Saab is Still Hot

Proving once again that Saabs will always be prep icons, Vampire Weekend’s first single Diane Young from their highly anticipated new album Modern Vampires of the City recently dropped, and features two 80s Saabs that are literally on fire. While some may find it sad and distasteful to waste such great cars (and I’ll admit I’m in that camp), I’d hope that their artistic death may actually reach a younger generation of car fans who can appreciate how freaking beautiful they are. Ah, who am I kidding? I’m reaching for an excuse because I like the band, I’m still sore that they killed them. Still, I don’t think it deserves the fanatic ranting its received on social media. My hope is that the outrage prompts them to do something awesome with other Saabs in the future. I’m not sure yet if the video is about someone who actually torched the lead singer’s car (see the lyrics), or if its a metaphor to Sweden killing Saab, but at the very least it proves Saabs are still relevant. In any event, a lot more cars die for far worse causes than a good band’s music.

Filmed in Brooklyn looking towards the Williamsburg and Brooklyn bridges towards Lower Manhattan, the video is a good reminder that the New York Auto Show is this week. I’ll be there with Jason Castriota for an SU exclusive interview with much more insight into what was to come for the 9-3. If you’re a Vampire Weekend fan, click past the break for their other new single, Step.

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More from NYC: Saab’s PR Video

While this video from Saab PR really doesn’t answer the average SU regular’s questions, it does show some good shots of the PhoeniX, 9-4x, 9-5SC, Independence Edition 9-3 Convertible, and the bustling stand in NY. If you live within 50 miles, it’s worth the drive out, I promise you. It’s nice to hear from Matthias (who has some real fighting words for competitors!), Victor, and Jason, but you also get to see an interview with Andreas Andersson, who I got to speak with on a few occasions last week and impressed me a great deal, and even Swade himself from behind the wheel of the IE 9-3. Nice work, mate!

I’m waiting to hear back from several key Saab people on questions I asked and need clearance to post information about publicly, and when I do you’ll get a final NYC wrap up. Questions ranging from little details like will the 9-3 headlamps have a reworked LED lighting system that also functions as daytime running lights? (yes…) To big subjects like GM involvement on the 9-4x going forward. Thanks for your patience as we and Saab juggle all this information.

Saab New York Press Conference

Saab gave their press conference today and as expected, no explosive details were revealed, though the EIB loan process was detailed. Victor showed a more humble side, instead of expressing over the top optimism, he toned it down to express a more pragmatic vision for Saab’s current situation. Here’s hoping that next year’s press conference gets back to the excitement and enthusiasm we’re used to, when we’ll get to see the new 9-3 in the metal.

Saab Phoenix @ Chelsea Piers

Here’s some detail video from Chelsea Piers of the Saab PhoeniX traveling exhibition. It’s but one of many videos to come in the next few days from SaabsUnited.

Saab has some great shots coming of the PhoeniX rolling around the West Village that and Meatpacking District that will be online soon. Germans may not be able to watch the video because I used a Swedish band as background music, rest assured I’ll post a muted version for you guys later. Next year we’re buying an image stabilizer mount so we can get some more pro-style shots 😉


Victor Speaks to Bloomberg in New York

Characteristically upbeat about Saab’s prospects, Victor Muller answered some fair and interesting questions from Matt Miller at Bloomberg. While regulars here know all the answers before Victor even needs to open his mouth, it’s reassuring to hear him show what an obvious case one can make for Saab’s success. Saab will be the alternative car brand, the one for those who don’t want to be lemmings or follow the luxury herd. Remember when buyers chose between a 911 and an SPG? It’s about time customers had to weigh that decision again. You can’t help but love Victor.

New York Auto Show Day 1

It’s been a freakishly busy two days in New York, but exciting for Saab no less. For those who haven’t experienced a major auto show, rest assured it’s a media circus and the press have been coming non-stop to see and report on Saab. Of course there’s only one journalist whose opinion you actually care about, and that would be the one and only Swade. This is the first time I’ve met him and I have to say, he’s just as warm, intelligent, and plugged-in to Saab as anyone could ever be. It’s a great honor, and I hope to see much more of him when he’s here. We spoke briefly with Gunnar Heinrich, the producer of, who’s got a huge soft spot for Saab and was really impressed by the PhoeniX in person.

In fact I’ve seen hundreds of reporters come and marvel in awe at the new PhoeniX. Let me just say, seeing it in person changes things completely. It isn’t polarizing, it’s mesmerizing.

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SU meetup – New York

Hi all, Swade here.

I’m heading over to New York on the weekend to cover the NYIAS for Saab. We’ll be using the New York show to launch our all-new Saab website (more on that later).

If any of you can be in town on Sunday afternoon/evening then I’d love to catch up with you for a casual get together.

A clarifying note – the meetup is proposed for this Sunday, April 17th. It’s not for Easter Sunday.

I realise that Sunday will be a religious holiday for some (Passover), but unfortunately it’s the only time that I’ll have available. The rest of the week will be quite busy with Saaby activities.

The proposed meeting time is 4:30pm, which should hopefully give some people time to come in and then leave at a reasonable time if necessary. Those who’d like to linger longer would be most welcome to do so, of course.

A venue I’ve had suggested to me is Café Un Duex Trois at 123 West 44th. Good place, good food and a good size. They get busy from 6pm to 8pm so getting in early should assure us some space, too.


It’ll be essential to let them know we’re coming, so please let me know asap via email ( if you’ll be coming in, and how many people will be with you.

It’ll be great to meet some of you for the first time, as well as re-connecting with some old friends.

See you in New York!

2011 New York International Auto Show Update

In less than a month, I’ll be reporting again for SaabsUnited at the New York International Auto Show. Last year, you’ll remember Saab’s stand was next to GM in the place where Hummer would have been if GM hadn’t decided to shut them down. It was squeezed way in the back, behind Acura and Hyundai, next to Scion. In other words, it looked like a forgotten brand, with barely enough room for 4 cars.

This year, it looks like they’ve received a major upgrade.

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