What it could have been, the future of the eAAM electric rear axle.

History is what it is, and we are the last ones being able to change it. Nevertheless it is for me interesting to see what it could have been.

In the winter 2010/11 we were quite impressed by videos like this and this. That was the demonstration of a game changer technology, which was at least two years ahead of the closest competitor, and what was most important for us, Saab fans, that technology was planned to be first seen in a Saab car.


This was an electric rear wheel axle, which was able to join fun to drive (torque vectoring) with fuel economy (89 g/km CO2). But months later the SWAN Saab Company entered into financial problems, and we all know what happened after that.

During the bankruptcy administration, AAM bought the Saab part of the e-AAM joint venture and searched for new customers for their system.

I’ve been since then wondering where will we see this system for the first time. Now I know that the first concept using the electric rear axle from AAM will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

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