NEVS 9-3 is up for testing!

FH-355This week three Swedish car-magazines has visited Trollhätttan for a test-drive of the 2014 9-3 Aero. As we all already know it’s basically a 2012 9-3 Griffin Aero with the two-litre Turbo4 220hp petrol-engine, but with some changes by NEVS. All the three magazines had put a little sneak peek from the test-drive on their websites, and I will here sum up the most important from the sneak peeks.

First out was the magazine “Vi Bilägare“, one of Sweden’s biggest car-magazine. Their tester Calle Carlquist drove a car with the automatic transmission, and he thinks the driving experience is completely modern and he also think NEVS has succeed with their idea that the car should feel sporty but still be comfortable. So he has a positive first impression and think it’s a good car that don’t feel ready for retirement, but the drawback is that it’s missing some of the latest techology.

Next up is “Teknikens Värld“, maybe most known for their “moose test”. I don’t know if they set the 9-3 up for a moose test, but their testers Hans Hedberg and Glenn Lindberg think it’s noticeable that the 2014 9-3 is older than the competitors, but it’s cope pretty well anyway. The chassis is comfortable and resilient, but not “Aero-resilient”, and the 220hp engine is pleasant to drive as always (Täknikens Värld tested a car with manual transmission). They also think the long-distance comfort feels as good as in the old seats, and a tip from them if you don’t want to wait for the new infotainment-system from NEVS you can simply change the headunit to a more fancy aftermarked headunit at your nearest SAAB-garage.

Left is “Auto Motor & Sport“, a magazine well known over all Europe. They sent Thomas Berggren and Pär Brandt, and they think “it feels very much SAAB”. As Teknikens Värld they think the chassis is convenient and comfortable rather sporty. It don’t feels bumpy, it eats bumps in the road very nice and the the chassis will get a high score. It’s is great for Swedish roads! The engine is strong at low revs and have a nice torque, but it’s not the most fuel-efficient car on the market. AMS think the car have a old infotainment system, and it’s missing the latest safety systems as brake-assist, sleep-warning, lane-warning and so on.

So if we sum up what the Swedish car-magazines think about the 2014 9-3;
The 9-3 still have a great chassis and a very nice engine. The stuff that is not so good is the lack of a better infotainment (rumors says a new one is on it’s way), and the fact it’s not a new car so it’s missing some of the latest safety systems.

If you want to read the original articles and see a few images, click on the links under. (sorry, Swedish text only)
Vi Bilägare
Teknikens Värld
Auto, Motor & Sport


saab logo 2980 pxSaab Parts UK gave us this News Release today.

■ Saab Parts UK is operating a national used car locator for participating dealers
■ Car locator generates over 5,000 hits per month
■ Used Saab sales remain strong
■ Participating Saab Dealers are keen to buy your Saab
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Comment on SvD-SU style

If looking at the very top of comments to the original SvD article regarding the Swedish Ambassador in China and his report, you will find a comment from SU reader and commenter LasseS or Lars as his real name is.
The comment pretty much sums up all the questions that I have regarding everything Saab-China-Russia and The Swedish Government. And I like Lars would like some answers.

The original article here (In swedish)
And the take on the article so promptly reported on by TimR earlier today here
Lasses comment after the jump

Read moreComment on SvD-SU style

Press Release: Saab Automobile Appoints New Nordic Region Director

From Saab Global. This is a great appointment. Magnus is a blue-chipper, a very smart guy and one that Saab should do whatever it takes to hold on to.

• Key appointment to lead restructured Nordic organization
• Provides central support for independent branch offices

Trollhättan, Sweden.

Saab Automobile today announced the appointment of Magnus Hansson as Regional Director Nordic, responsible for sales, marketing, aftersales and business development in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Hansson takes up this newly-created position from 1 August. He assumes direct responsibility for the Swedish market, while Country Directors at Saab’s branch offices in Denmark, Norway and Finland will also report directly to him.

This new role is part of a series of key management appointments being made at Saab Automobile as the company establishes a new organization to take it forward as an independent business.

Announcing Hansson’s appointment today, Saab Automobile CEO Jan Åke Jonsson said: “Our home market in Sweden is a crucial component in the success of the company and we are delighted to have Magnus onboard. His new role will enable us to create and benefit from synergies with the other Nordic markets. Their offices have been set up as lean, independent operations and Magnus’s team will also provide dedicated marketing and business support.”

Hansson, 35, who will report to Adrian Hallmark, Executive Director, Sales, is currently Global Product Manager at Saab and brings a broad range of international experience to his new role during 10 years with the company. He is a former Country Manager in Canada, where Saab achieved record sales during his tenure.

Hansson will be succeeded as Global Product Manager by Christopher McKinnon, currently a group leader within the department. Johan Palmér will continue as Acting Director of Sweden with full operational responsibility until 1 August.

Car & Driver New Car 2010 Edition

All told, I’ve been a Car & Driver subscriber for probably twleve years of my life, including the last two. I’ve enjoyed some of the magazine, especially the irreverent humor, for the most recent span, but I’ve felt that the automotive opinions are as biased toward the Germans as any other press outlet is these days.
Honestly, I don’t expect a great big entry for Saab in the “new cars” (September 2009) edition, because there aren’t any to speak of, really. With the new 9-5 delayed well past the autumn 2009 debut of the 2010 models, there really isn’t much news to report. However, there is plenty of company news to report — new ownership, the 9-5 in the pipeline, concept cars and the new 9-3x.
I’ll give C&D a pass on the ownership news front given that the press time for the “September 2009” edition is in June (perhaps even late May?), but certainly if Suzuki merits mention for the (somewhat uncertain) Kizashi, certainly the new 9-5 should merit some attention?
At least there is enough Saab news to fill more than about one-tenth of a page.
See the scans after the jump to see what I’m talking about.

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