Introducing The Finnish Saab Club

Here is what I had hoped to see from my post last week “Calling All Saab Clubs And Fans”. The reason for my post was to look at the things that make Saab fun. It is way to easy to look at things in a negative way or to get pulled into the back and forth conversations with people who will only see the conspiracy in things. What I want to see more of is the people and clubs of the world who still celebrate Saab and enjoy meeting others from this breed of Saab.

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Calling All Saab Clubs And Fans

Now the title may sound like a call to action and I guess in a way it is. We keep seeing comments about this, that and the other on NEVS and how they should or shouldn’t be doing business and as I keep pointing out, I for one am willing to wait and see before I pass harsh and rash judgement. My call to action if you will is to see some stories on Saab Clubs or fan stories about meeting others with this passion of ours and the friendships that have come out of this thing called Saab.

When I first began reading stories on Saabs United and meeting Saab people, the thing that struck me was the way the people were bonded. The first time I read comments on Saabs United, it struck me that even in the comments sections of posts that the readers seemed to know each other, now in most cases obviously not face to face knowing each other but none the less they seemed to enjoy conversing on this blog. Working in a Saab dealership the thing I noticed with the Saab people was a love to talk about Saab and more so about their cars which is great for someone like me that loves cars.

One of the first things I looked into when exploring all things Saab was Saab Clubs. A club is something you belong to and brings like minded people together and the knowledge shared is one of the best benefits of belonging. I was excited to know that in BC we had a strong club that met regularly and were eager to come see us when we became a Saab dealer. Since the first time they visited we have seen many of them come back to visit as a group or just in for a visit or service work. The Saab Club Of Western Canada is a great bunch of people who I enjoy immensely when they visit and they have taken part in events like the Save Saab in the past as well as the We Are Many recently to show their support.

Saab Club Of Western Canada

It may sound cheesy to some but to me it is very important to stay “United” through all that is going on. Don’t take this the wrong way because I don’t mean it to sound disrespectful but I don’t care what side of the NEVS fence you are on and I don’t care if you think Saab will never come back even though I don’t share those thoughts. What I do care about is that we are still a community and if I in any way can help to continue bringing that community together then I will keep doing what I do and unlike some, I will keep going and I welcome all of you to stick around and be a part of that ride.

If you are a Saab Club out there, please share your story of history of how the club formed, how many members, how often you meet and send me photo’s of one of your meets or photo’s of your history. I really want to profile as many clubs as we can find to take part of this to have a nice idea of all the people around us and why Saab will always be important to us. If you are a fan who has made some lifelong friendships through Saab cars, do the same. Email me through the [email protected] or personally email me at [email protected] Let’s bring some fun back, these are the little things that will always be a part of the bigger things and make us different.

Why It All Matters?

With the recent events of the We Are Many, We Are Saab, some people may reflect on things and wonder, can I make a difference by attending something like that? After receiving an email over the weekend from Michel Theriault, I would say yes and that all we do matters. Michel organized the We Are Many event in Montreal, Canada and from that has decided to take things to the next level.

Montreal has not had an active Saab club for some time now and at the urging of some of the participants, Michel has started a webpage with a forum to connect with Saab fan’s and an ultimate goal of restarting the Montreal Saab club. Judging by the photo below, there are plenty of Saab fan’s in Montreal and I am sure the re-launch of the Saab Club will be a success.

Saab clubs are a very cool thing to be a part of and witnessing some of these clubs come together is something in itself. We have a club out here in BC and when they have met at our dealership in the past, it has been like watching family arrive for a celebration. Everyone getting out of their Saab’s with grins on their faces being met by other members happy to see each other again. I don’t think there is a better way to explain it other then a family coming together.

I wish all the success in the world to Michel and the soon to be relaunched Saab Club from Montreal. If you are in the Montreal area, please visit the website link and show your support.

Advanced driver training – The Saab Club of Canada

We have a fair share of Canadians visiting SU and it is our pleasure to relay the club’s announcement of the May driving school gathering at the Shannonville Motorsport Park:

Twice a year at Shannonville Motorsports Park in Shannonville, Ontario, The Saab Club of Canada offers an Enhanced Driving School to all members of the public that offers the opportunity to learn and improve driving skills in a controlled environment.

James Bergeron reported from the event back in 2009.

After taking the Saab driving school, I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to improve their car control skills.

Fill out this form then print, sign it, scan and e-mail (or fax) it to the club.

Finally: Show up with your car (doesn’t have to be a Saab), have fun, takes lots of pictures, and report back to us.

On a personal note, I pulled a 180° in my old 9000 back in February — Quite involuntarily, I might add (snow&ice packed tight in the rear wheel well). Although I managed to stabilize the old boy (starting at 90 kph), a wee bit of practice ahead of time would have been lovely. If someone are arranging advanced driving courses here in Sweden, please let me know.

Saabway Forum employs Night Panel

I had this suggested to me for SU just a few weeks ago. Glad to see someone’s done it 🙂

The Saabway Club is located in Italy and they’re the first I’ve seen to employ a Night Panel button as a theme switch for their website.

The normal view (click to enlarge):

Note the Night Panel button in that image (a red arrow pointing to it).

And with the Night Panel switched on….


Very cool.

But maybe it should darken everything and only light up the appropriate area when when you mouse over it (e.g. a forum topic) ……. 🙂

Thanks Luca!

Saab Club Romania out and about

It’s great to see Saab clubs getting out and about to start the year. Even with the northern winter bringing a fair bit of cold weather, the Brits were out in force last weekend, as were the Saab Club of Romania.

The outing was in Brasov and as you can see in the pics, they had a great turnout despite the snow that’s still hanging around.

There’s a great video on the club’s Facebook page, too. I love the flag work!

Well worth a look.


Has you club hooked up with Saab’s club register on Facebook yet? How’s that working out?

I think there’s a great potential for Saab to tie in with clubs that way and for those active in Saab clubs, it’s a great way to see what other clubs are doing.

I never would have known the club in Romania had such a great crew if I hadn’t received this email from Dorin, but it’s very encouraging to see what they’re doing and I’m sure there are more clubs out there doing great things.

Monday Night Snippets

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and words about my looming departure from Saabs United.

To those who suggested I post just every now and then – unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to work that way. This business has a flow about it, a cadence. Once you miss the beat, it’s very difficult to get back. That’s why you generally get four or five entries a day here, not one or two.

Hopefully there are some solutions out there than can see SU continue. As for me, well…. my time with SU is definitely coming to a close. Hopefully it’s not the end of the road completely, but it is the end of this road. I can’t juggle everything and something’s got to give. Right now, that something is SU.


Here’s a figure that might surprise you as much as it surprised me.

If I told you there were six pre-orders for the Saab 9-4x in Belgium, you might think “given the lack of a diesel option, that number sounds about right”.

What if I told you that those six orders for the Saab 9-4x were from just one dealership?



Good to see Sergio Marchionne tell VW to get their grubby eyes off Alfa Romeo.

Now he just needs to keep up the good work started with the Giulietta. Geneva will be interesting.


It was great to see the Saab Owners Club GB get together via Robin’s Flickr stream. Looks like they had a good gathering of cars there at Stratford on Avon

And it’s always good to see Elie having a good time. If anyone needs an event to be livened up, get this guy along and just watch him work – a Saab ambassador in the finest and most fun sense.


I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but people are blowing up my inbox with links to it.

So here’s the Norwegian beer guy in Germany doing his bit to show his Saab 9-3s usefulness. Bring Back The Hatch!

Welcome Saab Club China

I got a note from a guy named Kai Chen today letting me know that he’s just set up a website – Saab Club China.

I know we have a few readers from China that check in here and I will never forget how pleasantly surprised I was to see the great support that came out of China during the sale of Saab.

It’s great to see a Saab club website starting up in China, a place where Chinese enthusiasts will be able to get Saab news in their native language instead of struggling along with my occasionally tortured writings.

Don’t stop visiting here, though, OK?

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