Four 9-5 II SportCombis meeting in Kiel, Germany

Bild 6

One has to say that these are historic shots. Four 9-5 II Sport Combis in one place will remain a rare view. The reason for the meeting was to get those cars street legal. An issue that Saab Service Lafrentz has earned a lot of experience in recently. On that day the three visiting Combis (from Sweden, Switzerland and the Baltic region) got all approvals to get registered for road use.

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OK, not a spyshot, per se. It looks more like a CGI from a brochure or presentation. I don’t know how have got hold of it and they’re not saying, but I can tell you one thing: It is accurate.

I can say that because I’ve shown my own leaked image in the past (how quickly we forget), which reconciles with this one quite nicely, and also because I’ve seen the car for myself – last year, in Sweden.

Here’s the image:


Of course, the Saab 9-5 wagon is still the best part of a year away from being sold, though we’ll probably see one in the metal before then.

It is a sexy beast from almost every angle but a troubling beast in one regard. I’ll be interested to see if your opinions agree with mine and therefore, will not share what troubles me.

I’ll take mine in a dark color with tinted windows, please.

Thanks to Thomas for the tip via email.

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