Dashing Through The Snow

…Would be so much easier if you had a 9-4X AWD, right? For our US readers, here’s an excellent opportunity to benefit one of the best and most celebrated public television stations around. As part of their Holiday Auction, WGBH is offering a loaded 9-4X 3.0 Premium that was generously donated from the New England Saab dealers acting together. There’s 4 days left to bid, and at the moment the car is $15,000 under list price.

Being a great tv station, they’ve produced a festive commercial to promote their biggest auction item, which I think features the best driving footage of the 9-4X to date.

You can find the direct link to the 9-4X’s auction page here.

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Saab 9-4x nominated for the Truck of the year 2012 Award

50 US and Canadian automotive journalist will decide which is the truck and car of the year 2012 for the north American market. The winners will be announced at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2012.

There is no Saab among the 17 nominees for the Car of the Year prize, but the Saab 9-4X has managed to enter the list of 7 nominees for the Truck of the Year prize.


  • BMW X3
  • Honda CR-V
  • Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
  • Mercedes-Benz M-Class
  • Mini Countryman
  • Nissan Quest
  • Saab 9-4X

I don’t know how good are the chances for Saab to win that prize, as some of the contenders are also very good cars, so lets keep our finger crossed.

BTW, what is the American definition of truck. I mean, the Countryman do not really fits in that list, does it?

From the NACTOY site you can see that this already the short list. So the 9-4x is not in the list only because its a new truck.

And looking at the winners of the previous years, it is not bad that the 9-4x has the most US genes in that list. 😉

Source: Motortrend, Teknikens Värld
And thank you to lala for the hint.

Comparing Cargo Area of the 9-3x vs 9-4x

Little follow up to this post, Aj sent me an email yesterday with some photo’s of the two 9-4x that have just arrived in Ice Pearl and Atlantic Blue. These vehicles were part of the test fleet driven by Saab execs in Detroit during the test period and the colors were not made available once production started.

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Saab 9-4x production figures

As we all know Saab is still producing cars, not exactly Saab, but GM is producing the 9-4x in Ramos Arizpe (Mex.) for Saab.

Many asked about a reassurement that the 9-4x is really being build. And know one of our readers has sent us the link to the August production table for the US, Canada and Mexico, and on this table you can find the 9-4x among all the other GM cars.

For the ones that don’t want to search

Saab 9-4X Last Week: 58 August 2011: 116 2011: 573

Looking at this I would say that the 9-4x is being produced at a 58 cars per week rate. It is a very small figure, for instance 1.781 SRX have been build in the last week, but at least it is a constant amount. We still have something like 20 weeks till years end, which means GM will build this year about 1.700 9-4x, if the rate is kept constant.

*update 20110815 1555 cest*
I don’t know if the currently build cars are MY 11 or MY 12. Although there is not much difference between both model years, MY 11 was exclusively for the US market where MY 12 is to be distributed world wide.

I from my side hope that those are MY 12, and that the pre-ordered 9-4x in Europe can be delivered in September (it takes a little time from Mexico till Europe) 😉

Matt Joy drives the 9-4x

Matt Joy from the Eastern Daily Press (UK) got an early drive of Saab’s new 9-4X sport utility vehicle. Here is Matt’s story.

Saab is a combination of Swedish origins and a reluctance to follow the crowd – products that don’t slavishly follow the fickle finger of fashion hold a certain appeal.

Not that Saab is a company that ignores customers. The recently updated 9-5 received some detailed tweaks in response to their feedback, and now there’s a new car that meets a need – Saab is going soft-roading with the 9-4X which has four-wheel drive and off-road capability. It’s more of a crossover, a tag Saab is happy for it to wear and in doing so it takes on a host of premium rivals.

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