Saab Pride – Bavarian Style

Saab Pride It’s time for another journey into someone’s Saab experience. Despite living a world away, they’re probably just. like. you.
Saab Pride is a chance for you and I to do what much of the motoring press can’t do – explain ‘it’. It’s that subtle difference between having a good car and having a car that comes to mean something to you. Saab people aren’t the only ones who ‘get it’. But we’re the only ones who ‘get it’ with Saabs.
Today’s entry is from Jochen, who as you can already tell from the title of this post, lives in Germany.

When I was a 14-year-old kid in 1985 my parents were looking for a new car to replace their rusty 1978 CITROEN CX. At that time I had read an ad about safety, energy absorbing bumpers, ignition between the seats etc. So I thought the 900 would be a pretty cool family car and forced my parents to go to the local SAAB dealer.
They liked it. But then they realized they only could afford the 90. Unfortunately my sister and I each needed our own door. So my parents decided to buy a 4-door VW Passat, which was cheaper than the 90.
I had to wait and dream my little dream until February 2003 when I could afford to buy this beautiful low mileage 1992 SAAB 900 S sport, 141 hp LPT. Up till now I have loved every minute of owning it!
Due to rumours about a possible speed limit on German autobahn late in 2008, I bought a MY09 9-3 SC 2.0T BP in Jetblack in order to drive 225 km/h before it is too late. J
Jochen A

Academic survey – show your Saab passion!

Back in June I brought you the latest results from an academic study being undertaken in Germany:

Dr Hosseip and a team of students set out on an ambitious mission to study the level of attachment that various people have to particular brands of cars. Their study involved over 1 million people and was focused on a German automotive forum called Motor Talk….

The good news from the results tabled at that time is that Saab fans were shown, for three years running, to be the most passionate automotive group out of all those million-plus users surveyed.
At that time, the survey itself was only available in German.
I’ve recently received notice that the English language version is now available for people to complete.
This is not a quick affair, with 142 statements you need to review and respond to. If you have the time, though, I’m happy to invite your participation.
UPDATE – I just did it in around 20 minutes. There is some personal profile stuff at the beginning and then it’s straight into the Questions. It’s an enjoyable survey and I’m looking forward to receiving responses once enough respondents complete it.
Please consider lending a helping hand in sustaining the belief that we Saab nuts are still the most passionate and committed car fans on the planet.

Saab Pride – More New Mexico Style

Thumbnail image for Saab PrideThe last lot of Saab Pride photos I featured here at SU were taken at the White Sands National Park in New Mexico. Whilst those photos featured three cars, today it’s just one photo of one car.
But what a great shot!
Saab Pride is the section of the website where you get the tip the media balance in Saab’s favour and do some show and tell as to why your Saab’s so good and means so much to you and/or your family.
Today’s entry comes from Asher.

My dad started driving Saabs in 1991 with a used rose-quartz 900 Turbo and as a little kid I thought the car was the coolest (he bought the car after owning two Corvettes, but the Saab had much more character). From the bouncing lights on the equalizer to the heated seats, I always requested to ride in the SAAB.
This has now grown into a family fleet. My first car was a 1990 SPG and I now drive a 9-5 SportWagon. My dad has regressed, and now cruises in a 1973 Saab 96 as his daily driver 🙂
The full family fleet is as follows:

  • 1973 SAAB 96
  • 1990 900 SPG
  • 1991 900 SE Convertible — Yellow
  • 1995 900 SE Convertible
  • 1999 9-5 Sedan
  • 2001 9-5 Sport Wagon

This image is of our 9-5 sedan at White Sands National Park in New Mexico, right after we put on some new wheels. It was included in the SAABnet picture of the year contest in 2007.
It’s the 1999 9-5 2.3 LPT and belongs to my sister.
Click to enlarge

Thanks to Asher!! You can view all the Saab Pride entries by clicking the Saab Pride button, at the bottom of the right sidebar.

Saab Pride – New Mexico Saab Double (Triple) Style

Saab Pride Road tests give readers a few stats and photos but when it comes real life, owning a Saab is the only way people will ever get to know how good and how much fun they really are to live with.
That’s why for a couple of years now I’ve been asking people to send in their Saab stories, along with a few very good photos as well. We call it Saab Pride.
Today’s entry is from David and Lisa, who have a couple of very nice Saabs, a good location and a story to tell.

Welcome to New Mexico, USA!
We, David & Lisa, decided to take advantage of one of our state’s natural and most unusual geological wonders, White Sands Monument and Missile Range to shoot pictures of our Saabs. White Sands Monument lies in the southeastern New Mexico at the northern end of the Chihuanhuan Desert surrounded by stark mountains. Pure, white, wave-like, gypsum sand dunes range 275 square miles of desert originally formed millions of years ago at the bottom of a shallow sea. Gypsum is rarely found as sand because it is water soluble but the lack of drainage and precipitation give the world this extraordinary place to enjoy. The monument only encompasses a small part of the dune area while the rest of it is restricted for military missile testing.
I started our adventure without David. I went down mid-afternoon to scope out the best places for pictures and to take the opportunity of the sunset and its colors against the silver of my 9-3 SportCombi. As you get deeper into the dunes, the whiter the sand, the less vegetation and more variety of dune shapes avail themselves for photo prospects.
Later that evening we attempted some night shots near the Alamogordo Airport.
We found out by accident that the road we were shooting on was attached to the county detention center. We had a scary moment when we noticed the bushes were answering back to us! We cut our photo session short.
The next morning we arrived later than planned by stayed several hours to catch the changes in the light.
When the sun was high overhead, it was time to have some fun in the sand with the cars.
In order to make the cars spin and burnout, you have to turn off the ESP (not advised by Saab). Lisa, being a first time Saab owner of only 3 months, required our help, (David & my friend, Michael) to show Lisa how to spin the car.
Both of us attended the Aero Academy driving school at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia and we had a fine time showing off our ability to spit up the sand.
The best part about visiting White Sands was its other worldly qualities. From the time we got there in the morning with the sun rising until it was burning down upon our heads, it was easy to lose perspective on where you are on the planet, or even question which one you are on. When standing on the tallest dune, the white sand stretches out for miles and miles confusing your sense of reality. The heat and extreme brightness brought our time to a close at this alien landscape with one last shot of the classic Saab “S” to send us home.
My thanks to David and Lisa, and if you want to see more photos from this series (bigger ones, too) then you should click here.

Saab Pride – Nairobi 96 style

Today’s quick Saab Pride entry is a car with what’s quite possibly a very interesting history.
The current owner is a guy named Steve G and he writes as follows:
The car started its working life in Nairobi, East Africa in 1962 with the first registered owner being ‘SAAB’ themselves. The vehicle is in right hand drive format.
A story that comes from the son of a ex-Saab dealer from the 1960’s (one of the first registered dealers in the U.K.) is that this car was the ‘back up’ vehicle for the 1962 East African Safari rally. The cars original Nairobi registration number was KHD902 and if this story is true then being a RHD version it would probably have been for the use of Pat Moss Carlsson.

Saab Pride – 9-3 in PA style

Today’s Saab Pride entry comes from Ray L-S in Pennsylvania.
My car is a 2004 9-3 Aero 6spd with a custom intake/exhaust and a chassis brace. During the summer of 2007 I was shopping around for a new car, but after weeks of searching I all but gave up. On my way home from a run along some back roads I passed a used car dealer and something caught my eye. Not because it was flashy or screamed performance, but its subtle yet aggressive lines and stance grabbed me. I turned around and much to my surprise it was a SAAB! (old man car stigma).
I thought I was losing my mind, but the next day I took her out for a test drive and I was sold immediately. As soon as the salesman said go ahead and open her up a smooth surge of power from the turbo and surprisingly stable chassis kept a grin on my face the entire drive. That day I traded in my old car and bought my first (of many to come) SAAB.
The first photo was taken behind the Goggle Works in Reading, PA. The Goggle Works is an interactive arts center, which offers everything from carpentry and glass blowing, to dance and indy films. I chose this site because the industrial building with the crane coming out of the side creates a dramatic background without taking away from my car in the foreground.
Ray Saab 9-3.JPG
The second photo was taken at the entrance gate to the Charles Evans Cemetery in Reading, PA. This spot was chosen by randomly driving by the archway and thinking the old architecture (high ceiling and arches) would make my car pop out of the photo.
Ray Saab 9-3-2.JPG
I love my SAAB, but I must say the best aspect of owning a SAAB is the community that comes along with it. From simply going on forums to gathering at SAABs at Carlisle, you cannot find a better group of people with a common passion.

Saab Pride – 9000 Anniversary Style

Saab Pride The Saab Pride series is your chance to share the enjoyment you get from Saabs in general, and your Saab in particular. If you’ve got a story to tell (and some great photos to go with it) the shoot me an email with “Saab Pride” in the subject line.
Today’s Saab Pride entry comes to us from the UK. Laurens W owns this magnificent 1997 Saab 9000 CSE Anniversary.
I’ll let Laurens tell the story:

My love for Saab started when I was a kid, when my dad bought a 99, followed by a classic Saab 900.
My first Saab was a US-spec1978 900 GLE 5-door. I replaced the original grille-headlights with the Turbo version. In Holland I bought a 1989 9000i, followed in the UK by a 1997 Amethyst Violet mica 9000 CSE Anniversary 2.0t, which came to an untimely end. It originally had the black Anniversary interior but I had it swapped for the cream version.
Its replacement, shown here, is a 1997 Amethyst Violet Mica 9000 CSE Anniversary 2.3t automatic fitted with a full stainless steel exhaust.
Click any of the pictures to enlarge.
saab golden tree
These images were taken at Hinxton Hall. It’s part of the Wellcome Trust, one of the oldest medical funding charities in the world.
The modern architecture of some of the newest buildings on the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus fits nicely with the progressive design of the Saab 9000 CSE. Although the design is about sixteen years old (and the central section even twenty-three years old!) it hasn’t dated much and is I think one of the best looking Saabs.
saab bus stop.jpg

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Saab Pride – the start of a new series – Aero Style

Pride.jpg There’s been a lot of news about Saab in 2009 and whilst covering it has been the right thing to do, there’s been a loss of focus on you – the Saab enthusiast – and your Saab experiences and vehicles.
Back when I started the Saab Pride competition, the theory was that the motoring press don’t always “get it” when it comes to Saab. Through the various Saab Pride entries, we’d have the chance to express why owning a Saab is such a great experience – and a great drive!
I’ve got a lot of Saab Pride entries stocked up and am looking forward to bringing them here so that we can all enjoy the experience together.
There’s a Saab Pride image, just like the one at the start of this article, at the bottom of the right sidebar. Click it any time you feel like a boost.

This entry comes from a guy named PGAero, who no stranger to this site. Peter’s Saab 9000 Aero was one of the original Trollhattan Saab calendar cars back when that was the done thing and it also featured in the 9000 Lovin series when we were all getting more familiar with Saab models.
PGAero recently took a trip in his 9000 and shot some great photos along the way. Thankfully, he sent it all in to share here at SU

On June 18th, my wife and I packed up our 1993 9000 Aero (5 spd, Cirrus White/Black, 106K miles) and left our little northern California home of Nevada City for a 1,300 mile road trip that would bring us through a wide range of California’s many landscapes. The objective was to attend my wife’s brother’s graduation from college (UC Irvine, Magna Cum Laude!) and we decided to add a few other sights to the trip.
PGAeroRoute.jpg On Thursday, we set out to make time on the way south and took Interstate 5 for most of the trip, but headed for the coast in Kettleman City to have dinner with my grandmother in Santa Barbara. After some visiting and dinner, we continued south via Interstate 101 and 405 to Irvine.
The Saab 9000 is an amazingly capable long-road car. My Aero has safely taken me on several 12+ hour solo drives between Montana and California during my graduate school days, so last weekend’s “quick trip” to Santa Barbara and then on to Irvine was nothing for the ol’ beast. It’s tough to beat 30 mpg in a car that does 0-60 in the mid-sixes. The legendary Aero seats did not disappoint.
Anyway, the graduation weekend was a blast, and we did the (obligatory?) Southern California beach visit (Laguna Beach this time), and generally had a great time with the family graduation festivities. A big congratulations to the graduate!
On Sunday, we headed out of Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area aiming to take Hwy 395 north along the east slope of California’s magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains. As avid backpackers and skiers, my wife and I have spent countless weeks exploring and enjoying all that this mountain range has to offer. Since its just June, and much of the high country hiking is still snow-bound, and we have a 6-day backpacking trip planned for the end of July, we thought it a great chance to see some of the other attractions which 395 has. We decided to explore the Alabama Hills, the White Mountains, and finally see the ghost town of Bodie.
The Alabama Hills are an outcrop of decomposing granite immediately east of Mt. Whitney (The highest point in the US’s “lower 48”). Many movies have been filmed in the area, and after we drove to the Mt. Whitney trail head, we drove along Movie Road to see the landscape.
Click on any of the pictures to enlarge
PGAero 1.jpg

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