Saab O The Week – Saab 96 convertible

I can’t tell you much about this Saab 96 convertible as I don’t know much. All I’ve got is a bunch of photos and a general location.
But they’re sure worth looking at.
All I know is that the car belongs to an independent Saab tech near the home of our unofficial Saab Ambassador to the UK, Robin M. There’s no details as to the conversion or what it looks like with the top up. But I figured I’d run with these anyway.
Another very nicely executed Saab convertible. Kudos to the owner!

Great moments in Saab design – early Saab windows

People have a lot of memorable “firsts” with Saabs. The first time they really ‘see’ one. The first time they note the key between the seats. The first time they feel the turbo rush. The first time someone uses the Night Panel button.
There’s a bunch more you could add to that list, but one of my memorable “firsts” was the first time I saw the door windows of a Saab 95 being lowered. The same window was used on the Saab 96, of course, so you may have seen it on one of those, too.
Normally, when you wind a car window down, it comes down a uniform fashion with the top of the window staying horizontal as it lowers. The windows on these early Saabs were different, however.
These windows were “attached” at the bottom front corner. When the window is lowered, the whole window pivots on that front corner, so it comes down in a rather odd-looking fashion and lowers down into the door.
It’s hard to describe without seeing it and unfortunately I couldn’t find any video of one being lowered, but here’s a still shot from Youtube showing one that’s partially lowered.
Hopefully, you get the picture.
I’m sure there was no advantage to having the window work this way or they would have kept using this system. The Saab 99 that followed didn’t use it.
Perhaps it allowed some more air in through the bigger gap at the rear without blowing directly on the driver?
Whatever the reason, it was memorable and it certainly made an impression on me.
Other Great Saab Designs:
Saab 900 HVAC system
The button dash

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