Saab Car Club of Australia National Event

Over the Easter Long weekend (which was 5 days long this year) the Saab Car Club of Australia held its national event. The event was held in Coffs Harbour in New South Wales and its surrounding areas.

The weekend began with dinner and drinks on Friday night, as most had driven to Coffs Harbour that day.

Saturday was a river cruise on the Nambucca River from Nambucca Heads to Macksville. It was a chance to catch up with Saab club members from other parts of Australia we don’t normally see very often. Along the cruise our guide informed us of many facts about the river and the towns on the river. One that we’ll remember for a while is that oysters take 4 years to reach the stage at which they can be eaten! Saturday afternoon was left free to clean and prepare cars for the Concours D’elegance.

Sunday morning was the Concours D’elegance, in total there were 12 cars on show, there were 4 trophies for the Concours and many had been busy cleaning their cars the day before and that morning. Here’s a photo of the cars on display and the trophies.

On the Sunday night we had a dinner and the winners of the trophies were announced, here they are

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Saab Car Club of Australia – Victorian Concours D’Elegance

Congratulations to the participants and prizewinners at the Concours held by the Vic branch of the SCCA today.

It looks like the cars were prepared beautifully and the weather certainly played it’s part in showing them off properly.

SCCA-Vic Concours

That photo is from a guy some of you will know as SAB. Others will know him as Steve B and you can view his full album on Flickr. Steve was one of the winners on the day, taking the honors for best C900/99 with his Silver Sled.

Incidentally, that car has quite possibly the freshest engine of any Saab 900 on the planet. Steve had a brand new crate engine with zero mileage installed in the sled this week!

Other winners included

  • Roman with his 9-5 in the 9000/9-5 class.
  • Clive with his Turbo X in the NG900/9-3 class
  • Ron R with his 9-3 convertible won the People’s Choice award, and
  • Clive (again) won best car over all with his Turbo X

TurboX front

That photo is from Dave W, via Flickr.

Both albums are well worth a look and if there are more Melbournians with some photos to share from the day, please let me know via email or drop a link into comments.

Saab Car Club of Australia – Vic concours on tomorrow

A mate in Melbourne, AlAero, has been working non-stop for the last few days getting his cars ready for this one. I’m sure I know a few other Saab Car Club of Australia members there in Melbs doing the same.


AlAero sleds

The reason they’re all working so hard is that tomorrow will see the Victorian Branch of the SCCA hold their Concours D’elegance.

If you’re there in Melbourne then make sure you get along. Both members and non-members are welcome, though only members cars will be judged for the Concours.


The Saab Car Club of Australia Ltd gives notice of the 2010 Victorian Concours D’elegance.

Date: Sunday, 24th October 2010
Venue: Como Park North – Cnr Alexandra Ave & Williams Road, South Yarra
Time: Arrive by 9:30am, concluding around 2pm

**The event will go ahead regardless of weather conditions.**

This years event will be held in Como Park North, South Yarra.
Members are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch or food & drinks can be purchased across the road at ‘Kanteen’.

This event is a major event for the Victorian Branch, so get your cars polished up and join us for a great day out.

Aussie Saabers at the dyno

Some of the Victorian members of the Saab Car Club of Australia took their Saabs down to a local automotive college last weekend. They dynometer was available and it seems they put it to very good use!
That’s a few of the ‘sleds’ waiting their turn before going for a roll.
Steve B provides the following:
The guys running the day were really impressed with the numbers put down for our Saabs – they didn’t expect the numbers we ran at all!
We had 9 cars run on the dyno, including two infiltrators: a 1990 Bentley Turbo R and a VW Polo GTI that was chipped.
The dyno was a DynoDynamics unit, so apparently the results will read a little lower than what they would on a dynojet, dynomite dyno, mustang dyno (these three are the ones that are used the most in the US).
All the cars put down some great numbers, with the overall winner being James’ 1997 9000 Aero beast with 283.6 kW (380 whp)! Amazing sled! I was pleasantly surprised with the numbers my Nordic beast put down, too, being the 2nd best on the day!
The results were as follows in order of highest output (best run wheel kW and corrected crank kW output shown):
James’ 1997 9000 Aero T5 Suite Stage 6 (or something like that)
Best at the wheels: 283.6 kW (380 whp)
Corrected crank: 334kW (448 bhp)
Sab’s 2002 9-3 Aero with custom Nordic tune
Best at the wheels: 173.9 kW (233 whp)
Corrected crank: 206.2 kW (276 bhp)
9-3 TurboX
Best at the wheels: 160.5 kW (215 whp)
Corrected crank: 195.3 kW (262 bhp) (although this should read higher as an AWD would have more drivetrain loss)
AlAero’s 2001 9-3 Aero
Best at the wheels: 157.7 kW (211 whp)
Corrected crank: 187 KW (250 bhp)
Roman’s 9-5 Aero (Stock)
Best at the wheels: 150.0 kW (201 whp)
Corrected crank: 178.7 kW (240 bhp)
Peter’s 9000 CS Abbott Tuned
Best at the wheels: 142.5 kW (191 whp)
1996 900 V6 Convertible
Best at the wheels: 106.4 kW (143 whp)
And the two infiltrators:
Troy’s 1990 Bentley Turbo R
Best at the wheels: 148.2 kW (199 whp)
Corrected crank: 183.5 kW (246 bhp)
Callans VW Polo GTi
Best at the wheels: 119.3 kW (160 whp)
More pics (including dyno readouts) here.

My economy run results

Today, our local Saab club had an economy run from Hobart to Derwent Bridge.
First of all, I want to thank you all for your hypermiling tips and emails the other day. My first action this morning was to empty the car of almost all the stuff I didn’t need. I was running short of time, so I left a few papers and things in there.
But out went the spare tire, a box of MX-5 parts in the back seat and Monte parts from the boot. My spare is a brand new looking Pirelli P6000, by the way. Very good.
Next I headed down to the local service station and pumped the tyres up to 45 pounds per corner. It was a little daunting as I did it, considering I had 300+ kilometers ahead of me and no spare.
The only other preparations for the morning were a recap of the tips you all offered. So with that, we were off.
Here’s the map again:
On the way there, I employed all of the suggestions as well as I could remember them. I took Saabjohan’s suggestion about getting up to speed normally and then worked the gears and did as much cruising as I could on downhill sections.
I was as conservative as I felt necessary and averaged around 80 km/h or less for this leg of the trip.
My odometer read 164 kilometers by the time we got to the Derwent Bridge hotel for lunch and when I refilled the car there, I had used 12.9 litres of fuel. That gave me a fuel consumption figure of 7.8 litres per 100km.
If you’re ever wondering about the accuracy of your SID, mine was showing 7.8, so it seems to be pretty accurate.
That’s not exceptionally low according to some of the figures I’ve heard people mention here…….but I should explain a little about the route.
The road we drove today was fairly twisty and it took us into some of Tasmania’s hydro country. This is where there’s a bunch of highland lakes and reservoirs that feed into our hydro-electric power stations. We passed two of these hydro stations along the way and that involved some sustained hillclimbs.
The fact that we started near enough to sea level and ended up at an elevation of 774 meters should show that it was much more uphill than downhill, too.
I average around 12.5l/100km around our place, so 7.8 on a hilly, winding route isn’t too bad.
On the trip home from Derwent Bridge, I drove home normally and averaged somewhere between 100km/h and 110. I took exactly the same road in reverse and overtook cars where I needed to and it was safe to do so.
When I got home, the SID had moved from 7.8 to 8.0 for the entire trip. I probably should have zeroed it prior to the second leg, but the difference was negligible enough for me to be happy to drive the way I normally drive.
I might employ a few of the low-consumption tips, but I found that thinking about it so much took some of the joy out of driving for me.
We only had four cars turn out for this event. I’m not sure how the others went as I wanted to get home a bit earlier than the others. Hopefully I’ll find out soon and let you know.
Thanks again for all your help.

I need your hypermiling driving tips!

This weekend, I’ll be taking the Monte Carlo on an economy run with other members of the Saab Car Club here in Tasmania.
It’s the first club event that car’s been on, actually, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not sure if there are prizes involved, but I believe it is a competitive event – aiming to use as little fuel as possible ever the 150km or so of driving we’ll do.
I’ve had a read over WooDz’s guide to driving for mileage, and I’ve got myself used to the idea of cleaning out ALL the clutter, staying within the first 3rd of the turbo gauge and slowing well in advance of a light.
But if anyone else out there has some experience with this type of one-off event and has some tips for a first-timer, please feel free to drop your advice in comments.
At least we get a free lunch!

Pics: Saab Car Club of Australia national event

The Saab Car Club of Australia held their biennial national gathering in Canberra over the Easter weekend.
As promised, here’s some more photography and info from the event.
The photos have come from one of the Saab community’s most avid photographers, Steve Bunton, and you can click here to view the full portfolio.
The gathering of the Saabs in Canberra.
This 900 Convertible won best overall car at the Concours. Only 37,500 kms on the clock, apparently!
SU regular and master of all fastidious owners, Hawkeye, prepares his Saab 9-3 BioPower for the Concours. Rumours that he strapped his wife and child to the front of the car in order to prevent stonechips on the drive from Sydney are yet to be confirmed.
Unfortunately there’s no full shot of Hawkeye’s car, but here’s one very clean corner. Hawkeye’s car is a 2008 model and was one of the first ordered in Australia. It’s now done around 13,600kms.
And we have a winner!! Hawkeye won the the NG900-to-9-3 class in the Concours (a rather wide-ranging category, if you ask me.
Of course, our intrepid photographer had his Nordic-tuned Saab 9-3 Aero there as well. Sweeeeeet!

Aussie Saab national gathering this weekend in Canberra

This Easter will see the Saab Car Club of Australia have their national gathering, this time in the nation’s capital – Canberra.
The following is a release from the SCCA about the event. All comers are welcome to meet the club as they gather and join in the driving events.
parliamenthouse.jpg A group of members from the Saab Car Club of Australia will be driving their Saabs to Canberra this Easter for the Saab car Club of Australia national get together, held every two years. Saab car club members and their families from around Australia will be arriving with various Saabs from older models to the very latest Saabs, to enjoy the club events including touring and sightseeing, visiting local wineries and enjoying Canberra restaurants and hospitality and importantly showing their Saabs around Canberra.
The main event for this weekend will be the judging of the national Saab Car Club of Australia Concours, where the various Saabs models will be prepared and polished for this major event, the club also invites the public to join in and view the cars and talk with club members, this event will be held in the Treasury car park at the old Parliament house, starting at 10.30 am, on Sunday 12th April.
The Saab Car Club of Australia has active branches in NSW, Queensland, Victoria/South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia, and provides our members with a choice of social, technical and driving events and has a strong membership base of owners.
Saab Car Clubs have been operating since Saab started to build cars, Saab is a established international brand and is supported by Saab owner Clubs across Europe, all of North America, Asia and many other countries, the Saab owners clubs represents 1000’s of enthusiastic Saab owners.
This national event also coincides with the announcement on Saabs new models to be soon released in Australia, including the new Flex- Fuel Bio power engines and the two stage diesel powered models to be available across the full model range, plus the release of the 9.3 Aero V6 range with increased performance, proving again that Saab continues to show leadership in innovative cars and engines.
Saab company representatives in Australia and Commonwealth Motors in Canberra are supporters of this national event and the Saab Car Club of Australia.
I really wish I could make it up there myself, but I don’t have enough leave available to go along as well as make other commitments that I have for the year. It’d be great fun, though, and if you can make it there then I’d encourage you to do so.

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