Moment of Clarity: WSJ Interview With Martin Larsson

I apologize for the misleading title in advance. The only clarity that can be gleamed from this interview is that there is very little certainty surrounding the Chinese deal at the moment. That’s not to sound scary in any way, things are progressing. But I suggest everyone read this article if you’re going to read one this week. Kudos to Christina Zander for being the only reporter all day to get behind the headlines. You’re up there with Ola Kinnander now on my list of responsible reporters.

“The only thing that’s certain is that things won’t turn out exactly as planned,” Larsson told Dow Jones. “We still have a bumpy road ahead, I believe.”

The article can be found at this link.

Also, there’s a reason why I haven’t had my own “thoughts on the deal” article yet. When the time feels right, you’ll read it.

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