Someone in Australia should buy this Saab 99EMS

It’s not often, but occasionally a good car comes up for sale at a good price and the whole package is good enough to mention here.
This Saab 99 EMS is for sale in Ballarat, in country Victoria (my favourite place for the best McDonalds vanilla thickshakes back in 1980s) and looks like it could be a decent runner given the right combination of condition and price.
If there’s an interested party here in Oz, I concur with Pete – the guy who spotted and photographed the car – that an offer around $2K would probably secure it.

I was up in Ballarat today on an errand and chanced upon this beautiful 99 ems sedan at a used car dealer.
Its from a deceased estate, has been fully restored and is really in very very good nick. Has had $5000+ spent on it, vg soccerballs.
Only let downs were a c900 steering wheel and a couple of really minor surface spots of rust. I didn’t hear it run, but its had head work and timing chain done. Overall really clean and all the hard work done.
Best part is the guy wants only 2995 for it, he never wanted it in the first place but bought it as a favour to the guys widow. I reckon a courageous starting offer of 2000 wouldn’t be too far off and would be an absolute bargain.

Here are the pics. The car is at Oliver’s Cars on Howitt Street, for anyone who’s keen.

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