Saab stroker to run at Bonneville Speed Week

I don’t have much information about this one yet, only that it’s going to happen.

A Swede living in the US named Bertil S will be taking his Saab 96 to Speed Week at the Bonneville salt flats in Utah, to run with the big boys. Speed Week runs from August 12th to 20th.

I’ll try and find out some more info about the car and Bertil’s hopes for the meet, but here are some pics to whet your appetite.

Click to enlarge.

Interesting Saab 96 for sale in California

I got an email from a guy named Jerry through the week. He was seeking some more information about a car that owns and is looking to sell.
I don’t normally do ‘for sale’ stuff here, but this seemed to be an interesting one and even if you’re not interested in it as a prospective purchase, you might be able to help out with some information.
I don’t know much about it, so I’ll just post what I received, including some background thoughts he tracked down from Chip Lamb, a legend in the vintage Saab community.
Hi Steven
I own a 1970 Saab Rally. 1 of 150 imported into the U.S.A. It is the original orange color. It is in showroom condition. It has been garaged and has 96k miles.
The badging on fenders and spoiler I added. The rims are from a sonnet as the originals were steel rims. I am looking for a bit more than 12,000 but this gives me a base to determine off of. When I was visiting Trollhatten in the mid 80’s Johann Traumer offered me $8,000 for this car as Saab did not keep one for thier prototype museum, but I was not ready to sell at that time.
Background info received from Chip Lamb:
What’s really interesting is that yours might be the only 1970 model in orange and possibly the car used for promotions. All the other ones I know about (2 other survivors) were 1971 models. Apart from no undercoating and seam-welded joints in the unitbody they were just regular 96es – nothing else. Most of these cars were used as company cars up in CT where they rusted quite quickly due to no undercoating…
The badging on your front fenders is incorrect – the “SAAB” is from a 1973 95/96 or 73-79 99; “Rallye Sport” from a 1970s Renault if memory serves. You should have a continuation of the spears.

If you’re interested, or if you know some more information about this car/model, the feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll forward it on to Jerry.
As mentioned, I don’t normally do ‘for sale’ stuff but this one seems to be a rather rare example. Of course, this isn’t an SU endorsement, however, and you should do your own homework on the car.

Saab 96 rally car for sale – Jalopnik style

Jalopnik have a daily segment where they feature a reasonably rare or distinctive car for sale for what seems to be high money. The segment is called “Nice Price or Crack Pipe?” – the inference being that some people will see the rare example as a good opportunity to own something they’ve always dreamed of, whilst others will think the seller’s on drugs.
And with that explained, it’s time to have a look at this Saab 96 vehicle for sale via Anamera.
As I’m regularly watching my mates from the Saabs United Historic Rally Team build our two Saab 99 Turbos, I know there’s a lot involved in the process. Building a rally car isn’t easy, or cheap.
This Saab 96 has been built to the exact specs used by Eric Carlsson during his winning years in the early 1960s.
The car comes with the following options and accessories:

  • 12 mini light wheels with fresh mud and snow tyres, intermediate and studded tyres for ice.
  • Fully prepped shell.
  • Multi point roll cage.
  • Lightweight doors, bonnet and boot lid.
  • Fiber glass wings.
  • Wheel arches aluminum lined.
  • Brake and fuel lines re routed inside car.
  • Works spec 1730 cc engine with copper head gaskets.
  • Down draft Weber for tarmac, twin 45DCOEs on crossover manifold for forest.
  • Works close ratio gearbox (and spare!),
  • Limited slip diff,
  • Large core radiator,
  • 14 row oil cooler,
  • Hand made free flow exhaust manifold.
  • Works springs, Bilsteins,
  • Saab 95 (estate) rear axle (stronger with bigger brakes),
  • Strengthened wishbones,
  • Works mud flaps etc.
  • Twin parallel Facet fuel pumps,
  • Large bore fuel pipe (to keep up with the twin Webers).

The asking price for all this – 25,000 Euros.
You rally guys will know the value, but for the regular punters out there – nice price or crack pipe?
Thanks to David for the link!

I love a good modified Saab 96

I’m not sure how current this is. The website looks a little out of date now and I haven’t taken the time to contact the owner yet.
It’s sure fun to look at, though.
This is a Saab 96 Turbo, built by a guy named Martin Roth. It just goes to show how good these cars can look with the right styling (have a look at the black Saab 96 V6 if you need some more convincing).
Martin’s website is here and you can check out the build of the Saab 96 Turbo on the site. There’s some great photos of Saab gatherings there, too, with heaps of Saab 96s in formation.
And whilst you’re there, I’m sure you’ll enjoy checking out the awesome, mid-engined Saab Sonett Turbo as well 🙂
Thanks to Mark S for the links.

Monday Night Snippets – snickers edition

Don’t mean to focus on GM-follies, but does this strike you as rather strange when announcing a new model (the Chevrolet Spark)

A spark of life, a spark of intuition, an electric spark – in English Spark offers many energetic associations. “Short brand names are crisp, memorable and fit small products,” says Germany’s brand name research expert, Dr. Werner Steppat. “Whether the English word is understood in other markets or not, the name has a good ring,” says Steppat. “It is a youthful, crisp and modern name that – mainly through the vowel ‘a’ – conveys strength and character. It ends in a ‘k’ which offers a good “stopping function” which in turn makes it easier to remember,” Steppat adds.

I mean, if the name is commanding an entire paragraph then the car’s got to be lacking something, hasn’t it?
Today sees a new edition of Sniff Petrol.
I love the first story – letter ‘F’ latest to consider leaving F1. The usual language warnings apply.
I like the front view of this Saab 96. The back, not so much.
Koenigsegg Group’s Chinese investors, Beijing Automotive, have just announced the pending production of electric and hybrid vehicles.
Quite advanced, too, by the sounds of things:

The model, known as BE701, is capable of going as far as 200 kilometer per hour when fully charged, with a maximum speed of 160 km/h

Lost in translation?

Finnish Saab 96 turns 40

This is the first Saab 96 made in Finland at the Saab-Valmet factory:
Tuomas was kind enough to send in some information about it as it’s just turned 40 years old. The original story appears here.

The first Saab 96 was given to president Kekkonen, who donated it to the museum.
On friday the 13th November it has been 40 years from the manufacturing of the first Finnish-made Saab in Saab-Valmet Oy’s car factory. The car beauty celebrating it’s 40th birthday, EKA-96 (register plate, “FIRST-96”), waits congratulators in the car museum of Uusikaupunki (Nystad).
There’s also every other car make made in Uusikaupunki in the museum. There’s also more specialities than before on display, like concept cars hand made by the R& D unit of the factory. For information to die-hard saabists, the museum is is open every day 11-17.

Happy birthday, “first 96”. We’re almost the same age 🙂

Saabs gathering – Midnight Sun Rally

There are Saabs gathering all over the place in this northern Summer and tonight I’ll be bringing a few pictorials from these gatherings.
The first is a picture I just received in my inbox from Jörgen T, who organises the Saab Convertible Challenge in Sweden and whom I’m subsequently used to seeing in convertibles.
I’m not sure if he’s a passenger in this Saab 96 or accompanying it in the Porsche, but it seems he’s off to the Rally of the Midnight Sun event, which will coincide with the Saab Days celebration in Trollhattan this weekend. The competitors in the rally will have a stop/go at the Saab Museum on Friday night.
I sooooo wish I could be there. Have fun, Etienne!
Check the sponsorship on the door – way cool. IBM, Microsoft and Intel, eat your hearts out!
Have fun on the drive there, lads, and say hello to Trollhattan for me if you get the chance!

Saab Pride – Nairobi 96 style

Today’s quick Saab Pride entry is a car with what’s quite possibly a very interesting history.
The current owner is a guy named Steve G and he writes as follows:
The car started its working life in Nairobi, East Africa in 1962 with the first registered owner being ‘SAAB’ themselves. The vehicle is in right hand drive format.
A story that comes from the son of a ex-Saab dealer from the 1960’s (one of the first registered dealers in the U.K.) is that this car was the ‘back up’ vehicle for the 1962 East African Safari rally. The cars original Nairobi registration number was KHD902 and if this story is true then being a RHD version it would probably have been for the use of Pat Moss Carlsson.

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