Saab Australia – Where are you?

A journalist at Forbes wrote the following as an introduction

Sitting in a movie theater a few weeks ago sleepily waiting for the previews to begin, a sleek add jolted me to my senses. It was an advertisement for the latest cars built by Saab, supposedly the automobile brand that had vanished due to bankruptcy.

While many have doubted whether he was really unaware of Saab’s survival, the point is that the advert would of let the average punter know that Saab was still around. Saab in the USA are letting people know they are alive and kicking.

Meanwhile a look at an article in the Sydney Morning Herald written by Elizabeth Farrelly, a columnist, author and architect, on the 3rd March 2011 tells us that Saab have suspended sales in Australia. Farrelly is on the quest for a car that is “green” and has flair.

In the end, I decided a Saab, and only a Saab, had the right mix of intellect, Left Bank queerness and reliability. I do like a car that goes. It was also moderately green, in terms of road-load, with a good turning circle and an enjoyable acoustic, as evidenced not just by the satisfying thunk of its door-closure but also by the lovely flickety-sound its indicator makes.

But the clincher, re the Saab, was the room. It may be Saab’s airplane-making origins that led them to it, for the interior is as much cockpit as car (to the point where you expect push-button machine guns on the dash). But as a room, especially for the driver, immensely flattering. As a good room should, it makes you feel loved. And of course, I love it right back.

Only now, heartbreakingly, I’m back at square one, for Saab has temporarily suspended selling cars in Australia.

A trip out to my Saab independent mechanic always ends up in a chat about all things Saab. A trip out there just last week found us discussing the new offerings from Saab. The guys told me that many of their customers were asking about if Saab were still selling cars in Australia.

The Saab enthusiast would know that Saab is still alive down under. The average punter on the other hand, who recycles the motoring section in the weekend paper and never picks up a Motoring Magazine, thinks that Saab isn’t doing business down under.


Saabs landing in Australia

Finally, some visual confirmation of Saabs landing downunder. It’s been a LONG time since we’ve been able to show images like these.

The first shipment arrived a week or so ago and the new cars are various models of Saab 9-3, including the Saab 9-3x, as you can see. These cars are shown arriving at Brisbane Prestige Group in Queensland (and my thanks to Kevin for sending me the pics).

The Saab 9-3x will be the focus of the first Saab Australia media activities in absolutely ages. The Saab 9-5 launch will be held later in the year, after the first 9-5s arrive.

There was an article in The Australian last weekend. According to the article, the shipment was made up of 75 vehicles, which will be distributed around the nation’s 11 signed-up dealers. Saab Oz have already stated that they’re looking to add a few more in key locations.


And about the photos above, that Brisbane dealership sure looks a lot better now than what it did a few weeks ago, when the floods came through.

They’ve done a fantastic job of cleaning up there.


Oh, and there’s a part of that article in The Australian that makes it sound like I’m about to buy my ninth new Saab. I’ve not owned 8 new Saabs in the past and I didn’t indicate that I have. I simply told the journo that I’d like to buy a new one some time in the near future, and that I’ve had 8 Saabs up until now. Misrepresented, but no harm, no foul.

New to the SU labs

I’ve had a few things float into the SU garage in the last few days.
With the extra daylight we’re enjoying at the moment, I’m hoping to try out all this stuff in the next few days and report back on how it goes. Some of it’s general car care and some of it upgrades. Best of both worlds.
Here’s almost all of it.
Saab Leather Care Lotion
Sent to me by Saab Australia.
One of the great points of shame in my automotive life at the moment is the fact that I’ve only cleaned up the Monte Carlo once since I bought it back in January. It’s well and truly in need of a wash, polish and detail.
This will hopefully do a good job on the seats. I tried Autoglym stuff back when I had the Viggen and didn’t rate it very highly.
Saab washer fluid
Again, sent to me by Saab Australia. I normally just top up the filler bottle with plain water, so this will be a bonus. And judging by the condition of our 9000’s windscreen, we kinda need it, too.
Maptun Sports Air Filter
Ordered by me and arrived yesterday thanks to Saabill, who had it thrown in with the Maptuner and new airbox he got for his new ’07 Saab 9-3.
Taliaferro sway bar
The silver bar in the background of those photos is my 22mm sway bar for the Monte Carlo. It arrived today and is a very impressively finished and HEAVY piece of kit.
With the Aussie dollar as strong as it is at the moment, it was a no-brainer purchase.
I’ll get these installed or used in the next few days so there’ll be plenty to talk over in the next week or so.
Anyone got any regular products they like for the leather cleaning and window washing functions?

Mega-specials on Saab Accessories from Saab Australia

I’ve just got a PDF through from Saab Australia and they’re doing some huge discounts on accessories for the Saab 9-3 range during October.
The PDF’s a bit big for me to put on site, but here are the details and if you want a copy of the PDF, just let me know via email and I’ll get one to you.
I never knew paddle shift was an accessory! And half-price on wind deflectors for the convertible sounds good, too.

For a limited time, you can enhance your Saab 9-3 with a range of genuine accessories at considerably reduced prices. There’s a choice of interior and exterior accessories, to
add versatility and enhance appearance.
Saab accessories are designed, developed and tested to ensure optimum functionality, safety and quality – just like the cars themselves.
Burled wood effect trim – Luxurious enhancement for your car’s interior.
Console & glovebox – RRP $690 NOW $495
Console, glovebox & doors – RRP $1,400 NOW $995
(Not suitable for 9-3 Convertible)
Roof racks – Crash, corrosion and UV-tested. Can be combined with other accessories for loading and transportation. Suits 9-3 Sports Sedan only
RRP $295 NOW $249
Bike holder – Made from fibreglass-reinforced polyamide, it mounts to roof rack and is lockable. Requires roof racks. Not suitable for all bike frames; check with your dealer.
RRP $249 NOW $195
Rubber boot mat – Protects carpeting from dirt, water and general wear-andtear. Designed for the luggage compartment, will also prevent smaller items from sliding around. Easy to fit, remove and keep clean.
RRP $195 NOW $149
Scratch protection film – Transparent self-adhesive film that protects against damage to the rear bumper and luggage compartment when loading the car.
RRP $105 NOW $79
Storage box – Keeps small items in place in the luggage compartment. Attaches on the right side. Suits 9-3 Sports Sedan only
RRP $109 NOW $69
Kenwood navigation – Exchange your 9-3’s standard radio with this Kenwood Navigation system. Features Garmin navigation, DVD and CD playback, AM/FM radio, mp3 and iPod integration.
RRP $5,490 NOW $3,990 (inc trade-in)
Paddle-shift control – Paddle-shift functionality allows you to manually select gears without your hands ever leaving the steering wheel. In a silver finish. Suits automatic transmission only
RRP $249 NOW $199
CD storage Neatly integrated in the Smart Slot storage system. Keeps six discs protected and easily accessible. Easy to take with you when you leave the car.
RRP $109 NOW $89
Cup holder – For the Smart Storage system. Conveniently holds one cup or can next to the centre console.
RRP $115 NOW $89
Garmin Nüvi 310 for Saab – GPS navigator with Bluetooth® hands-free capability and detailed maps with voice directions and touchscreen.
RRP $550 NOW $329
Wind deflector – Considerably increase your comfort by reducing draught from behind. Comes with a practical cover and is easily stored in the luggage compartment. Suits 9-3 Convertible only
RRP $995 NOW $495
The prices shown include fitting and are available until October 31, so it’s the perfect time to tailor your Saab to your needs. You can also find more ways to personalise your Saab at
Stocks are limited and at reduced, all-inclusive prices. So call your local Saab Dealer or Saab Central on 1800 50 SAAB (7222) today, to arrange the installation of these Saab Genuine Accessories and ensure compatibility with your model.

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