How the G-Minch stole Saab

Mike Aukerman left the following in comments on Dec 24th 23:59. At the end I have embedded the Christmas Saab ad from a couple of years ago. Enjoy!

Every Swede up in Sweden liked Saab a lot.
But the G-Minch, who lived far west of Sweden, Did NOT!

The G-Minch hated Saab! The whole Saab way!
Now, please don’t ask why. No one can say.
It could be, perhaps, that their shoes were too tight.
It could be their head wasn’t screwed on quite right.
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that their brain was two sizes too small.

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Merry Christmas From The Dealers

Tim had asked me earlier this week to do a post about the dealers and to tell everyone that we are here and still ready to help. Truth of the matter is I was so angry at the start of the week that I couldn’t see myself writing anything that didn’t come across that way. As the week has gone on and my mood has shifted, I thought now would be a good time to speak.

Our dealership and many others are and will continue to be in business and are ready and willing to help you in every way we know how. It is true that warranty work is on hold right now as we await further clarification from SCNA and we expect that shortly. As our world is so web based now that I have noticed countless Saab dealers addressing this on their facebook pages to their customers and friends. What I would say most of us are not doing is, we are not and will not be taking part in any kind of “FIRE SALE”. I have seen and heard of some very silly ideas of what kind of credits people assume they can get now and at least one dealer that has decided to somehow do this.

We the Saab dealers have weathered many storms and have a lot of that same Saab fight in us that you see in Sweden and we will keep fighting. Our dealerships are more than just a way to make money and sell cars, our dealerships are also our family and friends. Take a look at your Saab dealer and find out how long most of their staff have been together, we are a family and it shows through the service you have come to expect and in the way the we will continue to fight for this great company and you our friends.

The upcoming “We Are Many, We Are Saab” events are truly touching to see take shape. You can imagine that the dealer staff has been upset by the events that have happened and for us it is a nice reminder that Saab fans across the world are coming together for us too. This event is about every part of Saab from the suppliers to the employees and dealers. Remember that we are with you all the way and nothing can ever take that away from us.

I do feel a great amount of hope in Saab emerging from bankruptcy as a stronger company with strong financial backing. I think that with Youngman in Sweden and other possible owners looking to submit bids or possibly already submitted bids, the hope has never left and as I type I feel my strength coming back to me. We are an incredible group of people who believe in Saab and I don’t think another brand can truly compare when it comes to a love of a brand. We are many, we are Saab and will continue to be Saab.

From all of the Saab dealers worldwide, Merry Christmas and happy New Year. To all my Saab friends at dealers across the world, Merry Christmas to you and yours and we will get through this as we stand together as Saab. I invite all other dealers to add a personal message here as well.

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