Saab enthusiast meeting at NEVS (with Q&A)

A couple of days after the news that NEVS will use its own brand instead of Saab, a number of Saab car enthusiasts were invited to a meeting with NEVS at the Stallbacka plant in Trollhättan. Among others, the chairmen of Svenska Saabklubben and Saab Turbo Club of Sweden were there, with the Saab Car Museum curator. NEVS held a presentation and showed the group around the plant.

Saabklubben chairman Karl Ask with Jonas Hernqvist, Sales & Marketing at NEVS.

A more throughly analysis/editorial from the chairman of Saabklubben will follow here at SaabsUnited soon, but for now we have a Q&A (questions & answers) with NEVS along with a large number of pictures from the meeting. These are questions from us and from the readers of SaabsUnited.

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SU Q&A #3 – Ask your questions

We’ve had two Q&A sessions so far here on SU and they’ve both been fun.
It’s been a few weeks since the last one, so I thought we could give it another try.
If you’ve got any questions about Saab, blogging, blogging about Saabs, the SU Historic Rally Team, Australian Rules Football, getting camera-ready hair (sorry, I just saw an ad for it), or pretty much anything else (but mostly about Saabs) then please feel free to fire away in comments.
I’ll have a look at them over the weekend and do my level best to answer all of them (or get in touch with someone who can).
Click here if you’d like to read the previous Q&A’s.

SU Q&A #2 – The answers (part 1)

It’s time for the ‘answers’ bit of the Q&A process.
Lots to get through this weekend, so here we go…..
ctm | July 31, 2009 3:15 AM | Reply
Does you wife paint Saabs? 🙂

No. She does a mix of landscape stuff and animal stuff.
Her latest thing has been painting emus. She’s currently working on two emus riding a tandem bike.
2-don | July 31, 2009 4:19 AM | Reply
1) does Elkparts deliver to the US? I’ve had my eye on some Hirsch upgrades :-)!!!

Elkparts deliver everywhere! I’m currently waiting on a Speedparts air filter and new front badge for the Monte.
2) how do you get around the tire pressure monitors when you replace wheels on a newer SAAB? Do I have to use the GM ones that come stock, or can I use some other ones supplied by the tire vendors? If I need the stock ones, does SAAB parts or any other site sell them?
SaabUSA Parts does indeed sell the genuine sensors and it’s hihly recommended you use the genuine sensor as it has to talk to your car’s computer system. Why save $10 a sensor and risk something not matching up?
I asked our resident Saab master tech and college professor, Tedjs, about these items. Here’s what Ted had to say:

If the car is being used in U.S markets the system cannot be ‘disabled’ – however in other markets the system can be placed in what is called a ‘winter driving mode’ in which no sensors are in any of the wheels. The system will only do this if it does not hear a signal from all four wheels and will automatically deactivate itself as it assumes snow tires and wheels have been installed on the vehicle. Unfortunately for U.S. consumers – if the vehicle were driven with no sensors they would have an error message on the SID during each key (drive) cycle.
With that said I will assume the car is in U.S. market. If an aftermarket (or replacement) wheel is being installed on the vehicle I would definitely stick with an OEM (Saab) tire pressure sensor. The system essentially reads each tire (or tyre) via a radio frequency which is transmitted to the control module (mounted in the rear of the vehicle). The sensors transmit information on pressure, temperature as well as rotation direction – so using the proper part is critical for proper operation.
Additionally if a new sensor is installed on the vehicle for any reason, the vehicle needs to learn the new sensor since they all do not transmit at the same frequency (this allows the system to differentiate between wheel positions on the vehicle – and not to pick up false signals from other vehicles). The sensor needs to be learned to the vehicle using Tech 2 when being replaced – although I think you can drive the vehicle for 20 minutes (after the vehicle is off – ignition key in lock position – for over 15 minutes) to learn the sensor. A scan tool is generally the preferred method since I have heard of issues on other vehicles with learning new sensors.
The biggest problem I see with these systems is damage to the sensors during tire replacement and large changes in temperature causing the system to send a false low tire message. We can thank Ford Motor Company for them being mandatory here in the U.S. since it was determined that a lot of the tires that failed on the Explorers we not properly inflated during the Firestone tire fiasco that happened years ago.

3) how many hours of sleep does Swade get? :-). He is always working/blogging?! LOL!
Not enough. Usually 6-7 hours a night at most.
SaabKen | July 31, 2009 4:34 AM | Reply
I’m still curious (and wee bit confused) about the full line of powertrains to be available on the 9-5. AFAIK from Swade’s articles and sources, the top engine will be a 2.8T V6 upwards of (or exceeding) 300hp.
Left Lane News reports the 9-5 will also get the 3.6L in the current CTS and ’10 Buick LaCrosse. Is this true ? Will it be NA or turbo ?

I don’t who LLN’s sources are on that engine. That may happen, but the biggest engine I’ve heard about so far is the 2.8T. I’d be really disappointed if Saab put a N/A engine in the 9-5.
In my experience, a lot of motoring websites, especially when it comes to cars related to GM, like to look at other GM cars and apply what’s there to the model they’re looking at. It’s a reliable method because of GM’s track record of badge engineering, but it’s by no means authoritative.
If I write something here and describe it as being factual, it’s because I’m confident in the source. I’m very careful about this. If it’s rumour then I’ll say so. From what I’ve heard, the car will have the Saab TTiD diesel engine, and petrol engines from 1.6turbo ranging up to the 2.8T V6.

Read moreSU Q&A #2 – The answers (part 1)

SU Q&A #1 – the answers

Yesterday I offered up our first SU question and answer session and there were a (small-ish) number of questions posed, so here are the answers as best I can answer them.
We might try this again in a few weeks….
On a normal weekday, how many hours do you spend working on this blog?
Probably around five hours or so. An hour or two in the mornings and three or more at night whilst doing dinner, family stuff, TV. I have a very understanding wife.

Do you feel like a king walking down the streets in your home town?
Nope. I feel old, overweight and cold. It’s nice to switch on the computer and get amongst more friends, though. A sign of the world we live in?

I read the latest “Saab 7 dagar” which is an internal mag for saab empolyees. [Eric] Geers was talking about future PR technics and general customer communications. He said the formal corporate press release still has some values but he is looking into new channels of releasing news. Interesting stuff and I thought about you and SU…….How can we, as readers, make it happen? How can we help you?
I don’t know if, nor how, you could possibly help. I’ve said for a while now that I’d love to see Saab get more involved in social media and connect more directly with their customers and yes, I’d love to be a part of that.
The decision to get involved has to come from within. The popularity of sites like this one, Saabnet, Saab Central and Saab History (and plenty of others) shows that there’s a level of involvement in the Saab community that’s quite high compared to their sales numbers. These may not necessarily be new customers for Saab, but they’re ones that they definitely want to retain. I’ve heard enough through my inbox to show that TS and SU have helped people buy for the first time, too.
All I need to keep on going is a story to tell and a good environment to tell it.

I guess you have answered this before, but I was wondering what led you into liking Saab?
It all started with a drive in a Saab 9000 into Philip Island…….

A few months back I put a question about ECU upgrades for the Turbo X and wanting to see comparisons or feedback on how BSR and Hirsch, Abbotts compared etc’ I just saw Robbodog did respond with comment on his BSR but is there a section dedicated to this topic?
No there isn’t, but that’s a great idea.
I’ll try and compile that information in the next little while, though it will probably be just for recent model cars.

Do you have any (relatively accurate) information about how far away a signed deal between GM/Saab/K-egg might be?
I’d happily make a well-educated guess that a deal will be signed between GM and Koenigsegg in the next week and a half for the sale of Saab. The announcement may come from Saab at the Saab Days gathering in Trollhattan this week, but if it doesn’t, it shouldn’t be more than a week or so later than that.
That Saab Ads post, is it really a poll about how many active readers you’ve got on the site or something similar? 🙂 I just can’t help but reading something more into it than the post says. Btw, wouldn’t it be a great motif for a t-shirt?
I understand in these time of high drama and Saab intrigue why you’d think that way, but “no”, it was nothing more than an effort to get a great poster/advert out to people who wanted it.
I have stats that I publish here monthly that tell me how many people are stopping by.
Agreed on the T-shirt idea, though it may have to be a smaller (i.e. less models) version to make sense on the T-shirt.
Does it look like that NG9-5 test drive will happen now? In which case, do you know when? I would LOVE to read about that.
This relates to the possibility of me travelling to Sweden to test drive the new Saab 9-5 when it comes out. I don’t know if that’s still a possibility or not. It’s certainly something I’d discussed with them earlier in the year, but then I went and released the CGI’s.
I hope it’s still on the agenda as I can’t wait to get back to Trollhattan, but I understand that this is Saab’s show and they have the right to run it how they choose.
Do your neighbours know what you’re up to?
Perhaps the question should be do I know what my neighbors are up to?????

With all the shakeups within GM, what has become of the GME design group and specifically Anthony Lo? Do we know this yet?
I haven’t heard any specifics yet. Saab’s design presence was pretty small in Sweden, led by Simon Padian. From what I understand, the vast bulk of work on the 9-3 and 9-5 has been done in Russelsheim with a lot of the 9-4x work done in the US.
I’ve had passing chats with some people in Russelsheim over the last few months and the prevailing thought seemed to be that whilst Saab were a very desireable company to work for, the relative lack of long term security may be a factor in deciding against it.
Also, designers love their design surroundings, so Saab might have to build a decent design studio to attract the talent. I’m sure they’ll have no trouble convincing Bard Eker of the need for this. Perhaps the Eker Design people might take a prominent role in Saab’s future (I just hope they’ve got enough automotive experience if that’s the case).

Is it true Jose is really Pablo Escobar in disguise?
I’ve never seen them in the same room together, so maybe……
Then again, I don’t think anyone sees Escobar in any rooms anymore, do they?

Whats going on with Cadel Evans on LeTour? Lance Armstrong is giving him more support than his own team it seems.
Crap team that had a crap time trial. I haven’t seen much of the tour since.
Why didn’t Australia win the first test at Cardiff?
Our captain’s a dud. Great batsman, great Tasmanian, dud strategist.
How many people now need to apologise to Mark Webber for all the rude comments they’ve made over the years?
I dunno. Presumably heaps. I’m just glad Tasmania could play its part in forging his character with a leg break earlier this year.
Ah, swade, I feel so much better knowing that you can answer all these things.
You’re not helping the credibility of this exercise, you know, Pete…..
Now you’ve got a feel for this, maybe you’ll have a question or two for next time.
Please save it for then, and I’ll open up an invite in a few weeks from now.
Thanks to this week’s group of inaugural questioners.

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