Saab @ MilleMiglia 2011

UPDATE 2: The guys from Saabway created a poster to encourage the Saab management and the whole Saab family in these delicate times.

In the picture you can see Mr Beherman with the thumb up and Mr Stefani also in blue.

UPDATE: You can also follow it through Twitter, thanks to Sofie from Saab.

Three beautiful Saab 93A have arrived at Brescia Italy, and our friends from Saabway were there to welcome them.

Victor Muller wanted to drive once again at the Mille Miglia, but there are more important things to do now.

We talked about last year, when we met JAJ and VM.. he told me that Victor in theese days is still in china, as we can imagine, working hard to find out a solution with another chineese company… which would be we don’t know, but one or the other should be our partner.. China interested on the deal.

Some pictures after the jump

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Saab at the Mille Miglia 2011

Yes, it is a year since the Mullers (father and son) and the Jonssons (father and son) terrorized the Italian roads between Brescia and Rome. Last year Victor Muller was driving a Saab 93 from the Museum and Jan ร…ke Jonsson was driving another 93 (the grey one in the picture), but this time the car did not belong to Saab but to a friend.

But the grey 93 tried to be stronger than an Italian house and failed. So I wonder if we will see this grey car once again at the Mille Miglia.

Now its time for the 2011 Mille Miglia starting on the 11th of May. Will Saab attend once again, and if, who will run the cars this time?

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AMS photograph Mille Miglia (incl that crash)

The people at Auto Motor and Sport have the absolute best jobs in the world. I’ve been to their offices and whilst they’re not quite…… glamorous (hi guys), they’re full of happy people who get to play with cars and write about it for a living. OK, the fifth Toyota test drive trip might become tedious, but still…..

One of those great jobs would have been heading down to Italy and photographing the Mille Miglia.

Naturally there are plenty of photos of Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson’s respective vehicles, including one that maybe JAJ would prefer they hadn’t taken….. which is precisely while I’ll feature it here ๐Ÿ™‚

Make sure you check out the gallery.


Wednesday Snippets – JAJ, Saab Magazine and a free Spyker C8!

The Saab Newsroom has a wonderful post from Jan-Ake Jonsson talking about their run in the 2010 Mille Miglia.

…..what made the biggest impression on me were the two magnificent vintage Saab 9-3s that we drove. What became apparent as we took to the roads was that in 1957 our designers were already producing cars with exceptional handling characteristics. The fact that we were able to keep up with cars that had 100 — 200 bhp, when we had only 50 bhp, is a fitting tribute to the talent of the designers who worked on these classic models.

It’s great reading.
I featured a Spyker C8 showing at JMK Saab in New Jersey a few days ago.
There’s a bunch more photos on Flickr and they’re well worth a look.
Thanks to Hans R for the link.
Also available in the sidebar of the newsroom is a link to a digital copy of the latest Saab Magazine.
It’s 70 pages long and has some great features on both the Saab 9-5 and the Saab 9-3x, featuring some stunning photography along the way. The non-car stuff has a focus on independent thinking and they interview seven people from different fields to get their thoughts on doing things their way.
As always, it’s a great read.
I never knew they distributed them this way, so thanks to Dippen for a link to this in comments.
Attention FORZA Motorsport gamers….
You can now download a free exotic car pack featuring the Spyker C8 Laviolette LM85 from the Forza Motorsport III website.
Looks pretty good from the screenshot:

SaabWay report from Mille Miglia #2

I posted an initial report from SaabWay earlier today and it was full of great photos and stories from the event. The Italian Saab Club – called SaabWay – had supporters out in various cities in Italy showing their Saab Spirit and supporting Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson as they participated in the historic rally in their 1957 Saab 93s.
Following is a second report from the guys at SaabWay, based on their meeting up with VM and JAJ in Rome. Click to enlarge the attached photos.

Our Roman enthusiasts also managed to met JAJ in his hotel to give him a plate to tell him, in name of Italian Saab enthusiasts, how much we’re grateful to him.
You can see some photos of this meeting below… Our Italian friends told us that Jan-Ake was so surprised about this initiative and happily signed our poster (see the photos). JAJ told that he will put that plate on his desk in his office.
VM wasn’t in the same hotel, so one of them reached the parking the next morning to wait also for VM, to give him his plate to thank “the Saab saver”.. he was surprised as well and showed it proudly to his son.
Special thanks also to the support team, driving an old 9.5 Wagon… to prepare the two car before the race they only had to tank them.. that’s all.
My thanks once again to Luca at SaabWay for sending along the photos and the update.
This event and the SaabWay members’ dedication to it shows the family spirit that surrounds the Saab brand. How many other manufacturers could boast public meetings like this between their top executive and club members?
It’s a wonderful example of the spirit that not only saved this brand earlier this year, but also the dedication that will help it flourish into the future.


SaabWay Club Italy covers the Mille Miglia

This is absolutely fantastic stuff. There’s some priceless stories and images here.
I told you a few weeks ago that Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson would be cheered on in different locations along the Mille Miglia route by various members of the Italian Saab Club, called SaabWay. They stuck to their promise and below is an account of their meetings as well as a bunch of fantastic photos.
My thanks to Luca for sending this stuff along. Just brilliant!

Hi Swade !
I’m writing you to inform you about the great success of our project!
We set up little groups in Brescia (Start), Ferrara, Mantova, Rome and again in Brescia (for the finish).
I was there in Brescia (Night Arrival) and it was a wonderful experience! It was really exciting. We waited for two hours, but then we were repaid getting to spend one hour talking and laughing with Muller & Jonsson, waiting for their turn for the final presentation.
These are two fantastic and friendly persons!! They talked with us about Saab of course, and also the competition, Italy in general, etc etc..
A funny story from the event:
Jonsson got involved in a small accident during the race. Victor Muller arrived first and when we asked him “where is Mr. Jonsson?” he answered: “Mr. Jonsson had a little problem on the road.. a House crossed without watching and he hit it..” ahahhaha !!! ๐Ÿ˜€
Then, Mr. Jonsson came minutes later, explained that they were driving “a bit” fast and one car come out from a STOP sign suddenly, so they had to brake fast and the car skidded a little and bounced off a little wall on the road. They also had to change a wheel due to this accident, but nothing bad for the two occupants and the car managed to finish the race as well. ๐Ÿ™‚
DSC_0171.JPG We also managed to see the famous Muller’s BlackBerry and especially the pictures you saw about the little 9-2. ๐Ÿ™‚ One of our friends tried to get a picture of the BlackBerry, but Victor turned it very quickly as you can see in a picture, ehehe… it was very funny he absolutely wasn’t angry about it, he joked. Fantastic person!
You can see also other photos about other groups along Italy. But at the arrival in Brescia we were so lucky spending a real hour free to stay with them..!! Amazing !
At this link you can see also the video I took at the final official arrival of the two Saabs.. I translate for you what the speaker said in Italian:
“And now the Saab driven by Mr. Victor Muller, the new Saab Owner.. who didn’t know wich Saab Model to buy and so decided to buy the whole company!” :-)))
Both Muller and Jonsson appreciated very much our idea.. and that was our goal!
As I mentioned – what a great bunch of stories and it’s just fantastic that they got to spend some time with Victor, Jan-Ake and their sons, Olivier and Christian.
Here are some more photos.

From the departure in Brescia:

Click through for some more fantastic photos……

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Both Saabs finish Mille Miglia

I’m pleased to pass on the good news that both Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson’s 1957 Saab 93s ran the full distance and finished the Mille Miglia earlier today.
Peter Backstrom, the director of the Saab Museum in Trollhattan, has been travelling with the cars as part of the crew and he passed along these photos today.
First the glory – Saabs up on the podium.
The cars getting a bit of attention. The only problem I’ve heard about so far was in a previous report where VM’s Saab had a problem with the generator, which was fixed overnight.
Jan-Ake Jonsson with his son, Christian….
Victor Muller and son, Olivier….
VM leaning in – asking for directions or offering congratulations?
Congratulations to everyone involved in the Saab tilt at Mille Miglia for this year!!
A job well done.
Now stop swanning around in Italy and get back to the real work in Trollhattan ๐Ÿ™‚

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