Saab 9-5 launch Netherlands, arrival in UK

More Saab 9-5 dealer launches were held over the weekend, this time in the Netherlands.

Photo by Nic. More here. Additional photos by Stephan. More here.

These photos were taken by several Dutch Saab nuts who attended the dealership in Tilburg, where a great crowd turned out to look over the car.

I’m told the order books were closed during the launch day, but that perhaps as many as 10 orders were received in the days leading up to the launch.

Fantastic news!

Other photos from Joep via email. Thanks!


The Dutch aren’t the only ones getting a look at the new 9-5.

Robin M headed down to his local dealership in Yeovil, where they unloaded this new 9-5 from the trailer over the weekend.

The UK dealer launch events are commencing later this week, on July 8.

Saab ad blitz in Netherlands this weekend

With dealer events apparently scheduled in the Netherlands quite soon (this weekend?) and their new Saab Challenge website now live, it seems the Dutch Saab crew are planning a Shock and Awe ad blitz in one newspaper this weekend.

Dutch newspaper Adformatie says the following (Googletrans)

Saab is back. That seems to be the message of the kick-off of the new Saab campaign. All ads in the FD of Saturday, July 3 from Saab. There is no other advertiser. is a Dutch daily financial paper and it seems that the ad campaign has already begun, with this popup gracing the front page right now.

I hope you Saabisti in the Netherlands have a good weekend checking out the new 9-5.

Thanks to John C for the tip!

Saab 9-5 arriving in Netherlands

The Saab 9-5s are rolling out!

These photos just arrived from a dealer in Tilburg, in the Netherlands (home of the groovy Saab Challenge website).

Looking good from the back (what a great angle!)

And for those who were wondering what the key looks like…..

More images available here.

It’s good to see these cars arriving at new dealerships. The UK dealer event will happen next week and I’m sure we’ll see some cars hitting US shores by the end of the month.

Thursday Snippets

Saab Netherlands are being a little cheeky…..

That’s a new website they’ve set up, called Saab challenges everyone. Those little squares you can see each have a different scenario in them. You click the scenario that you’d like to read and they offer a solution that most commonly involves either driving a Saab or visiting a Saab dealer.

Some examples:

Q: I am an Audi dealer
A: There’s a fair chance that your buiness will be slow the coming months. To find out why visit your SAAB dealer

Q: I drive a Volkwagen
A: That happens in the best of families. Speaking of Families, the 9-5 is the latest addition to the SAAB family

It’s all in Dutch, except for “I am the Stig”. It’s a must read for all who can. The rest of us will have to hope they do a version in English (or insert your appropriate language) soon.

UPDATE: Saab Belgium have similar concepts in both Dutch and French (and I apologise in advance if the one I’ve called Dutch is actually Flemish or something else specific to the region, but it has an “nl” callout in the URL).

Thanks to Jos for the tip.


Jeremy Clarkson makes a great point in a recent Top Gear column.

Simple. I wish car companies would behave a bit more like Quentin Tarantino and a bit less like Michael Bay, the slap-happy madman who foisted Armageddon on the cinema-going public.

The trouble is that, like Bay, car companies are obsessed with the big-money special effects. They think that what we want are automatic windscreen wipers and what Michael McIntyre called the “little people” in the bumpers who shriek and wail when we reverse too close to a wall…..

……I think this is an approach that should be favoured by the people behind Spyker as they wrestle with the next Saab. Since it will be bought, mainly, by architects and since architects favour a minimalist, crisp, no-nonsense approach, why not give them a modern-day incarnation of that old W123. No bells. No whistles. And please, no idiotic claims that it’s a jet fighter with an ashtray.

I don’t mean to brag, but it’s a point that I’ve made myself on the odd occasion, too.


Saab spent $25 million on advertising in 2008 and $8 million in 2009.

Hang on. They spent $8mil in 2009???? On what?


One of my favourite pieces of writing in 2010. Completely non-Saab related. I’ve never made claims at being a good writer, but I like to make sure it’s not difficult for people to come here and read what I’ve got to say.

Some of you have listened to me complain about bad writing every now and then. This piece attacks bad writing with a fine-tooth comb 🙂


I don’t think I’ve ever moralised on this site about the various ways people might choose to spend their money.

But this? Commissioned by a client? Someone, please think of the starving children!!


I’d like to extend my apologies for the disruption caused by the new comments system yesterday. I mentioned in the post that it would be a trial system and that the trial would run for a month. I think we’ll get a fair idea of how well it works within a week, however.

It does offer some features that I really like. Comment voting, for example, whereby you can self-moderate a little. Spellchecking and smilies are good, too.

What I don’t like, however, is the admin interface I have to deal with (funny how they don’t tell you about that beforehand) and it there’s no doubt that the comments section looks a lot more cluttered than it used to. In some respects, that’s inevitable when you add more functions, but still……

Thanks again for your patience. I’ll be monitoring how well this works and will look for alternative solutions in the meantime.

Saab 900 Wagon

Those of you who have been around for a little while and possessing good memories might remember my trip out the back of the Saab Museum.

One of the rare cars I was fortunate enough to see was a prototype Saab 99 station wagon, a car that was never built, but made for some curious viewing. It seems someone decided to turn such an idea into reality, employing some wagon-like bodywork to extend the capacity of a Saab 900 hatch.

I don’t know the full story behind this car, but it’s popped up on the Dutch Saab forum recently. Perhaps one of you who speaks the local lingo can provide some background to this most curious of cars?

Click to enlarge.

There are more photos, and a writeup in Dutch at the Dutch Saab Forum.

Saab Club Nederland show some community spirit with “Roll on Roll off”

This is fantastic. I’ve gotta say, the Dutchies are setting the bar pretty high these days.
Some Saab clubs get together and go out for a drive, maybe a meal. It’s largely a social event and that’s a good thing. Nothing wrong with that at all. It’s what having a common interest is all about – enjoying it together.
A group of members from Saab Club Nederland have those sort of events, too. But recently, for the 12th time, they had an event called Roll On Roll Off, which is an event where they give their time to a part of the community in order to provide an experience they wouldn’t normally get.
The following background info was provided by Nic S.
Credit for the photos belongs to Jens H

Saab 9-5 pricing for Dutch market now available

We had some tentative pricing for Saab 9-5 become available a few months ago for the Dutch market. That was tentative pricing, though.
Through the Dutch Saab website, you can now download a brochure and another PDF covering pricing information for the new Saab.
Here’s the base pricing for the car. Click to enlarge.
It seems there’s also an ‘Exclusive’ model for the 9-5 range in the Dutch market. I’m not sure what you get in the Exclusive model as I don’t read Dutch, but the pricing is as follows:
Click here to download the brochure (PDF).
Click here to download the full pricelist, with options etc (PDF).
Thanks to Ignace for the heads up.

Dutch Saabers go for dealership #3

They said it was madness when Ruud and Fernand opened up Saab Apeldoorn on April Fools Day 2009. Saab were at the beginning of sale process and the future of the brand was far from certain.
The guys had faith in the future, though. In fact, they had so much faith in the future that they opened up a second Saab dealership in Utrecht, in January 2010.
You might recall that in early January, Saab were under the control of liquidators and the situation was looking even more ominous than it was in April 2009. We were still a few weeks away from the Saab Support Convoys and GM’s standard line was no-one had come up with a deal suitable for purchasing Saab. They would be closed down.
So now, with two dealerships stitched up and Saab’s future model line assured, Ruud and Fernand are at it again. As they did in Utrecht, they’re taking over another property that’s been vacated by Smart, and turning it into their third Saab dealership.
Saab Arnhem will be located in Duiven, along the A12 – the main highway from The Hague to Germany. They’re hoping to have the new dealership kitted out and ready for the Dutch Saab 9-5 introduction in June this year.
Here’s a few small images to show the space they’ve secured. Congratulations to Ruud and Fernand for expanding again and I hope the faith you’ve shown in the Saab brand is repaid back to you tenfold.
Total view.jpg

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