Saab Apeldoorn deliver first Saab 9-5

Saab Apeldoorn is a Dutch Saab dealership that has a special place at the heart of Saabs United.

It was opened on April 1, 2009. If you’re very new to the world of Saab, that date might not mean much. If you’ve been following Saab for at least a little while now, then you’d know that April 2009 was right when things were looking quite dire for Saab. GM had only just announced that Saab were to be sold but there were no named buyers and the market had pretty much written Saab off for closure.

Most would suggest that April 2009 would not have been the ideal time to open a Saab dealership, but open they did (and they’ve opened two more since, in Utrecht and Duiven).

And I’m pleased to say that whilst it’s been a tough road, they’re still here, and Martin from Saab Apeldoorn sent me an email today showing me their first Saab 9-5 delivery – and it’s in Java Metallic!

The car belongs to a very happy customer named Bertil K (he sent me copies of the photos too 🙂 ) and as you can see, it’s got the cocoa interior with wood accents as well – fantastic stuff.

My congratulations to Bertil on his new 9-5, which looks absolutely delicious, as well as to the crew at Saab Apeldoorn. May it be the first of many!

Saab Apeldoorn still going strong

Back in April I was contacted by a guy named Ruud Blokhius, who wanted to let me know that in the midst of all the turmoil that Saab were going through – both corporately and in the Netherlands in particular – he was about to open a new Saab dealership.
Talk about courage!
We’ve had an update from Ruud since then, but I’ve received a comprehensive one from him, which I’ve reproduced below.
This is the Saab Spirit put to action. More power to Saab Apeldoorn!!
Saab Apeldoorn still going strong
In November 2008 the Saab dealership at Apeldoorn closed because the dealer went bankrupt. On the first day of April 2009, Fernand and I restarted the Saab-dealership at Apeldoorn.
As you know this restart had to be made under bad economic circumstances. Kroymans Corporation and the Saab distributor both went bankrupt and Saab Sweden had to find a new owner. As a result of all this the sales of new cars collapsed and there were some major problems to be solved: how to get new Saabs and original Saab parts and how to give (under these circumstances) good service to your customers. However, we had a strong belief that all the problems would be solved.
The most important purpose was to re-win the trust of our customers and rebuild a stable relationship with them. There was a major effort necessary for this, but we did a good job and succeeded. The customers came back for the after-sales, and the sales of new and used cars increased smoothly.
The start of our company was 6 months ago, We are proud to tell you that Saab Apeldoorn is still going strong. We have a good team of six hard working people and satisfied customers. We can give our customers the full Saab support they want once again. We deliver new cars, used cars, Saab warranty, Saab service and original Saab-parts.
Our Saab service is continuously fully employed for the next two weeks. Sales are increasing smoothly, especially the sales of young (used) cars. We can feel that the opinion about Saab is far more positive than some months ago. There is a new owner of Saab Sweden and a new Saab 9-5 coming soon. The customers who saw the new Saab 9-5 at Rotterdam were very positive. We can’t wait to have this great new Saab in our showroom.
Resuming we can conclude that our dream has come through. There has been made a good start in the first half year of Saab Apeldoorn and we have a strong belief in the future of Saab Automobile, Saab Netherlands and Saab Apeldoorn.
Next week we will tell you some more great news from the Netherlands!! Stay tuned.
Ruud Blokhuis and Fernand Andringa.

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