News on the production stop

Semcon’s CEO, Mr. Kjell Nilsson, seems quite optimistic on SAAB, and yesterday he made this declaration to

– I think we have a [more]clear picture of how the [real estate] transaction looks like on Monday, and then a production start again after midsummer. It will be tough two or three months but then I think the deal with the Chinese will be ready and then it will be solved.

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Press Release: On the temporarily production Stop

Saab Automobile Temporarily Suspends Production Pending More Stable Inflow Of Components

Trollhättan, Sweden: Saab Automobile today decided to temporarily suspend production at its production facility in Trollhättan. The seven-week production stop in April and May has not just affected Saab Automobile, but particularly also its supplier base. While Saab Automobile booked lots of progress and reached agreements with the vast majority of its supplier base, negotiations with a number of suppliers on payment and delivery terms are still ongoing. These negotiations are expected to be finalized shortly.

Saab Automobile is working on a number of initiatives to secure further short and medium-term funding.

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