2014 International Saab Clubs Meeting

The website for this years International Car Club Meeting has been released and there you will find many details of the event being held in Poland this August.

Here are a few words from the front page but please head over to their site and take a look for yourselves.

Welcome to the 2014 International Saab Clubs Meeting
08th-10th August 2014.

On behalf of Saab Klub Polska we would very much like to invite you all to the 2014 International Saab Club Meeting, which will take place in Malbork. We promise an unforgettable experience, as we’re going to provide a whole lot of entertainment, so there’ll be something for everyone. We plan lot of attractions on site and tours around the area.

2014 International Saab Clubs Meeting in fact starts on Tuesday 05.0814 in the five starting points of pretours. This option, an additional fee, is directed mainly to our guests from abroad to facilitate their journey and show our country. On each of the “stops” will present “resident” of the Saab Club Poland – will be waiting for guests at the point of accommodation … will be provided advice regarding routes or contributory organization roadside assistance / service if necessary.


Azzy and I will be there on behalf of SaabsUnited and we will try and do reports as the days go by.
We also plan to do one of the pre-tours with our great Saaby friends.

Poll: Polish fan club of the year

Update 2: It’s the last day of voting, and they could really use your help. They’re only a few votes away from making it into the next round, so take a minute of your time to cast your ballot! / Jeff

Updated: Come on and support Saab Klub Polska by vote and register your e-mail! It only takes a few minutes of your time! / Carl-Henrik

m!ko, a Saab brother from Poland, has sent the team an e-mail requesting all of our help in Auto Swiat’s current “fan club of the year” poll.

The Saab club’s description (thanks google translate!):

The club focuses on promoting safe driving, road rescue, and raising the qualifications of drivers on Polish roads. Page www.saabklub.pl brings together more than 15 000 members and a profile on a social networking site Facebook www.facebook.com / SaabKlubPolska has over 1 300 fans.

Note: Participating in the poll requires confirming a link sent by e-mail.

Read morePoll: Polish fan club of the year

SSC+1 Poland – Done!

Around 30 Saab enthusiasts got together over the weekend, in what looks like better weather than Jan2010, to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Saab Support Convoy held in Poland last year.

The message this year was Save Saab and you can find more images from the gathering here and here. The blue convertible looks fantastic (and great to see it getting some winter service, too).

My thanks to Justyn for the tip!


Polish Saabers build calendar for 2011

I haven’t done a desktop calendar here for a few months, so this is a nice little reminder for me to get out there and harvest a few more photos.

The good people at Saabturbo.pl have held a good natured competition with people submitting photos for inclusion in a calendar running from Nov 2010 to May 2012 (an 19 month calendar).

The ‘winners’ can be viewed here at Picasa. They’re all fantastic shots, so congratulations to all involved.

Here are a few samples…..

If I’ve figured out the credits right, then this one was taken by J Depo:

Polish Saab Turbo calendar

And this one by R. Wolski:

Polish Saab Turbo calendar


BONUS – there’s also a 2011 calendar based on photos from the Saab Support Convoys held in Poland.

You can view a PDF version of that calendar at Google Docs.


I absolutely love this sort of stuff. It’s the sort of thing that the Saab Pride campaign of a few years ago was built on – people going out of their way to show their cars off at their best.

It’s also really encouraging for those concerned to have their Saabs appreciated so much by their fellow club members.

Does your club do a similar thing each year?

Friday Snippets – distracted driving edition

I’m not normally given to promoting government policies/initiatives on this website, but today’s an exception.

The US Secretary for Transportation, Ray La Hood, has used Autoblog to publish and promote a message about distracted driving, which will be the subject of a national summit in DC, on September 21.

Distracted driving is an important issue, responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths each year (an estimated 6,000 deaths in 2008).

It’s one that’s taken pretty seriously where I live, too. For example, if you’re caught using your phone whilst behind the wheel here in Tassie, you lose three points off your licence (a 12-point system) and pay a $300 fine.


And speaking of politically driven writings….

This is a reasonable, albeit brief look at Sweden through the years, from a fiscal/political point of view. Unfortunately, the writer doesn’t finish the Saab story, stopping at how the government was happy to “let Saab fail”.


Some of you might now that my recent travels to Sweden, England and the US have given me Sonett fever. I’ve been fortunate enough to ride in – and drive – some very special Sonetts over the last few months.

Sonett fever means that I’m always looking up Sonett stuff on the web. Exisiting Sonett owners might be curious to know that the doyen of all things V4, Jack Ashcraft, has recently completed a book on working with fibreglass.

When Jack’s not working on old Saabs, he’s doing technical automotive drawings. Needless to say, there’s plenty of illustrations inside this 112 page book (over 280 illustrations, in fact!) to show you all the details of the things he’s telling you about.

Looks good! Lots of other V4 and Sonett related books on his regular website, too (you’ll need to download the catalog, the bookstore link isn’t working).


Seen on Flickr, a Polish Finnish vintage police car.

Polish Police Saab 99

Why do I think I’ve seen it before? Convoy? I searched, but couldn’t find it.

Anyway, a beautiful example.


And spotted by Olav (who always takes the long road home)…..

The Norwegian National Guard doing some training:

Norwegian Nat Guard shoot up a Saab

Poor Saab.


More strange Saabs for sale, and more Brown Saabs – coming up!

Erik Carlsson visits Saab show in Poland

It sounds like that II Antique Saab Convention in Poland over the weekend was a big success. There were around 160 Saabs in attendance with 60 or so of those being of the vintage kind.

The show was held in Mosina, a town of just 12,000 people, so it’s no surprise that the near-200 cars in attendance (whilst a Saab event, there were several other brands there, too) filled the town square to overflowing.


The guest of honour, of course, was none other than Mr Saab, Erik Carlsson, who made himself available to all comers. I’m told that whilst Erik was ferried around in a new Saab 9-3x courtesy of the local Saab dealer, his first instinct upon leaving the airport was to head for a red Saab 96 in the carpark!

And it looks like there were some very nice Red Saabs there for him to choose from:

Mosina_13 RedSaab96.JPG

The Polish Saab Community can be justifiably proud for hosting such an event, especially on the back of them having one of the highest attendances of all the Saab Support Convoys. The primary organisers were Krzysztof R and his daughter, Paulina, both Saab nuts and members of the rather informal Vintage Saab Club in Poland.

Bravada tells me that there a number of other countries represented there, too, most notably the Finns. Congratulations to all who attended and made this event a success.

There are some great photos here at Justyn’s blog, here at Picasa, as well a collection of seven videos here.

Attendees voted for the most elegant Saab present, with this Sonett and Saab 95 taking home the chocolates.




Thanks very much to Justyn, Bravada for the details and Robert W for pics.

Mr Saab in Poland for vintage Saab show

Apparently Erik Carlsson is in Poland this weekend!

There’s a vintage Saab display this weekend (22-23.05) in Mosina near Poznan. Mr Saab flew in earlier today and some images are already posted on Facebook from his arrival.

Greetings at the airport:

Carlsson at Airport.jpg

And hopefully this was his welcome car (I’m not sure).


I’m reliably informed that the show is here.

Hopefully we’ll get some photos when it’s all said and done. The Polish Saab Support Convoys were huge – the next biggest after the Dutch and Trollhattan convoys – so these guys love their Saabs and I’m sure the show will be worth seeing.

Thanks to Justyn for the tip.

Eric Carlsson Poland.jpg

2010 Saab 9-3 available with V6 in Poland

Many markets around the world are going without the V6 engine in the 2010 model Saab 9-3. This includes the big three: the United States, Sweden and Great Britain.
I’ve recently received information from Bravada, one of our regular visitors and a GMI correspondent, indicating that the Polish market – quite a passionate one, as the Saab Support Convoys showed us – will have a V6 option for 2010.
Click to enlarge.

The V6 is a small seller, so when it was withdrawn from major markets, it wasn’t that big a surprise to me.
But having it available, at least, seems to make some sense for those who want it and for those who consider it the mark of a prestige brand.
Personally speaking, it’s not really an issue for me. But I know some will be scratching their heads at this one.

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