The Arctic NG 9-5 SportCombi (“The Phantom Saab”)

A rare beauty
A rare beauty
Anna and I spent the first week of August in Tromsø, Norway. It is a fantastic island to visit, especially in June/July when the sun never shuts down for the night. Yes, the rumors are true, they have their very own sun up there.

Aside from the usual family gatherings (my mum hails from this island) I had an ulterior motive this year. Tromsø also happens to be the home of one of the very few 2012 9-5 SportCombis ever made. #10 to be precise. Of course we had to pay our respects.

I met with two very enthusiastic brothers, the Østbø brothers, who ended up buying a 9-5 combi as well as a 9-4x during last winter’s auctions. They are second generation Saab aficionados and the older sibling has not one, nor two, but three Saabs. A 900, a Sonett and finally the 9-5SC.

A Swedish colleague tipped them off early on and preparations to buy the 9-5 started immediately. Harald was not a 100% certain he would be able to get the car road legal, but after

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Saab 9-5 SC consumes less than Saloon (?)

We have already exposed the 9-5SC in different posts here at SU, but some new details keep emerging. I will try to comment on them as they arise.


On the Swiss SAAB site you can find the price list for the 9-5 Saloon MY 11 and for the 9-5 SC, which is MY 12.

It is interesting to see the upgrades the MY 12 will get in the Swiss market, as it is supposed, that the Sedan will get the same updates/upgrades.

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Family tail lights

Geneva is now far away. It was a short but great experience. It was great fun, but it was as demanding as my daily job. Jeff, are you sure you want to go to the NewYork motor show this year? 😉

I have a bunch of pictures on my computer that I want to share with you, so expect some further posts about Geneva in the next one or two days.

Red J

The last generation of Saab cars (9-5, 9-5SC and 9-4x) have many design clues in common, and one of those are the tail lights.

While the red light stripe is common to all three, the light clusters are very different. One reason for that is the tailgate which splits the light cluster into two (in the 9-5 sedan the second part is not there in the US, and is the central fog-light between the two exhaust pipes). But another reason for the different light clusters is in my opinion the refinement of the car.

While the 9-5 Sedan is a very classy car with a big presence, the 9-5SC is more of a work-horse, a very nice one btw. And if we go on we find at the end of the scale the 9-4x, the rough CUV.

I’m not saying that one car is better than the other, but this is how I would classify them design-wise.

9-5 Sedan

9-5 SportCombi


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