I guess we can take the Quant off the table (if it wasn’t already)

We examined the NLV Solar Quant. Later, we took a closer look at the car and it’s owner and figured it probably wasn’t a starter in the near future.
Now, I guess maybe we can call it official, at least where Koenigsegg (and maybe Saab) is concerned.
4Wheels News are reporting that Koenigsegg has made an announcement confirming that the Quant is purely NLV Solar’s baby, and that it’s role in designing and constructing the prototype seen in Geneva earlier this year is the full extent of their involvement.
The report is unsourced and unattributed and dated July 8. My dodgy hotel internet connection won’t load up K-Segg’s site to see if there’s an official release, but here’s what 4Wheels News have to say:

The press release reads: “The NLV Quant program was initiated and is wholly owned by NLV-Solar AG in Switzerland. The Quant is not a Koenigsegg Automotive car and was never intended to be.” Koenigsegg enumerates that its contributions include the body and interior design, chassis conceptualization, and a feasibility study for low volume production. While NLV-Solar AG’s responsibilities include the photovoltaic and electrical accumulator storage system, as well as owning and driving the whole project. Having completed its agreed contributions to the program, Koenigsegg added that if NLV sees a need then it may consider rejoining the venture.

I’ll keep hunting around for some more official looking news……
Thanks Radulf!

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