A fun Saab quiz

Saturday morning, what better way to start than a little Saab quiz?

Niklas G noted in comments that dn.se features a 10 question test about Saab lore. It is a multiple choice thing, so it is not too difficult.

The quiz is in Swedish, so a rough translation follows here:

  1. Who designed the first Saab (ursaab)?
  2. Erik Carlsson received his nickname where?
  3. SAAB is an abbreviation for …?
  4. Which rally will VM participate in later this year?
  5. Name the TV show that does NOT have a Saab 900 in it (sometimes the directors can screw up very badly)
  6. Kurt Vonnegut, an ex-Saab dealer, states the reason for him never receiving the Nobel literary prize is …?
  7. The most significant feature of the Saab 92?
  8. Famous female rally driver who drove Saabs in the 50s and 60s?
  9. James Bond drove a Saab — which one?
  10. Both petrol and ethanol — when did Saab launch their first environmentally friendly car?

I managed ten out of ten, but I had to guess at #2, #4 and #5. Two of those questions were basically 50/50. Since Viktor never tells me anything, I had no clue about #4, but a little logical deduction did the trick. (Best of luck in the rally VM!)

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