Saab 96 rally video – this will make you smile

With many thanks to Jose N for the tip……

There are a lot of magazines, etc, carrying the news of the week, about the 50th Anniversary of Erik Carlsson’s first RAC Rally win and the launch of the new Saab 9-3 Carlsson Edition in the British market.

One such publication had a hook-up to this video on their site and it’s an absolute cracker. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face then you’re quite possibly dead.


RAC Honour Erik Carlsson on 50th Anniversary

Erik Carlsson celebrated the first of three consecutive RAC Rally wins in 1960. He was driving a three-cylinder 750cc Saab 96 in that event and it was the beginning of a golden era in rallying for Saab Automobile.

Today, the RAC honored the 50th Anniversary of that win with a function, which Saab GB used to launch the new 2011 Saab 9-3 Carlsson Edition for the British market.

When mt wife and I visited England earlier this year, we stayed a few days with Mike and Hilary P (I got to have my first drive of a Sonett in Mike’s white one). Mike and Hilary are good friends of Erik Carlsson’s and were fortunate enough to attend today’s ceremony in honour of the 50th Anniversary of Erik’s RAC Rally win.

Hilary & I were lucky enough to attend this historic event today in London. It was fantastic to be part of this celebration along with around 40 other people from Saab GB, great names from the world of rallying, authors & journalists.

The event took the format of a photo session with the car which was actually in the building, interviews with Erik, pre lunch drinks, introduction & launch of 9-3 Carlsson by Mr. Nash, formal lunch followed by some great stories from Erik, Stuart Turner & Peter Backstrom.

The whole experience was just priceless!! Only [died in the wool Saab nuts] like us understand this. On the way home I asked Hilary how in the hell can we ever drive anything but a Saab????

We were each given a limited edition print signed by Erik which you will see in the press pack (below).

The RAC building was magnificent & it was quite moving to find myself wandering around all that history and nostalgia.

A few of Mike’s photos from the event start the gallery below, followed by some of the images released by Saab documenting some of their over all history in rallying – in honour of the event.

Thanks to Mike for sending this stuff through and most of all – CONGRATULATIONS TO ERIK CARLSSON on receiving such an honour.

Click to enlarge.

Wednesday Night Snippets

Sorry for the slow posting today. Life gets in the way sometimes and we have a national election on Saturday. I’ve been listening to the candidates this evening as they rabbit on about things they claim to understand.


A win for Saab Quality (and right here in Hobart, too).



Saab 9-5 vs Saab Viggen flying machine. Grrrrrr.


Here’s something for people who also enjoy cars that are red, shiny and Italian.


For those who want to see more of something Jason Castriota got up to a little while ago, check out the new images of the Lancia Stratos.

True to its heritage.


This video, which is nothing to do with Saab (aside from a few possible appearances by Stig in an Audi) was spotted at Autosavant.

It starts slowly, but builds and around the two minute mark, it really kicks.


Team Brodd video from Kvarnturen 2010

I’m woefully under qualified to comment on anything to do with the Swedish Super Cup Rally circuit, but I really enjoyed this cockpit video posted on YouTube a few hours ago.

It apparently depicts Mikael Brodd and Fredrik Adolfsson navigating the rally course around Motala, Sweden in their Saab 9-3 rally car in the rally’s final stages this past Saturday.   Unfortunately, it appears that Team Brodd did not finish this stage.

I think that the video captures the essence of rallying from a driver’s point of view as well as any other.


A few notes:

1.  Team Brodd fields a normally aspirated Saab 9-3 to compete in the 2-wheel-drive classification.  That’s a departure from typical Saab motor sport entries.

2.  The “results” page seems to specify Ethanol fuel.

3.  Team Brodd refers to their 9-3 as a 9-3 “kit car” because it was originally a NG900 equipped with a turbocharged power plant and, over time, they’ve replaced enough parts that it’s now a naturally-aspirated 9-3.

4.  The video is posted by a user calling themselves “volvo940voc”.  Click at your own risk.

Saab possible return to WRC in 2014

OK, you’d need a big, long term diary to mark this one down. And it’s only a possibility at this point, not a plan.

It’s still nice to see a Saaby return to motorsport is occupying a small place in Victor Muller’s mind, however.

TV4 spoke to him at Almedalen Week and he had this to say (Googletrans):

When TV4’s financial news met Spykers CEO Victor Muller in Almedalen, he revealed that he wants to resurrect Saab’s rally history. The rally racing series that Muller would like to aim for in the future is the World Rally Championship.

– First we have to get the company profitable, then it could be considered, at the earliest, around 2014, “said Victor Muller.

As one of the sponsors behind the Saabs United Historic Rally Team, all I can say is BRING IT ON!!!

Motorsport is the test lab of the automotive world and it’d be great to see Saab back in the dirt some time in the future.

Saabs United Historic Rally Team update – and competition!!

I’ve just been very busy posting some updates to our Saabs United Historic Rally Team home page.
What, you didn’t know that there was a Saabs United Historic Rally Team?! Well, there is, and our two Saab 99 Turbos will be running in the 2010 Rally to the Midnight Sun in just a matter of months from now.
Car #1 is now looking absolutely fantastic with its shiny black paint and rally livery. The guys are finishing off the body work now and soon the engine will be ready to go in.
Here’s some of the recent postings and videos from the SUHRT website:

And now to our competition!!!!
Watch the video and J

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