*BREAKING NEWS* : Americans to save Saab *update*

People asked in the last days where Victor Muller was, well it seems like Di found out.

According to DI, a US investor plans to be part owner of Saab.

A major U.S. investor plans to become a part owner of Saab Automobile, which would provide opportunities to organize the plant. It said a source familiar with the Saab to the Financial Times.

Saab hopes that the agreement must be finalized by the end of the week or weekend, according to Di’s source.

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Reports indicate Saab will build cars in Tianjin, China *UPDATE: Youngman May Make New Investment*

According to China Car Times, Saab will set up shop with partner Youngman in Tianjin, a city near Beijing. It is also the site of Great Wall Motor’s new plant, serves as a major automotive import hub, and is home to many major Chinese suppliers.

CCT mentions that they’ve heard reports that Saab sent a team of engineers to Youngman and found that their existing production lines (which a commenter mentions in the same article are elsewhere in the Guizhou to Shangdong provinces) can easily handle the additional 150,000 vehicles a year when they’re brought online. They say that the plant would be operational in 2 years at the earliest, and that they would need to import cars in the meantime. I’m sure the workers in Trollhattan would be more than happy to ramp up production to cover the difference if Pang Da is placing orders for tens of thousands of Saabs.

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Thursday Snippets– Beatles Edition (updated)

The pace of news articles from competing media agencies, be it Dagens Industri or the Wall Street Journal, has been blistering this past week (so fast in fact that I updated this with a late breaking New York Times article). Where there’s usually one or two Saab news articles that make the rounds each week, every morning we’re greeted by the latest updates of old headlines from the day before spun a new way. In an attempt to make it all more consumable and go down easier, I’ve compressed it all into one long snippets, organized around each player and their interest in Saab. Rather than regurgitate news (anyone can set up a news alert for Saab and read what pops up), we’re trying to make it easier for you to find all your Saab goodness in one place while we reflect on whatever insight we’re hearing from inside Saab.

We’d also like to lighten the mood a bit. As I said in the last snippets, in snippets I want to give you a quick overview of what you can expect. This time, instead of doing it graphically I decided that the Beatles might help me out. Let’s just say the thought hit me while on my morning jog with a certain playlist 😉 The lyrics certainly fit.

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DI.se prove that asshattery endures even after the Saab sale

Dagens Industri were one of several news services in Sweden that wrote about Saab right throughout 2009 and the early part of 2010 as if the company had some sort of corporate plague.
Everything was bad, bad, bad, dead, dead, dead. It must have really killed these people when the transaction with Spyker actually went through.
Today they’ve managed to make right Clarksonian cocks of themselves (pardon my Francais) with an article on their site that plain-and-simple infers that the Saab 9-5 costs too much because the top-line model is more expensive than a similar Volvo S80 or ‘equivalent’ Audi (and what’s even more annoying is that they’ve referenced SU in their article).
They ask “Are customers willing to pay 55,900 kronor for the Saab 9-5 than for equivalent Volvo?” (Googletrans) and then point out a 42,800 SEK difference between the same 9-5 and an Audi (presumably an A6).
Of course, they don’t mention that the 9-5 is a brand new car, with brand new technology and handling. They don’t mention that the Volvo they’re comparing it to is several years old now. And the Audi options list – want wheels to go with your car, sir? – no mention of that, either.
Thankfully, a large number of Swedes have chimed in and given them a good serve in comments to their article. Over 200 of them as I write this.
So who’s going to buy one of these new Saab 9-5’s?
Well, this 24-year Mercedes veteran has just gone and bought two of them!!!
Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr Daaaaagens Industri.

……Even though Thomas Karlstr

Wednesday Night Snippets

Posting is slow at the moment and will continue that way for the rest of the week, most likely.

This week is one of the few crunch times I have in my day job so it’s been flat out there. And trying to kick off a forum during such a week probably wasn’t a great idea.

By the way, the Reader’s Rides section of the new forum is blazing! Thanks to all who’ve visited the forum and left suggestions, too. I’ll be getting to most of those in near-mid term but right now it’s a mix of work, work, more work, family and blog.

I will set out more instructions, do more formatting, enable avatars (!) and a few other things as time permits.


Jan-Ake Jonsson:

Saab will continue to reduce the CO2 of its small-capacity turbocharged petrol and diesel engines by ‘utilising the electrical technology available, including stop-start systems,’ he says. There will continue to be a strong focus on biofuel engines, particularly for the domestic market.

I really need to see and drive one of these electrified vehicles because I find it so hard to get excited about them ‘on paper’.

Call me simple, but I just want to have fun driving!


Call me simple – again – but I’d also really like to see something indicative of how Saab are going to use the internet now on their internet sites.

I know it’s only been a week, but the Newsroom hasn’t done anything different after-GM than what it did before-GM.

No big address or other attempt to reach out.

Maybe I need to go to bed. I just want them to do something.


Have you checked out the Saab Tech Wiki?

You’re probably familiar with a Wiki, like Wikipedia, etc. This one’s for Saab technical information, but in terms that most of us can understand.

I had a brief flick around the 9-3 section and it’s pretty good, with heaps of small repair info accompanied by clear photos and labels.

It looks like a good project. Well done to Matt and his team.


I’d like to introduce you – again – to a lovely redhead named Giulietta. This is she, looking resplendent under the lights of the Geneva show.

Now if someone would just get that hag in the dress out of the way…..



One of my recent past-times – previously reported here on SU but continuing – is to watch the evolution of Saaby work by young design student, Sven Carlsson.

The latest……

Late Night Snippets – Swedish Press (again) edition and sales data

I haven’t reported on Saab sales for a few months. We all knew where the trend was heading and it was never going to get any better with Saab in limbo and next-to-no inventory.
It’ll take a little while to recover, too, but given it’s a new era the sales reports are back on the agenda.
Swedish Saab sales for February 2009 were still low. That’s the story right now. But it’s just the beginning.

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Follow up to that WBZ story about Saab and other ‘declining’ brands

I think we can all feel a little fortunate that Kevin Q pointed out the WBZ-TV story about brand being phased out that was being planned for airing in the Boston market.
With Kevin pointing it out, we were able to take a little action and from the comments we received on site from WBZ, those actions were directly responsible for them altering the story.
You can watch the final edit on video here (or read it in text form, here)
It’s a good thing, because that story spread to a number of other markets – like Los Angeles, Milwaukee and others.
Of course, it would have been better if they hadn’t mentioned Saab at all, seeing the brand is transitioning and not being phased out in any way at all. Volvo were mentioned in the promo Kevin heard and they seem to have been removed all together.
Perhaps the reason Saab were still included was because of the video they footage they shot with a Saab-owning lady named Mara Woloshin. Mara was rightly concerned about here dealership closing and the increased distance she’d have to travel to service her car. Still, it’s not fitting in with a story on brands like Pontiac and Saturn being closed.
One of the annoying things about all this is that a little bit of digging indicates that Mara’s video footage appears to have been included out of convenience.
One of our commenters, HughW, managed to track Mara down and contact her. She was quite possibly a little surprised to hear about the story in the end…..

Thanks much for the email…I WAS concerned, VERY CONCERNED when the story was done, it was a few months ago when GM gave up on selling the company.

So the interview footage was taken when Saab were being closed, but used when Saab are being sold.
These are the things that get me frustrated about dealing with the press.
I guess it fleshed the story out a little more, having a third brand feature in the story. but the association, having Saab in the same story as Pontiac and Saturn, is a damaging one and totally unnecessary.
By the way, there should be no complaints about what Mara’s said on the video. Her concerns were quite justified. She was asked a question and answered.
The problem is the way the media have used the video and the chance it has to spread a damaging message through syndication.
I guess it highlights the importance of being an ambassador for the brand – noticing when things aren’t right and taking courteous actions to correct them.


Call this a public service announcement if you like.
Some of you might be familiar with a guy living in Michigan named Wulf, especially if you frequent Saab Central. Wulf ran a Saab website a little while ago, with a focus on storing various types of Saab media like press materials, advertisments and brochures.
The site was called Saab Media, but Wulf had to let it go for various reasons. He’s recently felt the itch to get things going again, but someone snapped up the Saab Media domain name during his hiatus.
Never one to wait around, Wulf has registered www.saabarchive.com and re-loaded everything there. He’s adding more material too, as he gets time.
There’s a heap of stuff there, and I’m sure Wulf would be pleased if you check it out, bookmark the site and keep checking back for groovy Saab material like this:

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