Saab Turbo X audio and communications installation – from Germany to Singapore via Mobilforum

It’s this sort of stuff that makes me feel quite groovy as a blogger; the fact that I’m sitting here with my dog sleeping at my feet in Tasmania, writing about some cars from Sweden that are sold by a company in Germany, who also sell accessories, and one of those accessories was a perfect fit for a guy in Singapore and his Saab Turbo X.
Does it get any better than that?
Shyang lives in Singapore and when I publicised the Kenwood Audio/Comunications solution from MobilForum on Trollhattan Saab back in January, he got on the phone and made his enquiries straight away.
The kit has just been installed in his Turbo X and Shyang emailed me to let me know how it went.
Hi Steven,
Here are a couple of pictures of the system installed in my car. Please excuse the dusty interior and poor pictures.
The system consists of a Kenwood DNX8220 headunit and the GM Lan interface (for full steering wheel control integration) and all the necessary cables, connectors, mounting frames, face plates etc.
When communicating with Mobilforum, I stressed the importance of maintaining my steering wheel controls. They gave me a list of Kenwood headunits that are compatible with their interface. I picked the DNX8220 because it was the latest and most full featured, furthermore everything was integrated into one box (no need for separate nav and BT boxes).
The Kenwood DNX8220 headunit comes with the following list of features:
1. iPod support
2. Separate USB support
3. Bluetooth
4. Garmin navigational unit
5. CD/DVD player
6. Rear camera
7. Multiple video inputs
8. Built in equalizer/sound processor
I am very happy with the overall system, not only have I managed to add full iPod integration (including videos), I have full steering wheel control and it even supports my iPhone 3G via Bluetooth for calls.
The navigational unit from Garmin is great, I did not expect it to be different from other Garmin units but I was wrong. I have 2 Garmin Nuvi 855 portable units that I use with my other cars and while the interface is almost identical, the nav unit in the Kenwood is ALOT faster, faster to acquire satellites, faster to plot a route and the interface is faster as well.
Once again, thank you for posting about Mobilforum in your blog, my car is now complete.
Like I said, it doesn’t get any better than that!
Thanks to Shyang for the feedback and to MobilForum for the product.

Welcome to MobilForum – Saab dealers in Germany

I’d like to take a moment to welcome a new sponsor to SaabsUnited – MobilForum from Dresden, in Germany.
MobilForum are a top tier dealership specialising in Hummer, Cadillac, Corvette and most importantly for readers at this website – Saab. In fact, with the specialised knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years they are the top tier dealership for premium brands in Saxony, Germany.
Mobilforum provide their customers with a balanced mix of experience and innovation when it comes to Saab and GM’s other premium brands. They know their products and their customers. They know that these drivers want their cars to express their individuality, placing a particular emphasis on reliability and superior ride.
Whether it’s the subtly-practical Saab 9-3 Sport Combi or the expressive and powerful Corvette Z06 – customers will receive a full buying and ownership experience from the staff at Mobilforum.
Its their specialised knowledge and creativity that leads them to look for integrated solutions for their customers, like the all-in-one Kenwood audio and commuinications system I publicised at Trollhattan Saab recently. Shortly we’ll hear from a pretty happy TS reader in Singapore who just installed this system in his Turbo X, supplied by Mobilforum.
I want to thank MobilForum for their support of SaabsUnited and wish them well in their mission: to promote Saab in one of the toughest European markets there is, in Germany.
I hope all who are in their region (and beyond) check out their offerings and give them your support where you can.

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