Thoughts On Rumors And Reality

A lot has been said recently about production restart and some rumors have been floating around about future production but as always, NEVS has remained quiet to some extent. NEVS has always maintained that they will speak when there is something definite to talk about and they will not talk about rumors but real news. NEVS are not the only company out there like this, if we look back to trying to get any info from Mahindra when they were looking into Saab, they would say nothing. Even in Canada, we have Magna who have looked at buying car companies in the past and talk to no one about any plans except to say that they will not talk about rumors. My point being that this is not unusual in any way for a company to behave and especially not in the automotive world where you have seen former employees at North American manufacturers selling top secret information to other manufacturers.

What we do know is that there have been conversations with previous suppliers and that most of those discussions have been positive and it looks like a sooner then expected restart can possibly start in the summer. Is this aggressive to think this can happen that quickly? Personally I would think yes, but then what do we know about what is happening behind the scenes? We only know what we can confirm through press releases or discussions with NEVS themselves. For obvious reasons NEVS will not release future product development information until they have something to show us. Is it important to be secretive like this? Some would think no but you don’t have to look too far for a reason why it is important. Jason Castriota has a Phoenix based 9-3 that has never had photos released to the press yet there have been photos so close to the real thing released that some of his work is available to all for nothing and remember he hasn’t been paid in full for this design as it never made it to production. A designer is like an artist and their work is theirs and they are protective about such things being released or stolen but the manufacturer is even more protective when it comes to technologies and design.

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Saab 9-4x production figures

As we all know Saab is still producing cars, not exactly Saab, but GM is producing the 9-4x in Ramos Arizpe (Mex.) for Saab.

Many asked about a reassurement that the 9-4x is really being build. And know one of our readers has sent us the link to the August production table for the US, Canada and Mexico, and on this table you can find the 9-4x among all the other GM cars.

For the ones that don’t want to search

Saab 9-4X Last Week: 58 August 2011: 116 2011: 573

Looking at this I would say that the 9-4x is being produced at a 58 cars per week rate. It is a very small figure, for instance 1.781 SRX have been build in the last week, but at least it is a constant amount. We still have something like 20 weeks till years end, which means GM will build this year about 1.700 9-4x, if the rate is kept constant.

*update 20110815 1555 cest*
I don’t know if the currently build cars are MY 11 or MY 12. Although there is not much difference between both model years, MY 11 was exclusively for the US market where MY 12 is to be distributed world wide.

I from my side hope that those are MY 12, and that the pre-ordered 9-4x in Europe can be delivered in September (it takes a little time from Mexico till Europe) 😉

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