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Just a reminder…….

There are two polls running at the moment, both of which feature the Saab 9-5 amongst others.

In the Norwegian poll over at Broom, the 9-5 is sweeping the field at the moment (sorry), carrying 38.5% of the vote with the Alfa Giulietta coming second.

In a Dutch poll over at, the Saab 9-5 enjoys a smaller lead, with 18% of the vote (the Alfa has 16.3%).

If you haven’t had a vote in either poll yet, please feel free to vote for your favourite (whichever car that might be ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Another 2010 poll featuring the Saab 9-5

A few weeks ago, people campaigned well on behalf of the new Saab 9-5 in the poll.

Now, are hosting a similar poll, with a similar cast of characters in the 9-5’s gunsights. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is currently leading, as can be seen in the snapshot below.

If you’d like to have your say in this poll, please click here. The poll is in the right sidebar (scroll down a little).

Thanks to Joep for the tip!

Away snippets

The Mrs and I are having a getaway this weekend. No computers are being taken. Can I survive?

Obviously, no emails will be answered.


State of Nine, an SU sponsor, has a good page full of Saaby Christmas gift ideas, many of which can be shipped prior to Christmas (and some that are shipped for free!) for your last-minute gift needs.


Just this morning I received the final judges votes for the Saab ad competition. I’ll tally the votes when I get back and will have a poll up for your vote as soon as possible.


How to run your travel logistics if you run a car company….


Haldex have sold their traction systems business to BorgWarner. Looks like we’ll have BW XWD systems from the near future onwards.


The Car of the Year 2010 poll (otherwise known as Which Car Company has the Bigger and More Mobilised Fanbase for 2010) has been run and won…

by the Saab 9-5!!

Yes, we did vote in numbers, but so did fans of the other top contenders. We just voted in bigger numbers ๐Ÿ™‚


Old vs New.

Next time someone says that older cars have more steel in them and are safer, just show them this.



Seeya in a few days. But don’t miss the next two “December 18” entries that’ll be coming on site while I’m away.

Autoblog.NL poll

UPDATE III: The Mercedes and BMW fans are striking back. Here’s how the top half of the poll looks right now, after the Saab enjoyed a healthy 500 vote lead a few days ago.

If you haven’t voted yet, then please go cast your vote – the poll is in the right sidebar – and let’s show these suckers we mean business!


Web polls are all about the people having their say in the question at hand.

The website:

The question: What is the Autoblog car of the year for 2010?

The situation: The Saab 9-5 is doing commendably, but could probably use a little help if you feel so inclined. The poll is in the right sidebar of the website.

The poll is unofficial and the result is purely superficial, but if a high-ish finish for the Saab 9-5 opens up just one person’s eyes, then it’s a good thing, eh?

Vote for Saab 9-5 – Norwegian Car of the Year

Last year, we managed to help the Saab 9-3x win the people’s vote in the Norwegian Car of the Year poll.

I’ve mentioned this year’s poll in snippets once already, but the voting is quite close and really, a poll like this deserves a post of it’s own, doesn’t it?

Right now, the new Saab 9-5 is around 90 votes behind the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Whilst I think the Giuli’s a brilliant car (my money’s on it to win European Car of the Year), this is a result that just cannot stand without a good fight from the Saabisti.

Please head on over to and scroll down until you find the voting form. Select the Saab 9-5 from the list and press the button that says “Send Inn”.

Onwards ho!

Wednesday Snippets – airbag edition

Tonsilitis still sucks, but the Girl Who Played with Fire was awesome.


Wulf has picked up on a quick interview with Victor Muller, which appears in the latest magazine from the American International Auto Dealers Association.

You can view the interview itself on Saabworld, or go to the AIADA website and download a copy of the magazine.

It’s a short piece, but it’s Victor, and any interview with Victor makes for interesting reading.


Voting for the Norwegian Car of The Year is open and the Saab 9-5 is on the ballot.

Click that link, select the 9-5 in the poll at the bottom and then click the button “send inn”.

I thought we’d done one of these Norwegian awards already. How many of them are there?


And whilst you’re in a voting frame of mind, why not get a Saabnut into the finals of Jalopnik’s Next Top Car Blogger competition?

Phil Lacefield Jr is currently in second place and only the top two get into the final of the competition. It’d be terrible to see him drop down to third and miss out, so please click here and cast your vote for Phil Lacefield Jr.


Beijing Automotive bought some old Saab assets at the end of last year. We’ve seen a couple of their ideas for their remodelled Saabs already, and here’s something they’re going to build on the architecture of the Saab 9-3:


It’s called the B61 concept and yes, it’s a little scary. More photos here.

It seems they’re planning a plethora of new cars based on their architecture acquisitions. From the China Car Times:

Other plans for the Saab 9-3 platform include a compact SUV that has been codenamed BC506, and was on show in Beijing as the B61 SUV, as well as the compact SUV, BAIC are already preparing a Ford Focus and Chevrolet Cruze fighter that has been codenamed BC501. Another mid size SUV is being developed, this will be codenamed BU506 and will also be be based on the 9-3 platform, it is rumored that the 007 and B40 SUV models are based on the 9-3 platform.

Thanks Justyn


From a news site in Malmo, Sweden.


Lighted Saab 9-5


And finally, I can’t resist sharing this. Don’t try this at home.

Note the Saab wheel to the left of this rather drunken airbag test…..


Germans: Vote for the Saab 9-5!

Hey, German readers.

You have a chance to vote for the Saab 9-5 in the 2011 ADAC Yellow Angel award – for the favourite car on the German market.

This is the seventh set of ADAC awards, which they tout as being the “Automotive Oscars”.

Awards are offered in the following categories: Cars, quality, Innovation and Environment and personality. OK, that’s only four categories…..For the first time there is an award for the ADAC car of the future. The award goes to the model that is the most advanced in terms of practicality, economy, environmental friendliness and safety.

All ADAC members are eligible to vote, so please click here for the start of the poll and have your say (in favour of the 9-5, of course!)

Thanks to Sebastian!!

Poll: naming future Saabs

UPDATE: OK, let’s try again.

Don’t say I never listen. New poll with the requested options below.


It was suggested in comments to the Car and Driver post that we should have a poll on who prefers the idea of an old tear-drop style vehicle to the idea of building a car like the 9-X BioHybrid.

I’m not going to do that, primarily because we don’t have a concrete car design to pit against the 9-X. It’s judging an existing concept against thin air.

What I can do a poll about, however, is the possible naming convention for such a car – or any Saab cars that come in the near-medium term. There has been some talk about using something like a Saab 92 name for a small Saab, talk of resurrecting the classic Saab 900 name and of course, there’s always the continuation of the current convention and using 9-2, 9-3, 9-4x, 9-5 etc etc.

So, with the new functionality that this blog platform change affords me, here is the poll. Fire away.

What is your preferred naming convention for Saab's future?

View Results

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