Saab Aero-X: Minty fresh

This popped up on my Flickr feed today and I could help but post it here.
It’s amazing what different lighting conditions and cameras can do to a car. It’s also quite amazing how good this car still looks four years after its first showing in Geneva 2006. Masterpiece.
They must be able to adapt that body, with normal doors, to a Spyker chassis. I’d love to see it.


I just got this in the onbox from Robbie, who may either be in Ireland or somewhere even more dangerous. I’m not sure.
Anyway, he sent me this screenshot. After I viewed it, I tried it for myself and sure enough, there it was.

Hi ya,
It was a little quiet here this afternoon, so I did a quick search on Google for amazing images, thought you might like what came out.

Amazing indeed.
Word to Mr von Koenigsegg and co….. build it and they will come.
Koenigsegg Saab

Memo to a young, new Saab – please find a way to build the Aero-X

We should never neglect or forget about the Aero-X. Naturally, we tend to focus on the cars that we can actually drive and concepts tend to be flash-in-the-pan affairs, but this one should be different.
No-one would have believed that Saab would go from this:
Maroon92b copy.jpg
….to this…..
1000199 copy.jpg
….but they did, however briefly. It’s amazing what a small team of dedicated engineers can achieve. The Holden Monaro is another case in point. It was a private, after-hours project that turned out to be a fantastic success and a great statement for the company.
The Saab Aero-X could be the same thing with the evolution of the more radical elements to more production-capable elements (i.e. roof and doors) and a darn good driving experience.
The main reason I’m still thinking about what is a pretty remote possibility is because of an email I received a few days ago.
It’s from Chris S and I think it’s pretty self explanatory:

Swade, I work in a nice town in Michigan called Birmingham. The other day I was driving back from a meeting, passed a building called the “McCann World Group”, and right in the lobby window was my dream car. The Saab AERO X!! I stomped on the breaks.
Being a Saab nut I couldn’t help but snap some pictures and pass them along for your viewing.
The Freakin’ Aero X….right in the display window! I was amazed. This car is beautiful in pictures, but to see this metal sculpture in person is unreal. The body lines, the front end, the overall shape and attention to detail. Its sex on wheels….

Now, I should add here that the Aero-X that Chris saw was most likely (I don’t know for sure) the Aero-X copy that GM had made up for display purposes. The real Aero-X lives at the Saab Museum and whilst it does move around for car shows from time to time, SaabUSA had a mockup vehicle made up for displays like this. It’s quite convincing, but it doesn’t have all the details of the original in terms of the interior, etc.
Whether this was the real Aero-X or not is irrelevant. What matters is the undeniable effect that the Aero-X has on all who see it in person.
This is Saab’s 8c Competizione and everyone knows the enormous positive PR that car has given Alfa Romeo, not to mention the continued reverence it will build for the brand in times to come.
Chris’ enthusiasm about seeing the car was palpable. My own reaction when I saw the car for the first time was one of awe. It’s a truly fantastic machine and on some level, it must be do-able.
I’m not talking about a madcap vehicle with a canopy roof. I’m talking about a smooth driving, hard cornering coupe with a Kamm back and true Aero-X looks and style. Something around Audi TT size and class.
It’s got to be do-able and it’d be the perfect calling card to announce that Saab is back in town.
Build it. We will come, and many more with us.
Here’s the Aero-X as Chris saw it the other day.
Thanks to Chris for the email!
Haloween 2008 001.jpg
Haloween 2008 005.jpg
Haloween 2008 006.jpg
Haloween 2008 010.jpg
Haloween 2008 018.jpg

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