NEVS Hiring Now?

Somehow it has been missed in the media reports that I thumb through everyday but I found myself on the NEVS website today and came across something of interest. Job openings and what looks to be a lot of openings. Looks like they are looking to hire in six areas and some will be larger hires. It does say these are areas being considered for recruitment and I would think it is of the most importance to have your application made to be considered. I hope this is a sign of things to come and that this may be one of the final steps in NEVS plans to possibly restart production sooner then anticipated. Below are the areas being considered and by clicking the link above, you can go directly to the NEVS listings board to submit your application.

Production Installation Prep
We are looking for people, who, in preparation for the start of production, can take responsibility for co-ordination and co-ordination of various processing activities.

Main duties include preparation and process planning of new, or modification of existing equipment, the assembly plant, as well as costing and planning of new equipment.

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