Saab Sauna – with Saab boat and Saabo bonus

If you’ve been surfing Saab stuff on the web for any reasonable period of time, then there’s every chance you’ve come across the Saab Sauna (or Saunaab as it’s sometimes called).
I had a brief story about it early in the Trollhattan Saab days but the link I set up to the full story has since died away. I’m pleased to have found this new (to me, at least) writeup about it, though, because not only is written by the actual constructor/owner of the Saunaab, he’s also the owner of some other fascinating Saab stuff.
His name is Magnus B and he now lives in France.
Some of you may know that the Saab aircraft people were tossing up ideas back in the 1940s about what else to build when the war was over, and one of the ideas was to build boats.
Well, here’s one of Magnus’ other Saabs, a Saab boat with serial number 26!
And a here’s Saab #26 again, this time with his Saab 9000 and Saabo caravan!!
Magnus has had, and still maintains, a large collection of Saab cars and other associated bits and pieces.
A man after my own heart. If only I had the access and the room.
That sauna story is 7 years old now. I really hope it’s still working and still in use.

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