Saab CabrioChallenge 2018 – Halland – from forest and sea via beech woods to the ocean

The 2018 edition Saab CabrioChallenge was driven for the 11th time in a row, and even this year we got a report and great photos from our old friend Mioh! Thanks for sharing this with us! ūüôā

The 2018 edition of Saab CabrioChallenge took place 10th-12th of August. This event has been driven annually since 2008 and even this year it attracted a large number of happy and pleasant Saab-enthusiasts. The meeting started lightly on Friday evening p√• “Tv√• Skyttlar” with a common dinner for those who were in place the day before the start of the rally.
Saturday morning we all gathered at breakfast, and after that set up for this years group image. (This year the theme was “Organized Chaos”). After the photosession, welcome greeting and distribution of roadbooks the roofless Saabs rolled out on the roads through beautiful Halland. Along the way to the final destination Tyl√∂sand trees, churches, radio-station with thunder and seafood-lunch, meadows, ice cream-shops and waterways were passed. After many lovely miles, our final destination Tyl√∂sands Tyl√∂ Sun was reached. In the evening we all gathered in the hotel’s large hall where dinner was served to us. Here we enjoyed the whole evening of good food and a nice atmosphere in a true “Saabanda”.
Sunday morning started with a hearty breakfast before checkout. Sundays activity consisted of a visit to Svedinos aviation and car museum. We was all very happy and thanked eachother for a nice weekend and the organizers welcomed us all to the Saab CabrioChallenge 2019!

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Many thanks to the organizers and others for a really nice weekend! ūüėĀ

Saab by Gray Design

Gray Design apparently is looking for Saab to make a come back and completed this design work.

The video and photos show a wonderful interpretation of what the future of Saab might have been, have they remained solvent.  How the wings extend and even the Swedish air force logos on the side are just few examples how to tie the brand together.

Unfortunately, it appears that this is nothing more than a study.  But you can still dream for a few minutes.  Enjoy the video.

Saab enthusiast meeting at NEVS (with Q&A)

A couple of days after the news that NEVS will use its own brand instead of Saab, a number of Saab car enthusiasts were invited to a meeting with NEVS at the Stallbacka plant in Trollhättan. Among others, the chairmen of Svenska Saabklubben and Saab Turbo Club of Sweden were there, with the Saab Car Museum curator. NEVS held a presentation and showed the group around the plant.

Saabklubben chairman Karl Ask with Jonas Hernqvist, Sales & Marketing at NEVS.

A more throughly analysis/editorial from the chairman of Saabklubben will follow here at SaabsUnited soon, but for now we have a Q&A (questions & answers) with NEVS along with a large number of pictures from the meeting. These are questions from us and from the readers of SaabsUnited.

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Hello and greetings from Singapore!

Firstly, will like to congratulate the new refreshed SAABSUNITED page as well as the new Svenska Saabklubben Team for taking over this fabulous site that all SAAB Fanatics globally have grown to love and to appreciate over the years.

Personally used to have had the pleasure of 5 SAABs and it has been nothing short of an exciting journey and relatively fuss free.

MY 01 SAAB 9-5 2.0t

MY 06 SAAB 9-5 SC 2.0t

MY 00 SAAB 9-5 2.3T HOT AERO


MY 08 SAAB 9-3 SS 2.0T AERO – VRN “360” as you may have seen in some photos

Will be showcasing to you some images taken by yours truly as well as a short write up of Singapore. Scroll on!



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Chinese legal and illegal love for SAAB

Skärmavbild 2016-02-24 kl. 12.28.36

Got a link from Francois Godillion on an article in The old generation Saab 9-5 is now made by The Beijing Auto corporation as the Senova B70 car. At a Beijing Auto dealer this D70 was found with a SAAB exterior kit. A kit that can be bought on the internet for 86 USD making the Senova to a SAAB 9-5 AERO. It is in all ways legal for a owner to do with his/her car but if a dealer is selling cars like this I guess it is another ballgame. But this is not the first story of copied stuff in China. Some years ago Volvo Trucks found a company making Volvo-Like trucks in China.

Nice to see that the SAAB name finally reappears in GOLD last time that happened was in the grille of the 99 models in late seventies. Gold is a color that is very appreciated in china so why not get a Senova in red with gold accents that would be the most successful SAAB ever. That is if You believe in china traditions.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-24 kl. 12.27.16Skärmavbild 2016-02-24 kl. 12.27.48 Skärmavbild 2016-02-24 kl. 12.27.38

The really illegal stuff is found in some printed material from BAIC as photographed in a Senova dealership . Wonder if Nicolas Cage knows he is an ad campaign or is it a chinese look-alike gentleman? On the posters can be seen a 9-5 NG steering wheel, interior from the SAAB museum, a NON-SAAB jetfighter (guess they did not dare having a Gripen or Viggen in the poster) and the old SAAB-Performance Team.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-24 kl. 12.40.35 Skärmavbild 2016-02-24 kl. 12.40.18 Skärmavbild 2016-02-24 kl. 12.39.54 Skärmavbild 2016-02-24 kl. 12.39.16

Saab 9000 in the limelight




Monte Carlo Yellow SAAB 9000 Aero MY 1994
Monte Carlo Yellow SAAB 9000 Aero MY 1994

I had an interesting conversation with a¬†fellow Saab enthusiast¬†earlier¬†today. And we discussed¬†Saab 9000 and how this vehicle is now a nearly extinct¬†unicorn these days. In addition, we both quickly agreed that Saab 9000 is one of Saab’s models that have been¬†brought¬†behind the spotlight and is somewhat a bit of a forgotten classic icon. My friend¬†possesses not only a whole lot of knowledge about Saab, but he is also one of the few people I know with his Saab spirit still intact, his passion will always be there no matter what. He is also an extremely passionate 9000 owner, and one of the cars he owns is¬†truly¬†interesting on many levels. So let me introduce you to¬†Johan L√∂√∂f’s¬†MCY¬†Saab 9000 Aero ‘ 94 and his story of how he¬†found his dream car.

Johan’s first meeting with his dream car, the MCY Saab 9000 Aero featured in the swedish car magazine ‘Bilsport’.
To take you to the beginning¬†of this story,¬†we have to rewind the time back¬†to the year¬†2000, when¬†I was 14 years old and the¬†interest for cars started to increase rapidly.¬†I bought myself my very first motor sports magazine fore a school trip,¬†a swedish car magazine called “Bilsport”, more particularly Bilsport No.5.¬†Saab was also highly interesting¬†at that time (thanks to my brother). So I closely¬†examined and eyed down all Saabs that were featured in the magazine, and the Saab¬†that stood out the most was a small article¬†with 2 small pictures¬†of¬†a Saab 9000 Aero in the color¬†YELLOW!


Bilsport magazine article – “UNIQUE. Most people who sees Benny‘s yellow Saab¬†9000 Aero will¬†react. “What the heck, a yellow Aero.¬†It must’ve been¬†repainted!? And sure enough, in fact, there wasn’t any¬†produced¬†yellow 9000 Aero’s¬†–¬†besides this one! Benny‘s copy is the only one in the whole¬†world¬†who was originally painted¬†in the Monte carlo¬†yellow color”


As a 14 year old boy my instant thought was “One day I’ll own a car like that”. But then again, we all have to admit that we’ve all had our own crazy teenage dreams. Time passed and I soon forgot all about the car in the magazine. Until one day in April 2006, when a friend of mine¬†showed me a car that his¬†brother was going to pick up. And¬†his brother had already asked me if I was interested in buying a 9000 Aero since I was in the need of a car at that moment.¬†When I got to see the sales¬†ad for the car that he mentioned I flew off the chair.¬†It was a MCY¬†9000¬†Aero! And I instantly recognized the license plate number. As soon as¬†I got back home I searched through my old Bilsport car magazines and found the article I was looking for, I compared them, and sure enough, it was my teenage dream car that was up for sale!¬†So there wasn’t any doubt about it,¬†I was more than interested in buying my dream car.¬†The day after this I took the car for a test drive, and it didn’t take long before I was the new owner for it.¬†


“Yes, I’m the owner of a Saab 9000 Aero – and it’s Monte Carlo Yellow! – Johan L√∂√∂f”


The Aero Johan owns is a 9000 Aero MY1994, And it was first purchased¬†by a woman¬†from Luxembourg, and according to Saab automobile, this woman¬†was¬†working for the European Parliament. This car was sold as an IDS (International and Diplomat Sales) car, and we all know that this was something very exclusive. And the car was most likely repainted¬†by¬†a¬†dealer before it was handed out to the customer.¬†Though there’s¬†no¬†received¬†confirmation on that issue yet.¬†The car was later imported and registrered¬†in¬†Sweden¬†1998.
These are the following specifications for the car when it was commissioned:


    • 20150621_213927
      Delivery identification certificate (birth certificate)

      Model year: 1994

    • Sweden/SE¬†specified¬†car (that is, not a Europe/EU specified¬†car).
    • Saab 9000 Aero
    • CS 5 door body, no sunroof
    • Left Hand Drive (LHD)
    • Engine:¬†2.3 Turbo (200 hp/294 Nm) with engine number B234L6A00R127081
    • Automatic transmission with¬†transmission code¬†FA43201198136
    • Exterior color:¬†Cirrus White (color code 153)
    • Interior:¬†Rocky Black Sports Interior
    • 16 Super Aero rim (3spoke) with 205/55 Z16 tires (probably Michelin MXM)
    • Double electric front seats¬†with memory on the driver’s side
    • Double Airbags


During the years Johan¬†has owned the car he has upgraded with installation of JT¬†3t”¬†exhaust system¬†with sport catalyst. Mounted H&R 40mm lowering kit¬†and Bilstein Sport shocks.¬†He also converted¬†to manual transmission with¬†Quife¬†diff.¬†He is currently in the process of fixing rust on¬†wheel arches¬†and trunk, and he has recently fixed the rust¬†damage to the windsheild frame¬†because it¬†was¬†in a very bad condition. He is committed to¬†restoring the car to it’s former glory, including engine overhaul is¬†in¬†his¬†future plans, and he has absolutely no plans or wishes to change the body colour. This car is¬†in safe hands with it’s¬†owner who¬†is willing to¬†do anything to save his extraordinary gem. We at saabsunited would like to thank Johan for¬†sharing¬†his story¬†of¬†his dream car, and we hope that he will be able to¬†enjoy¬†his very own unicorn¬†for many years to come.

Fantasy Land ‚Äď Saab by Apple

Some of you might have read by now that Apple has a secret program named Project Titan to build an electric car. As a few curious photographers witnessed, they’ve leased Chrysler minivans driving all around Silicon Valley with advanced sensors. Several top auto industry personnel from Mercedes and Tesla have already been poached, not to mention visits by Apple executive visits to Austria‚Äď think Magna Steyr where they built all those 9-3 Convertibles. This may not mean Apple is 100% absolutely surely going to be coming out with a car, and even if they did it would be years away. They might just be investigating technologies that could end up in future personal electronics, or software interfaces for OEMs to integrate like their CarPlay system. But what if they were, and what if they could leapfrog ahead by aquiring the bankrupt assets of a certain automobile company in Sweden with a rich history of intelligent design and innovation, coupled with a huge factory capable of supplying the Euro Zone with 200,000 plus units?

One of the vans registered to Apple currently in testing around Silicon Valley.

Follow me here‚Äď what would an Apple car look like? Would people want a car designed by their computer company? I’ve seen it work in reverse, Porsche designed phones, but I don’t see the reverse ever truly working. The other silicon valley auto company producing electric cars, Tesla has made a name for themselves by launching an exclusive high end brand that is first and foremost about the core product, autos. While they might end up moving more into home power or grid power backup systems or other different fields, when you hear Tesla, you visualize a Model S. The same can’t be said for Apple.

Just like Mahindra sees the potential value in a prestigious brand with cache, Apple should see the advantages of acquiring such a dirt cheap and storied brand with such similar brand values. It wasn’t so long ago that Saab’s Global brand director Knut Simonsson told Autocar that they were trying to position themselves as the Apple of car brands. Before their demise, Saab was not about blending in, “We don’t want to be another Audi,” Simonsson said. In fact, Audi has been tying themselves to Google, not only through their MMI, but their self driving car experiments. Even if Apple wanted to start completely fresh with design and do something all new and different to what Saab had done before, just having the engineering chops, the crash facilities, the testing and state of the art production labs, the proximity to northern Sweden for winter testing, and most of all the bonafide legacy of well engineered Scandinavian design, it just makes sense.

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