Marketing the new Saab

I’ve not written a serious article here on SaabsUnited in some time, and I’m going to hesitate to actually call this an article as much as it is an editorial post. It’s just a collection of thoughts that I have about the new Saab, the one that’s a division of the Koenigsegg Group rather than a division of the world’s largest automaker. The Saab that will be more Swedish and less American. The Saab that will be more nimble and less bureaucratic.
First of all, I’m not one to be hopeful or pessimistic simply because an organization changes structure (or ownership). It simply is. The new structure can be great, but it can also be the same or worse than the previous. Only change in actions will create new directions and new capabilities. Koenigsegg Group is saying many of the right things, and that’s a great first step. Now Saab can get on with the actual changes that will build a future for the marque. It’s exciting, but it’s no guarantee.
So, that begs the question: what changes are needed, and what things will make the most impact on sales? I have a few ideas, but I believe that in the current automotive market, one must start by making it very, very attractive to buy a Saab.
That starts with product, naturally. We’ve spilled a great deal of ink on that topic, and there is promise of new vehicles in the pipeline. So, what else impacts new car sales? Financing.
In the luxury car market, financing, particularly leasing, is perhaps the most important marketing asset. Personally, I believe that the lack of attractive leasing terms has been a difference-maker for Saab sales in the United States for some time, perhaps as long as five or six years.

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