State of Nine Saab Survey results

A few weeks ago I invited people to participate in a survey being conducted by one of our Saabs United website sponsors – State of Nine.
The results have been tabulated and presented and I received this release from State of Nine a few days ago.
Saab Enthusiasts Have High Hopes for Brand Despite Probable Split with GM
State of Nine, the world’s premier website for Saab enthusiasts, recently polled its customers to learn what they hope will happen with the neglected Saab brand.
More than 2,200 customers responded to the “Save Our Brand” online survey at . Results about the state of the brand included:

  • 53.9 percent of customers would like to see Saab become an independent brand, while 21 percent would like to see it merge with another brand
  • If Saab were to merge, 22.5 percent would like to it with Volvo and 17.6 percent would like it to be BMW

Members also shared their opinions on the best features of the Saab: 32.2 percent say that it is fun to drive and 24.9 percent appreciate the design the most. The majority of respondents are driving the Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5.
By a large margin, State of Nine members polled say their favorite Saab model is the Classic 900.
Saab owner Jack Stoughton would love to see Saab and Saturn merge and then have a car company like Fiat purchase them to run as an independent company.
“The marketing and engineering of these two cars are almost the same – but the Saab has a much more upscale market segment,” Stoughton said.
Saab owner Simon Anderson said that the State of Nine survey clearly demonstrates the car company’s loyal customer base.
“SAAB’s loyal customers will strongly support their brand through a transition to return to the advantages an independently owned car company offers in terms of innovation in safety, design and driving pleasure,” he said.
State of Nine was founded in 2002 and has served 30,000 customers. State of Nine was founded on the principal that owning a Saab is a lifestyle. It also sells Saab accessories and products.

CAR Magazine hot hatch poll in print

In order to tie off the grand result that was an international effort to see the Saab 99 Turbo recognised for the innovator that it was, here’s the print version of the CAR Magazine Hot Hatch poll results.
Well done, everyone. Please click to enlarge. It’s worth it not just for the poll, but also the listing of hot hatches over the years. If you’re into this class of car, as I am, then it’s an interesting list to read.
My thanks to John at Elkparts for scanning it and sending it through.
Note – the bars on this graph aren’t to scale. The Lancia and Saab bars would bell and truly off the page if they were.
And the list of hot hatches through the years. I’d love to get a chance to add some of these to my garage.

Wednesday Quick Snippets

…and I mean quick snippets.
I’m going to be away from the interwebs most of the day again today so please talk amongst yourselves.
CAR Magazine have some new spyshots of the 2010 Saab 9-5, which are so similar to all the previous spyshots that we’ve seen so far that absolutely no-one thought they were newsworthy and emailed me to tell me about their appearance (which is unheard of for Saab spyshots).
Even the mention in comments was without a link!
The rear of this car is going to be interesting. I can’t imagine those sharp lines being real, but can’t wait to see what that back end really looks like.
It seems there was a Saab 900 owners gathering in Paris recently.
Ooh la la!!!
Golfhunter has a few photos at Flickr. Fantastique.
Wouldn’t it be good if Car and Driver actually posted their polls for a reason and did follow up articles on them?
In the Which Geneva Production Debut Would You Like To See In Your Garage? poll, the Saab 9-3x now has 29% of the vote.
Noted: comments from North America have dropped off markedly in the last week. Am I not pretty enough?

Car and Driver poll the Saab 9-3x

Those fantasy-fuelled readers at Car and Driver, when asked which Geneva production vehicle they’d like in their garage, are all excited about Aston Martins, V10 Audi R8s (how predictable!) and Porsches.
Of course, real people want a real car, like the Saab 9-3x, correct?
If you agree, please head on over to Car and Driver and let’s show them what we showed the people at CAR Magazine – that Saab enthusiasts have a voice and the Saab brand has support for the future!
As it stand right now, the Saab 9-3x has polled a respectable 4% of the vote, with 199 votes. The leading vehicle is the V10 Audi R8 (shouldn’t it be called the R10?) with 19% of the vote.
A respectable second placing beckons.
Please consider.

Thanks to Lee for the heads-up.

CAR Magazine respond on the hot hatch poll

Last month we had an ongoing interest in a poll being conducted at CAR Magazine’s website.
The topic up for public voting was What is the hottest hot hatch of all time? and the Saab 99 Turbo was listed by CAR Magazine as one of the candidates. Naturally, this piqued the interest of we Saab enthusiasts.
When we joined the poll, the 99T had a mere 26 votes. By the end of the poll, with a number of Saab forums joining the effort, the 99T finished a clear 2nd with 5,800 votes, around a thousand votes behind the Lancia Delta Intergrale.
As the poll drew to a close, I wrote an open letter to the editors of CAR Magazine imploring them to consider the 99T on its merits. It’s not a traditional hot hatch as they’ve come to be know, but it was a hatch and it definitely was hot for it’s time.
SU regular, 99GL, has just opened his recently acquired new edition of CAR Magazine and they have a comment about the poll on page 81:

We asked you via our website to tell us which was the greatest hot hatch of all time and 25,524 of you did just that. And if you frequented Saab forum [sic] you also told your wives, brothers and neighbours to tell us too, you cheating swines – so the 99 Turbo nearly walked away with the top honours. A great car, but not that great.
Fortunately justice prevailed and the Lancia Delta Integrale pipped it at the post with 28% of the votes… “

Cheating swine, eh?!
Incorrect reference to the website, eh?!
If you CAR people exit your building one dark rainy night and see a set of old 1970s Saab headlamps bearing down upon you, I think you can be faily confident it’s not a pizza delivery.
Well done everyone who participated.

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