Awesome Saab club cars come out to play in Oz

I get a lot of photos come through my inbox from Saab events all around the world. Sitting here in Australia, it’s easy to look at these brilliant cars in faraway places and think that all the good stuff is closer to Sweden. We are, after all, about as far away from the Saaberland as you can get. Sometimes I neglect to remember that we’ve got some pretty special cars down here, too.

A handful of those cars, either standard or exotic, got together last weekend in Sydney for a meeting of the NSW Branch of the Saab Car Club of Australia.

It was a normal Saab Club affair (meet, greet, street and eat), but when I saw some of the photos yesterday, it made me want to jump in a DeLorean, crank it to 88 and re-live my weekend in another location.

Some pics of some of the attendees….. there were around 13 cars and 22 people there all together.

(I’m guessing here, but) I believe the 99 below belongs to Simon A, who has a 99T that’s just as extraordinary. He’s also the guy who sold me my 900 Aero a few years ago and I can personally attest to the amazing condition that he keeps his cars in.

This would have undoubtedly been the celebrity car of the event – an ultra rare Saab 900 Enduro. These were a limited edition of 12 put together by Saab Australia, featuring an outrageous body kit, water injection and some other go-faster stuff. There are believed to be just 5 of these remaining, making them rarer that the original Saab Sonett!

This one makes me sentimental because it’s actually my old Viggen. Now owned by Wayne G, in Sydney, and apparently running as smooth as silk (which is fantastic news considering the accident I had in it). Wayne – I want it back some day ๐Ÿ™‚

The 9000 Carlsson is another favourite of mine. Great to see this white one there.

As you could tell from my SOTW entry yesterday, I’ve got a massive softspot for the TurboX. My good mate Jose owns this Turbo X, one of the first few purchased in Australia.

One more shot of the Enduro….. I really want to do a proper feature entry on this car one day. I must get up to Sydders and meet the owner some time.

And yes, there were people there ๐Ÿ™‚ …..and what a fine bunch they look like, too. Not a heavy looking right foot amongst the lot of them.


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