Saab research fields sneak peek.

It is not that I have access to such a precious piece of information, but if you spend some time on the Swedish Saab site, you will sooner or later end at the list of Master Thesis that can be done at Saab.

I don’t want to present all the Master Thesis themes available, so if you are interested, go and take a look, the descriptions are in English.

Lets have a look at three of them.

Misuse objects for pedestrian protection sensing development.

The 9-5 had only average pedestrian protection values in the EuroNCAP test. Any car, 5-Series for instance, with an active bonnet(hood) performed much better.

As you can see a future Saab will have such an active hood, and a student has to find out hot to differentiate a foot-ball from Kids playing near by the car from a pedestrian falling on the hood.

Adhesive Intense Body Structure

Saab is working in every possible aspect to get the weight of the car down. And not by reducing parts or using expensive materials. Saab is rethinking the way things are done, and trying to do it in a different way.

Enthalpy Based Boost Pressure Control

Boost pressure control is one of the three original “duties” of the Trionic SAAB ECU.

Therefore we can say that Saab is working on a Trionic NG, as this master thesis talks about the needs of future emission legislation.

There are many others, mostly about hybrid car themes, but also about seats, or HMI, or vibration questions.

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