Saab old timers get together at Grieco

Kurt K’s low mileage Saab 96 was featured as a Saab O The Week over at Trollhattan Saab some time ago now. It’s a beautiful ’69 model V4 and I assume it’s still got less than 40,000 miles on it by now.
Kurt took his car into his local Saab indie, Grieco Saab in Boonton NJ, for it’s annual checkup and little did he know it, but he was walking into a Saab retirement convention! Well, maybe not, but it certainly was a gathering of noble old-timer Saabs that made for a few good photos.

Last Saturday, I had my ’69 V4 in for an annual oil change and lubrication service at a local indie, Grieco Saab which is located in Boonton, New Jersey.
Mike Grieco is a Certified Saab mechanic that began at Zumbach Saab some years ago. He and his dad work together at their shop which is exclusively Saab repair. They have a great reputation and I couldn’t help but ask him to take these unusual pictures, which was almost like a step back in time.
At the same time my car was there, another customer had his ’70 V4 in for a transmission rebuild. Mike owns the ’67 stroker on the right and my V4 is in the middle.


Mike also owns the blue ’60 93F which has some serious performance upgrades, particularly to the carburetion as well as a Sonett III and many, many parts cars – including 96s, C900s and 9000s.
Kurt K

Serious performance upgrades??? Check out the exhaust tunnel on the photo above!! That car could almost give birth!!!
My thanks to Kurt for sending these in and a big Saab wave to the guys at Grieco.

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