Crossing the Norwegian mountains in style

Hardangervidda last weekend
Our 9-5 has been in our care for about a year and a half now. So far we have carried out only two road trips, and we were long overdue for a third; Time to visit my relatives out west!

As I live in Sweden and work in Oslo, the road trip became a two stage affair. My dad lives not far away from me, but logistically it was easier for us to simply join up in Oslo. On Friday we pooled together in my car, four people in total.

What was different this time around is that I was mostly a passenger. My dad wished to take the helm as we approached the stomping ground of his youth. I was fine with that as the rear seat is comfy and the ample leg space makes it easy to relax and just enjoy the trip.

Lærdalstunnelen - the longest road tunnel in the world
In some ways, it took me back to some of the family trips back when I was a child. The roads were a lot different back then. Instead of long and wide tunnels with ample space for my 9-5 meeting a big truck, my dad’s 96 would balance precariously on narrow roads glued to the side of a steep mountain. Back then, looking out the rear side window of my dad’s 96, there was nothing but a 200m (if not four times that) drop straight down into a fjord or a small mountain creek.

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Rune’s road trip: The return home

A long way travelled in a car that never missed a beat
I blink my eyes and see a field of green. It feels as if we are moving sideways and I am not at all sure what is going on. I stomp hard on the brakes and nothing happens. More than a bit confused at this point I decide to carefully take in my surroundings… Oh, that is right, I had been tired and found a place to park and have a nap; Heart still pounding away I realized we were safe. Or more to the point: The car was still intact. Driving a Saab means the driver and passengers are safe most of the time anyway.

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Batumi, Georgia — Rune’s road trip half done

Vacation. Such a lovely concept.

Found a parking space outside the Batumi Police Department. Safest spot in town?
In my previous installment, we had just reached Istanbul. For the following two days we drove across Turkey. Not much to report; We spotted a new 9-3 with dutch license plates slumbering in the slow-lane. I changed to the middle lane, flickered on my emergency blinkers, but I couldn’t see any response so we continued at our regular speed. At the border crossing total chaos reigned as their computer system had suffered a complete and total breakdown. We were stuck in a queue for eight hours and got hustled for some money. A Georgian gentleman offered to help our progress getting through for a handful money. In the end he helped speed up our progress in the line so it was not a total loss.

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The price of paper

Odd title? Answer can be found at the end.

Last Saturday my wife and I finally got rolling on our road trip from Sweden to Batumi, Georgia. That is about 4800 km on the road. We didn’t get moving until the afternoon, and I had some bizarre ferry-issues getting from Gedser to Rostock. I was told “maybe later tonight, some people have been waiting 6 hours”. I drove for half an hour and got on the ferry at Rødby instead. I was among the 10 first cars to board…! (VIP treatment because I have a roadtax-chip for the car)

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Upcoming road-trip 2011, Central/East Europe

I have a semi-adventurous soul and mostly enjoy traveling, but at some point along the way I started to hate airports. I love the experience of flying and is ever so slightly envious of Tim’s chosen career path, but I loathe airports and refuse to eat nuts.

Additionally, my wife Anna hails from the fair country of Georgia. That means..:

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