (including 3 new cars – something we’d almost forgotten how to do!), which we were really pleased with. And to be honest, there is still half a dozen who could still end up buying this week.
So all in all really pleased !!

That’s an outstanding result!
It seems the campaign has done it’s thing and here’s hoping it’s created some momentum now that Saab are sold.
Some other news that I just heard, (need to confirm with the source just to be sure as it’s quite amazing….)
There had been 211 Saab sales in the UK in the first two months of 2010.
So far in March (i.e. yesterday) there have been 83 Saab sales. I’d say that the combination of a positive future, new plates issued 1/3/10 and the Re:Bjorn campaign has worked OK.

Saab amongst top brands for positive internet ‘buzz’

JD Power have been measuring the online traffic moving back and forth for various automotive brands and have named 8 brands has having the best social media ‘buzz’.
Automotive News have the explanation:

Kia, Saab and Chrysler.
If you know what those brands have in common, you’re in tune with the latest in automotive marketing.
The three were among the marques that consumers buzzed most positively about over online social media, such as blogs, chat rooms and Facebook.
In its annual Franchise Assessment Review on Thursday, J.D. Power and Associates ranked eight brands as “excellent” for the positive online buzz they generated in 2009: Audi, Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Porsche, Saab and Suzuki.

And if there’s a thought in this story that I could echo in all-caps, it would be this….

The industry has to acknowledge that this is an exploding voice of the consumer.

Hear, hear!
I know that Saab and Spyker have acknowledged the support they received from owners and fans of the brand in the lead up to the deal with General Motors. That campaign, and the others around it, generated momentum but efforts will need to be made to build that momentum into something more.
I really hope they’re giving this some serious thought and trust that they are. Your ideas about their online presence, as the consumers of the company’s products, should definitely receive full consideration.
Thanks to Aeropilot for the link.

Thursday Snippets – Aztek edition

Am trying – and loving – Google Buzz. Not having to log into a separate platform like Twitter is quite refreshing, although I still like Twitter too.
Photos and video to come later today, but as I sit here writing this, my Monte Carlo is getting fitted up with a beautiful 3-inch Hirsch Performance cat-back exhaust*.
Am I excited? Yes, I am.
A woman in Alabama refused to allow her son to use his father’s surname, which happens to be Saab.
She actually got thrown in jail for this. 5 days for each offence.
Don’t mess with the Saab, lady!
Want more of this?
Start here and keep click the photos to the right…..
Off topic, but in tune with my advertising interest…..
I can’t believe that David E Davis got this column on Go Daddy’s superbowl commercial so darn wrong.
Actually, I don’t understand why he wrote it in the first place, but that’s beside the point.
David, the ads aren’t meant to compete with Snickers. They’re meant to get people familiar with web hosting (not you, I know) to go to the Go Daddy website to view the full ad and then look around at services. It’s sexploitation at its most basic, but it obviously works for Go Daddy as they’re back year after year.
Is the Nissan Juke the ugliest car since the Pontiac Aztek?
And does it combine this most uncelebrated of monikers with being less functional than the Aztek at the same time?
You decide.
Disclosure: Hirsch Performance are the only company with whom I exchange advertising for product and this exhaust, along with the ECU I recieved last year, are payment-in-kind requested by me for advertising services at TS and SU.

Is the Saab brand damaged goods, or stronger than ever?

The question in the headline is the subject of an article in TTELA today. They speak to two analysts about the brand issue and naturally, the two analysts have conflicting opinions.

The Googletrans

Bengt HÃ¥kansson is a branding expert and president of the Company Brand Clinic.

– I actually think this has strengthened Saab. It’s like a David and Goliath story, or one of those movies where an American football team successfully turn a 47-0-underdog to win….

….He thinks that the marketing is trying to do in the past year which emphasizes a return to roots and the Swedish Saab unit is important.

– One can not make the cars they used to, but take advantage of the values that are there.

Something he points out that GM failed……

– I had a GM director on a course I had and I asked how the typical Saab customer looked like and what values were, but his manager could not give a good answer.

– I have friends who drive Saab that refuses to test drive other cars. There really is something to seize.

That’s the positive side of the argument.

Now to Googlywoogly the negative:

– I know of no other brand that is so linked to emotional values as Saab. Audi, BMW and Mercedes have been more logical values.

But he believes that the whole situation now to be the killing shot and descriptions of a hopeless situation has damaged the brand.

– There is an uncertainty for those who want to buy the cars and we have pointed out that GM has eroded the mark.


So it’s the David argument vs the damaged brand.

From my own perspective, I feel as if the brand is stronger than ever. But that’s a somewhat emotional response. Like you, I’ve been right in the thick of the fight and the fact that Saab have come out alive leads to a very emotional high.

Take yourself out of the situation, though, and the negative perception of Saab being dead or damaged does have some traction – and this is what Saab are going to have to overcome.

Griffin Up! ticks over 100,000 views on Youtube

Another great milestone has happened recently.
In just a week, David Blumberg’s song for Saab, called Griffin Up! has notched up over 100,000 views on Youtube.
That’s a fantastic effort and some fantastic visibility for Saab. The song’s been a great booster in these recent troubled times.
I reckon that if Saab gets sold, there should be a big party in Trollhattan, with David front and center singing Griffin Up! for the crowd. I’ll book myself in now to play bass 🙂

Alternative Saab marketing – grow from within

I first came across this post just over a week ago. I then managed to lose the URL (I have all the history stuff turned off on my browser) and then this morning I managed to dig it up again.

I wanted to run it up the flagpole here and see if anyone salutes. I love special edition cars and more than that, I think the idea has some genuine merit.

The idea appears on a site called Detective Marketing, written buy a guy named Stefan Engeseth.

In a nutshell:

Here is my solution: start selling one of the SAAB cars customized into a special edition. Sell it for a higher price, lets say 50.000 Euros. Give buyers half of the money back after 2 years if they in that time have managed to sell 10 cars to others.

By buying one of the unique SAAB cars the buyer automatically becomes an owner of SAAB…….that will make fans go from being ambassadors to Kings and Queens (everyone will recognize this special edition of SAAB and see what they stand for – a hero and owner of the SAAB brand).

Include a free trip to the SAAB [factory] in Trollhättan for every partner that owns a SAAB car. Give each car a unique number, so more fans can expand the fantribe…..

Numbers: Sell 200,000 cars before they are made to consumers, employees etc. 200.000 x 50.000 Euros = 10 Billion Euros.

10 billion Euros will make a difference.

There’s more at Stefan’s site.

Now, first things first. Saab have never sold 200,000 cars in a year, let alone 200,000 cars at 50,000Euro. A plan like this would have to start small and grow from there, but I think the idea has merit.

Make the car special in terms of powertrain and specification and people are more likely to pay a premium. Include a stake in the company and you’ve got some serious ambassadors, people with an incentive to actively promote the brand.

I’m not sure what the numbers would look like on a plan like this, but if they were manageable then perhaps its something that a company like Saab could look at in the future.

It’s the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that Saab will need to use in the future.

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