Sunday Night Snippets – Southern land edition

Greetings all. It’s good to be back.

This is our 9000. And if I can read maps correctly (not guaranteed, but I think I did Ok on this occasion) then it’s parked about as far south as you can travel on a public road in Australia. It’s just outside the ranger station at Cockle Creek.

It took 20kms of dirt to get there, which was heaps of fun 🙂


The latest (and I believe last) of Saab’s four consecutive ads in the Wall Street Journal has been posted up on Saab’s Facebook page. I received a photo from the paper, too (thanks Steve!), so it’s definitely been published.


Not my favourite, but not bad. Absolutely fantastic image of the car.


And speaking of ads, Jeremy Clarkson has reviewed the Saab 9-3 TTiD in this weekend’s print edition (also available online to Sunday Times subscribers) and SaabGB have placed a full-page ad at the rear of the “InGear” section.


UPDATE: Nothing to see here.

From Arild: The transmission factory is owned by Weigl and has nothing to do with Saab anymore.

Do we have a Swede on board who can provide an accurate translation of this article from Swedish Radio?

It looks as if, possibly due to the recent changes to Saab’s engineering structure, that Saab has dismantled the remainder of their powertrain (gearbox) arm.

It’s a little unclear, though. Any help welcome.

Thanks Ted!


Jonas Froberg – Saab book author – has a slightly depressing article in E24 asking if people will dare to buy a Saab.

It’s a fair question, as that’s what Saab are asking people to do, but I think Froberg takes an unnecessary, pessimistic tone.

On the plus side, he also gives what I think is a reasonable examination of the circumstances that Saab faced last year.

Saab on Swedish adventure TV – “Landskampen”

Landskampen is a TV show pitting Swedish and Norwegian winter sports stars against one another in a series of challenges.

You Scandinavian types can watch the show over at TV3. The website wouldn’t show me the video down here in Australia, but fortunately a friend named Niclas managed to grab a clip so I could show you the product placement Saab has managed to wiggle into the production.

It’s reminiscent of Saab’s placement on the Swedish leg of The Amazing Race.

Here’s the video. The Saabs look great and the Norwegians look a little too happy with themselves 🙂 :



Thanks to Niclas for the clip.

Saab ad: ‘A cold day in hell….’

Following on from the two Saab ads that debuted yesterday, another of Saab’s new Wall Street Journal ads has been posted on Saab’s Facebook page.


The text reads as follows:

Go ahead. Tell us it can’t be done. They said a car company founded by aircraft engineers would never fly. We didn’t have the sense to listen. In 1947 we put a wing on wheels and never looked back. In the ’60s if you wanted to compete in rally racing, they said you needed a larger, high-powered car. We won back to back World Championships with nothing more than a little family car. In the ’70s they said turbo power wouldn’t work in a mainstream production car. We not only tamed the turbo, we changed the industry forever. In the ’80s they said four-seater convertibles were a thing of the past. We built a cult classic. Fast forward to last year, they said our best days were done. But once again, our ears must not have been working. Because today, Saab is back. We’re an independent company flying higher than ever. Case in point, the all-new Saab 9-5 Sport Sedan. The most advanced Saab ever built. To be followed this spring by the capable 9-4x Sport Crossover. Soon after that, an entirely reinvented lineup. And we have a lot more coming out of Sweden after that. Just don’t expect any of it to follow convention.


I love the sentiment. Absolutely fantastic. One of the things I’ve always found most attractive about Saab is that they’re unconventional and that they punch above their weight. I’m just really pleased to see them playing this up.

I’m going to provide a practical, fixable nitpick just this once, though, for the benefit of whoever’s reviewing the ad copy….. The word ‘capable’ isn’t as aspirational as the 9-4x deserves.

Otherwise, love it.


We did a big chunk of this a few months ago with the (Unofficial) Saab Ad Competition.

A press release from SCNA:


ROYAL OAK, Mich., Jan. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — “The Story of Saab,” a multi-media, multi-faceted national advertising campaign, which will include online ads written by Saab fans, kicked off yesterday.

According to Nicole Jankowski, Saab Cars North America’s Marketing Communications Manager, “The idea behind the campaign is independent thinking, but, most importantly, it will let everyone know that Saab is back, here to stay and that we never went away – what we stand for and who we compete against.”

The Swedish manufacturer virtually disappeared in the United States market less than a year ago, as its parent company at the time tried to sell it. Led by its entrepreneur CEO, Victor Muller, Saab was purchased by Spyker Cars N.V. nearly a year ago – Saab is now once again regaining its place as an independent and viable automaker in the minds of potential consumers.

“Saab has always been unique, offering products which might not be for everyone, but are innovative and speak to its incredibly loyal, devoted owner and fan base,” Jankowski said.

Print ads from the campaign debut this week in The Wall Street Journal, and will be followed by the first television flight starting on January 31. The campaign has a brand story, a product story and retail elements.

“It’s a true, comprehensive re-launch of the brand, the cars and the company,” Jankowski said. “And it’s a long-term, brand building platform, with elements that will continue to evolve in the coming months.”

Online/social-media will be an important part of this campaign. Saab will preview the television commercial January 30th on its Facebook page. In addition, Facebook followers will be asked to write ads for the company, one or more of which will be used in future online advertising.

“The Story of Saab” was created by McCann Worldgroup Detroit’s Team Saab for the U.S. market. Team Saab also has the responsibility of creating the global launch campaign for the company’s next product, the 9-4X.


About Team Saab

Team Saab is a unit of McCann Worldgroup dedicated to marketing Saab Cars North America. McCann Worldgroup delivers marketing solutions that transform brands and grow businesses. The company is comprised of a roster of best-in-class agencies, including McCann Erickson Worldwide (the world’s largest advertising agency network); MRM Worldwide (digital marketing/relationship management); Momentum Worldwide (event marketing/promotion); McCann Healthcare Worldwide (professional/dtc communications); WGEXP (global production); UM (media management); Weber Shandwick (public relations) and FutureBrand (consulting/design).

New Saab advertising – started in WSJ today

I talked about Saab’s US advertising blitz a few days ago and today, it’s begun. It’s understood that they’ll have four days of significant advertising in the Wall Street Journal, for starters.

Thanks to Steve for this snapshot from today’s WSJ (pages A10 and A11)….

I know it’s unclear, but Saab have posted some clear versions of the new ads on Facebook so we can all see where they’re going.

The first ad (which you can see in the WSJ, above) is made up of the following two parts. Click to enlarge.


The second ad is made up of the following two parts:


We’ve had a lot of conversations about advertising here on Saabs United. I imagine people should be well pleased seeing Saab tell the story of the support Saab received.

Personally, I think it’s a very human story and it’s well worth the telling. The photo of that young lady in the first ad is directly from the St Petersburg Saab Support Convoy (though the sign she’s holding has been photoshopped, understandably).

I don’t know who’s composed the ads and I don’t know how much the public conversation about advertising has influenced the content, but I think the conversation has definitely been effective and for that reason, my thanks go to everyone who took part in it.

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