A woman and her Griffin (the car of Anna’s dreams)

Ready for takeoff
We all know what happened to the ‘last Saab’, but less is known of the others that ANA recently built.

I am pleased to announce that one of the last Griffins now belongs to my wife!

Yesterday we finally took delivery of Anna’s dream car, a new jet black 9-3 Griffin Aero equipped with the Independence Edition wheels. We reserved the car as early as May 26th, the day we were all gathered to witness the hand-over of the very last Griffin. It dawned on me that Anna’s dream to own a new Saab would probably be hard to fulfill given the current status of the factory and the brand. Richard Nilsson reminded me that ANA still had a few new Griffins left. I decided to step up to the plate.

Propelled by a 130bhp TTiD engine, it is not the fastest vehicle on the road, but it still possesses enough bite to pass the odd truck or (cough)Ovlov.

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Endeavor the Bank accounts and the 9-3

I don’t think it will be much going on this weekend regarding to Saab, so we should concentrate on the beautiful things of life and enjoy the SOC, or the pictures from the SOC, if you could not arrange to be there. 🙂

Nevertheless there are three pieces of news we have received from two of our readers I would like to share with you. Thank you Jason and Iggy.

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The Viggen successor?

When I first heard about Saab mounting the new DI 2.0T engine from the 9-5 in the 9-3 Griffin, I just thought with a little help from Switzerland, that car could be the perfect Viggen successor. Later I learned that Hirsch was updating that engine to 260hp/400Nm not only in the 9-5 but also in the 9-3. From that day I knew the Saab 9-3 Griffin FWD 2.0T + Hirsch will be the most fun to drive Saab since years.

I still have to drive it, but Till72 had the pleasure last Friday. You can read his thoughts after the jump.

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Ranting about the media v2.01…ah!

Attention please!  Nah, this is Not news. 😉

It Is a reflection on the media and some of it´s auto and financial journalists.

At first I was going with a total rant about one journalist in particular that I feel often tend to drift to “Saab hatred” named Håkan Matson of Dagens Industri. But I wont do a full article about him.
I´ll give Håkan that he is sometimes right in his assessments and actually writes something worth pondering about at times. But at the same time he is sooo happy whenever given the chance to give his very biased and negative views on a Saab model. As an example his extremely distasteful report from the NYIAS some years ago when the 9-7X made it´s debut and on live television tried to make Fords Head of Design at the moment agree with him that the 9-7X was a crap car and was truly ugly. Of course he was told that “:-No I think it´s a great looking car and wish Saab all the best”. No matter that Håkan was right in a couple of things… The size of engines and engineering of the car was not true to Saabs philosophy of building cars… he still stood there heaving dirt on the Swedish industry.

The often understated 9-7X

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9-3 GriffinAero interior

We already know about the new dashboard materials Saab will be using in the 9-3 Griffin. The plain Griffin (SE in UK) will have a piano black surface, which I like very much. As an option for the Griffin you will also be able to choose a titanium finish. This also look really good, it was the dash material of the 9-3 Griffin that was shown at the Geneva motor Show. I added two pictures of that material on Swades in-depth article about that car.

The only unknown dashboard material is the one from the Griffin Aero called Graphite fibre-effect trim.

If you go to the Saab site and build a 9-3 Griffin Aero, you will get a picture of the interior.

Even in the original resolution the dash looks plain grey, much like the current 9-5. The first time I saw that I was a little bit perplex, most because I did saw the materials Saab will use on the MY 12 9-5.

But yesterday I received the printed catalogue of the 9-3 griffin from my dealer, and in there there is a big picture of the Griffin Aero dash. Putting it simple, it is the same material the 9-5 MY 12 will use, and we presented during the Geneva auto show.

This is a scan of the catalogue, and thus it looks a less crispy than the real deal, you better look at the interior pictures of the 9-5SC too get a better impression of the finish.

For me, and having seen the 9-5SC interior IRL, this material upgrade for the 9-3 makes the car much more appealing, and should be OK to keep the car interesting till the introduction of the JC9-3.

NOTE: This is no fake carbon fibre, and it doesn’t intend to be. It is an acrylic material with a grey structure and a metallic finish.

German Snippets

TimR has presented me as the German part of SaabsUnited, and as such I will take care of the German speaking Saab market, and maybe other things. 😉

So let’s get started with some snippets.

I promised Swade I would get this on-line. It is from Till72

Hi Swade,
I met with Alexandros yesterday and we intend to establish a regular Saab “Stammtisch” for Munich and the region. Those who are interested please contact me via till (at) tilldrescher.de so we can set a first date and location.

Munich Saabers get in contact with Till72.

And talking about Till72, he and me are preparing and interview with Mr. Schumacher, and I’m not talking about the F1-driver. I’m talking about JPS (Jan-Philipp Schumacher), the new Country Director for Germany.

Don’t worry, I will try to get some interviews with the country directors from Switzerland and Austria.

I don’t think I will do this many more times, but once should be OK.

Since Geneva I’ve been reading a German Saab Blog, which I like very much.

So, if you have already read all the posts at SaabsUnited, and you speak the German language, and you are still searching for new Saab information, you may take a look at saabblog.net, they have at least another point of view.

And at last, Germany has got only 20 9-3 Independence Edition, although they are only 20 the German dealers were allowed to order the Full Monty. In the list you can find the TTiD180 engine and the Bio-Power 220 engine with either a manual or an automatic gearbox.

Not like the UK or Spain, where only the TTiD 180 diesel engine with an automatic transmission will be delivered.


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