SAAB has changed the slogan

This is a short one.

Many of you do still discuss if Move your mind is a good slogan for Saab or not, other have noticed, that it is really difficult to find it on any Saab site or on any current electronic price-list or catalogue, there are still some older price list for MY11 cars were you can see the slogan.

As I also was curious about that, and to avoid fruitless discussions, I’ve asked at Saab what is the current situation of the slogan. The answer was short and precise.

Move your mind is no longer the slogan for Saab, currently Saab has no slogan at all, and a newer slogan will be rolled out when they can start a proper ad campaign for that.

Till then Saab doesn’t move your mind or isn’t born from jets or anything else. It would be interesting to hear what YOU think that a good slogan for SAAB could be.

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