Phillip’s Classic 900 Restoration part 2

Back in June we heard that Phillip in New Zealand was restoring his Classic 900, well today he has news that the job has been finished and has sent a few photos for you to enjoy

It’s taken a while and my bank balance has taken a hit but the job is done and Ruby is back to her former glory. It’s a nice feeling to drive her around and enjoy the car.

Here is what we did:

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Saab Australia will cover Un-Zud, too

I’ve just had an email come through to me from a guy at Saab, referring to the recent article here about Saab Australia recommencing operations on February 1 next year.

He wanted to respond briefly to a question that was asked several times in comments – what about New Zealand?

I’m pleased to pass on that Saab Australia will be responsible for New Zealand as well, but it’ll probably just go by the name Saab Australia (to facilitate the use of normal sized business cards, letterheads, and for the preservation of syllables generally).

Saab Oz will hit the ground officially on February 1st, 2011. I’m not privy to when the first visits or deliveries to NZ will be, but Kiwis should be pleased that Feb 1st will mark the official recommencement of Saab activities in your part of the world as well!

Saab Up!!

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