Saab CabrioChallenge 2019 – from the plains to the metropolitan, from sweet to salt, from Skaraborg to Gothenburg…

The 2019 edition Saab CabrioChallenge was driven for the 12th time in a row, and even this year we got a report and great photos from our old friend Mioh! Thanks for sharing this with us! 🙂
(And yes it’s 2019 edition, the 2020 “Covid-19”-edition were held for a week or so ago)

Saab CabrioChallenge 2019 – from the plains to the metropolitan, from sweet to salt, from Skaraborg to Gothenburg

The 2019 edition of Saab CabrioChallenge took place 16th-18th of August. This event has been driven annually since 2008 and even this year it attracted a large number of happy and pleasant Saab-enthusiasts. The meeting started lightly on Friday evening pĂ„ “Lumber & Karle” with a common summerbuffet for those who were in place the day before the start of the rally. Saturday morning we all gathered at breakfast, followed by welcome greeting and distribution of roadbooks. Afterwards the roofless Saabs rolled out for the roads of the pains.
Along the roads for desination Gothenburg/”Nya varvet”/Dockyard hotel we vere passing trees, churches, meadows, tractors, fields, ice cream-shops, waterways and cider manufacturers. After many lovely miles, our final destination Dockyard hotel was reached. In the evening we all gathered in the hotel’s large hall where dinner was served to us. Here we enjoyed the whole evening of good food and a nice atmosphere in a true “Saabanda”. Sunday morning started with a hearty breakfast before checkout. Sundays activity consisted of a visit to the swedish ship Götheborg.

We was all very happy and thanked eachother for a nice weekend and the organizers welcomed us all to the Saab CabrioChallenge 2020! Finding a good starting point, a nice coffee place, a good lunch place, reasonably large dinner and overnight accommodation is not entirely easy. Especially when these should preferably be connected by nice and pleasant roads. So once again, many thanks to the organizers of SCC2019! 😁

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