Friday Snippets – Fire edition

I was quite distressed last night to hear about a fire being deliberately lit in my favourite hotel – the Scandic Swania in Trollhattan.

Most people who have visited Trollhattan would be familiar with the Swania and I know a bunch of SU readers have stayed there over the years during Saab Festival and other events. It’s great views, wonderful rooms, exceptional staff (and great breakfasts!) make it a wonderful place to stay when you’re visiting the land of Saab.

Thankfully, no-one was hurt in the fire. I hope they catch the bastard that lit it and that the Scandic group can rebuild the damaged sections of the hotel soon.


Saab fans in south-east Pennsylvania should look in on the SE Penn Saab Club forum and check out the Independence Day drive they’re organising for February 20th.

The plan at the moment is for a light brunch around 10am and then a drive to the appropriately named Victory brewing company for a tour and a lunch.

They need to book the tour, so check in at the forum and show your interest.


Speaking of Saab gatherings, the Saab Swiss Fondue meeting was held last weekend in Switzerland. Around 60+ people and 30 Saabs were there for the weekend and it looks like there was a good time, and plenty of cheese, had by all.

They got some good media coverage, too. This is just one of many…..

The event was organised by, who sell wonderful scale model Saabs (and a few others).

There are plenty of photos here and even some good video over at Saab Actu.


Hilton Holloway from Autocar has published a review of the baby of the Saab 9-5 range – the 1.6T petrol version.

It’s actually quite a positive read but the same problems with UK tests persist – a ride experience that’s less comfy than it should be. It seems 18 wheels with 45 profile tyres aren’t doing the trick and if some other setup is available, then UK journos should be getting that alternative.

HH quite likes the 1.6T engine in most instances and the overall finish of the car seems to have improved in his estimation.


All you advocates of a high powered Saab ought to get your thinking caps on in preparation for the weekend – the SU Hi-Po Challenge will be on.

Recall – 2010-11 Saab 9-3 for fuel pump issue

From Inside Line:

WASHINGTON — Saab is recalling 4,400 Saab 9-3s to fix a defective fuel pump that can cause the engine to stall, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“Certain fuel pumps installed as original equipment may have internal components with incorrect specifications,” said the NHTSA in its recalls summary of the problem. “The subject fuel pumps can seize, causing the engine to stall, which increases the risk of a crash.”

In other documentation filed with the federal government, Saab said there have been no reported accidents or injuries due to this defect.

“The defective fuel pumps may seize, stopping fuel flow to the engine and causing a stall,” wrote Gary T. Jones, Saab Cars North America compliance manager. “Once seized the fuel pump will no longer operate and must be replaced. The fuel pump defect is due to a process issue of the fuel pump component supplier, resulting in an out-of-specification internal component in the fuel pump. The component was limited to certain batches of fuel pumps.”

Saab dealers will replace the defective fuel pump. The recall is expected to begin on February 18. Owners can contact Saab at (800) 955-9007.


The VIN’s concerned:

XWD Start VIN A1613280-> B1306695
FWD Start VIN A1613280-> B1307318

Saab dealers were told to check all 9-3s they had in stock so if you’re taking delivery of a 9-3 in the next week, your car should have already been checked. If your dealer doesn’t tell you it’s been checked, ask.

If you’ve picked up a 2010-11 Saab 9-3 recently then get it back to your dealer for a check (you can do a cursory check on the VIN yourself according to the numbers above, but for peace of mind, I’d take it back anyway just to be sure).

This is a precautionary recall. No incidents have been reported.

Saab recall 630 units of 2011 9-5

From Vi Bilgare. It’s never good news when this happens but it’s good to see they’ve caught the problem quickly and are taking proactive measures to remedy it.


Saab recalls 630 cars of the model year 2011.

Because of rattling, a subcontractor to Saab Automobile adjusted the design of the cover that covers the airbag on the steering wheel on the new Saab 9-5.

Then it was discovered that the cover can prevent the airbag to function fully in a collision.

According to a letter to 630 owners of Saab 9-5, model year 2011, the airbag can cause injury to the occupants if it is released.

Has anyone been injured?
– No, this is a proactive measure so our customers can feel safe. The possibility of this happening, we calculated to about three percent, says Hans-Jörgen Brandt, Communications Director at Saab Automobile, to Vi Bilägare.

This is the first time the new Saab 9-5 is recalled. 630 cars in 20 countries is affected, including 145 cars in Sweden. Hans-Jörgen Brandt would not say how many cars that have so far been delivered this year.

Car owners are now encouraged to immediately contact an authorized Saab workshop where the unit for the airbag must be replaced. This process takes about half an hour and is free of charge.


Thanks to Arild (who owns a 2011 Saab 9-5 himself) for the translation!

About the fiery Saab 9-5

In yesterday’s snippets entry, I posted a disturbing photo of a Saab 9-5 that had caught fire.

I mentioned in comments to this article that from anecdotal evidence, it seemed there has been two of these incidents, both around the same location. I can’t confirm if that’s the case, but it’s what I’d heard.


Dippen posted about this topic on the forum from the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden (the incident happened in Sweden) and one response there included the following (the guy commenting works at a dealership):

“I have heard that the engine heater from Defa ( can do damage if they are installed wrongly and bulletins have been sent out how to install it correctly. This is nothing that comes installed from the factory but is installed at the dealer”

I had also heard – from nowhere official, mind you – that this incident may have been related to an engine heater, so it’s good to have more information to put that line of thinking in context. If two similar incidents have happened in a similar location then it may be a matter of two incorrect installations originating from the same dealer.

If I hear any more about this I’ll follow it up.

Thanks Dippen!

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