MobilForum launch the Saab 9-5

Saab 9-5 launches continue, but I don’t think we’ve seen one from Germany at this point.

Site sponsors, SaabRescuers and fanatics, MobilForum at Dresden, held their Saab 9-5 launch last Sunday and sent through some photos. They had perfect weather, some vintage Saab metal, Swedish food and most importantly, three Saab 9-5s for people to test drive.

Saab 9-5 launch Germany

The fleet comprised two 9-5 Vector 2.0 TiD Automatics and one 9-5 Aero 2.0T Automatic. They also had an Aero V6 XWD, which stayed in the middle of the event.

Saab 9-5 launch Germany

People were pleasantly surprised at how good that Diesel engine was to drive, but being Germany, there were also a number of people who asked about a V6 Diesel.

Saab 9-5 launch Germany

Included in the gallery is an image of Hans-Jörg Hänggi, the Saab Director for Germany. He went along to the event and talked a little about the future of Saab.

Saab 9-5 launch Germany

Saab 9-5 launch Germany

Saab 9-5 launch Germany

Saab 9-5 launch Germany

Saab 9-5 launch Germany

Rescue-Saab at the Geneva Motor Show

Did you know that it was one of our SU site sponsors – the guys at MobilForum, Dresden – who were behind the effort?
That effort was one of the first major pooling of supporters and resources to get behind the company and galvanise support for Saab. It was quite the example for others to follow and a big help in getting word out about the campaigns that followed.
It was only fitting, then, that some of the guys from MobilForum got down to the Geneva Motor Show to meet up with Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson to present them with one of their special Rescued-Saab mosaic posters – printed large!
Click to enbiggen it.
And here’s a few more of their happy snaps from the Geneva Show…..
Congratulations to the guys on their efforts and I hope they got to spend some good quality time with the top brass down there in Geneva.
DSCN0049.jpg mosaic preview

Did you all get your photos in to for their mosaic effort?
Alex tells me they’ve received around 1,350 images via email and have access to 600 tagged images on Flickr.
This should give you an idea of what they’re going to do with them 🙂
Of course, the final image will be much larger than this, but you should be able to get the idea of what they’re trying to do here.
Submit your image(s) to [email protected]

Mobil Forum land conquest sale with Saab 9-3x

After my little Saab 9-3x featurettes yesterday, I received an email from site sponsors and Saab dealers, Mobil Forum in Dresden, Germany.
They were one of the first dealers in Germany to get a Saab 9-3x in stock and have shown it to a lot of customers, always with positive comments. As you know, though, sales are very tough due to the GFC and Saab’s turbulent year, so all this positivity hadn’t led to much movement in the bank account.
Anyway, Andre from Mobil Forum just told me about their first potential Saab 9-3x sale, as follows:

IMGP0002.jpg Last week I had a really positive meeting with a new customer. He came in to our showroom and we were talking about cars. He knew a lot about Saab and Volvo, because he is a fan of Swedish cars. But his company has always bought BMW.
So he came here with a BMW X3 3.0 Diesel (not really bad). He is driving about 70,000 km per year. He asked about the 9-3X Diesel with XWD. I had to say no, we couldn’t get one, but I explained to him the positive side of the Bio Power model and maybe a gas-opportunity.
I gave him the car for a day. In the evening he came here and his reaction was great! He doesn’t like the automatic, but that’s no problem! If his company could give him the ok, he will order a new 9-3X 2.0T Bio Power with the Hirsch 240hp upgrade and a manual gearbox as well.
I know, to sell just one of these cars doesn’t sound very spectacular, but in these times, we are very happy about this!!!

Congratulations Andre and I hope it comes through very soon.
What interests me a bit more about this, rather than just the sale, is the fact that it’s a ‘conquest sale’ not only from a BMW driver, but also a small SUV driver.
This is exactly the segment that the 9-3x could really appeal to. Yes, the XWD/diesel combination would help if they could do it, but from all the information we’ve received, they can’t. And probably 85% of people can do just fine with Diesel and FWD or the petrol/XWD combination.
As I’ve been saying, this really is a well thought out vehicle and it’ll deserve every bit of interest it receives.

Saab 93B in classic rally

Congratulations to site sponsors, Mobil Forum, on their participation in the Sachsen Classic rally earlier this month, in a beautiful blue Saab 93B.
Tobias Kaboth, from Mobil Forum in Dresden, acted as co-pilot in this event, which took in drives to Zwickau, Freiberg, the Dresden City Festival, then to Zittau and the Czech Republic and back to Dresden.
The car is still Swedish registered and reportedly got through the rally with no problems at all.
Congratulations to the team at Mobil Forum in showing off this historic car as well as getting it through the event unscathed.
More historic motorsport, please!!

An update from

I received this update via email and I’m sure many of you have received it as well.
For those who haven’t, here’s the latest from Rescue-Saab, a consortium being set up by site sponsors Mobil Forum in Dresden, Germany.
Dear Rescue Saab-Community,
In our last newsletter, we asked “How much is Saab worth to you?”. Until now, 3,200 “Rescuers” have participated in the survey. Currently, we have a sum of 4 Million Euro. All of your answers are, of course, non-binding. We are waiting a few more days.
We concentrate altogether on the building of a serious association. Shortly, we meet a Swedish and a German economic chamber in Berlin. Some lawyers and Saab-dealers will be present, as well. We will talk with them about the first details of the new holding association.
Right now, we have some other good news: We are in contact with the Swedish & International investor group. This group submitted an offer to buy Saab from GM.
The challenge and the spirit by this investor group is the revival of saab-soul: innovative and trendsetting automotive-technology, in a distinctive and typical design. Shortly, more information about this.
The new association Rescue Saab would have the chance to hold up 10 percent of the new Saab Automobile Company. That will be 150 million Euro.
Right now, we cooperate with the Saab-parts suppliers and the Saab-Merchandise producers These two are expanding their business right now.
A friendly supporter, the company in the Netherlands, has produced 25,000 “Rescue Saab”-stickers for car-windows. We will distribute the stickers to Saab-dealers on request.
The next step for the website is translating our information to Spanish. We are looking for a good translator. Who among you readers have the time and knowledge?
We are optimistic and we hope you are, too!

The rubber meets the road at

Like me, many of you have signed up to support the Rescue Saab campaign being run by the guys at Mobilforum, in Dresden.

So like me, you should have received an email in the last few days asking how much you’d be wiling to commit to this cause. So what was your answer?

For mine, I’ll take you back to the original entry I wrote about Rescue Saab, last month.

Whilst I’m happy to spread the word about this endeavour, please do not take this publicity as an endorsement or an indication of my intention to participate. I have informed mobilforum Dresden of this.

If Saab eventually get to a point where they want to raise capital via a share sale, then I’ll be on board with no hesitation.

I did eventually sign up at Rescue Saab as a statement of support for the idea. And whilst I’d be willing to buy shares in a newly floated Saab Automobile, my response to the question of how much I’ll contribute to the Rescue Saab effort will be zero, and there’s a couple of reasons for this.

First, we are looking at a bucketload of money here. Not to purchase Saab. That might require just a token Swedish Crown to take over the liabilities of the company. But we’re looking at a small fortune in cashflow to operate the company, pay the employees, pay for parts and tooling for the coming models.

I believe that the amount required for operational cashflow would be more than a campaign like this could raise. Remember, GM recently transferred 1.3billion SEK to Saab’s court-appointed administrator. We’re talking about a lot of cash, here.

Second, I believe that if this carries further, then Mobilforum could be up for a reasonable amount in costs. I’m not sure how the donations system works, but I believe they’re intending on using PayPal to collect people’s contributions and then hold them in trust until ready for use.

This gives me pause.

PayPal charge a fee on each donation made. Should the funds not be required as a corporate buyer is found for Saab, then who’s going to cover the Paypal fees? If I donate $1,000 and PayPal take $50 in fees then do I get my full $1,000 back if this is unsuccessful, or am I agreeing to receive $900 back – a $50 fee deducted when I contribute plus another fee deducted when my money is refunded?

Those amounts are estimated, by the way, but the principle remains.

If Mobilforum are committed to actually raising cash in this effort, then this is one question about the operation that they’ll need to answer. With more than 13,000 people signed up, that’s a lot of fees to cover, unless everyone agrees to cover the fees on their own donations.

With the complexity of cashflow and operational matters, combined with this fee issue, I can’t help but stick to my original line of being happy to buy shares in a newly floated Saab Automobile, should they try to raise capital this way.

I’m happy to be part of a supportive group for Saab and I know that we all want to do whatever we can to see that they survive, but I wonder about the technicalities and whether their importance is being lost in the moment.

Many of you have talked about something like this in comments and now SU site sponsor mobilforum Dresden have kicked things off. is their endeavour to bring people on board in a fund-raising effort to support Saab during what will be a rocky road in the months to come.
This is the English language press release:


People who own a Saab are not only regular customers or vehicle owners. Saab drivers are special. They are enthusiasts and individualists. They are visionaries and achievers.

It takes people like this to convert an idea that was born in current struggling times into reality: The rescue of their beloved brand – Saab – preserving its survival for the future.

Tobias Kaboth, Managing Director of the official Saab-Dealer mobilforum Dresden:

“Rumors and negative news keep coming our way. Reports about the downfall of the traditional brand Saab are getting stronger. This causes customers to call all the time, they ask us about the latest news and to ensure us that no other car brand would serve as an alternative to them.”

This is how the idea evolved to rescue Saab by buying it.

“During a night-time brain storming session we founded a group called “Rescue Saab e.V.” and designed its website, where a community can grow strong enough to have a voice. By paying a starting member fee between 50 and 500 Euros, each member will become a Saab stockholder once the company is bought. The more money is put in, the more stocks will get issued to the member.

“We are not going to sit tight and watch the fall of our beloved brand: We love Saab – We will rescue Saab!”, underlines Michael Hesse, Managing Director at the mobilforum Dresden.

Everything is trustworthy, notarial certified and administered through a trust. Attorney Adam and corporate consultant Mathias Oldenburg will assure that the legalities of the trust are in order. In the event that the ideas fails and the collected money is not enough to buy Saab, every member will get their money back.

The initiators of “Rescue Saab” at mobilforum Dresden are well aware of the scope of their action and that it must sound crazy to people uninvolved. There is more necessary then founding a group and creating a website in order to buy a company like Saab.

However, the first responses have encouraged the initiators to keep working.

A possible investor recognizes through the actions of the “Rescue Saab” group a potential connected to the brand of Saab and how loyal the community of Saab-Drivers and Friends are.

At best, the club “Rescue Saab e.V.” will support a potential investor with its collected money or by giving advice from loyal Saab clients.

Prominent Saab drivers such Stefan Raab, Bastian Pastewka but also Bill Gates, Steven King and Jay Leno will be contacted to support this campaign.

“With the help of their promises and their name we will make it and Saab will survive!”, concludes Kapoth and Hesse, who are both optimistic about the chance of success.


ADDENDUM – You can register at the site without having to make a contribution to the group at this time. Your registration as a sign of support is appreciated by the group managers.

OK, now the hard part…’s generally not good policy to risk annoying a sponsor, but if I’m going to publicise this then I feel an indication of my intentions is necessary so to not be misleading….

Whilst I’m happy to spread the word about this endeavour, please do not take this publicity as an endorsement or an indication of my intention to participate. I have informed mobilforum Dresden of this.

If Saab eventually get to a point where they want to raise capital via a share sale, then I’ll be on board with no hesitation. Until then, I’ve got a big mortgage and a blog-supporting wife who’d rather see our money there than in a law firm’s trust account on the other side of the world.

I am VERY supportive of the idea of anyone contributing in whatever way they can to help Saab and encourage everyone to give this their due consideration, but I won’t be participating personally.

I am not a financial advisor and this post is not financial advice.

On an entirely different note….
Stefan Raab drives a Saab???
That’s the coolest thing I’ve heard this week! How he didn’t win Eurovision with that song still baffles me.

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