New engine for the Saab 9-5

Today I’ve received the price list for the 9-5 MY 12 for Germany. Prices will be valid from May 30th.

The SC will cost in Germany 1.800 € more than the Sedan, while the price of the Sedan will remain the same.

The 9-5 SC will have in Germany a very competitive price as it will be about 3.000 € below the Audi A6 Avant or the BMW 5-series Touring.

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Saab 9-5 MY 12 interior updates

UPDATE: On there are some news about the different variants of the materials that will be available.

Now there are some more variants: Carbon Black with a sporty look, brushed metal or wood in a dark colour that will be Scandinavian.

I suppose that this pictures are from the carbon black variant.

There is also the talks of a rear-view camera like on the 9-4x.

I promised better pictures of the interior update for the 9-5, and although I may get some professional photos, this are my best try for the beginning.

This is the instrument panel fascia.

And this is a door panel.

Red J

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