Monday Night Snippets

BIG thanks to Jeff P for the LA Auto Show banner featuring at the top of the website all this week!

Outstanding stuff. I know a few people have commented on it already, so Jeff – it’s put smiles on people’s faces already……. job done!


This might be the final entry on SU before I hit LA, so there’s a bit of stuff to cover.


People and cars.

That’s what this stuff is all about. People and cars.


One of Finland’s former parliamentarians, Riitta Uosukainen, is doing some free promotional work for Saab after she and her husband had a collision with a moose on the weekend:

“We were driving with my husband at 17.00 (this time of the year it’s really dark outside in Finland at five O’clock), when suddenly a giant moose jumped out from the dark straight on to our car.”

The impact was so severe that Mrs. Uosukainen thanks the rugged build of the car, and thanks to that nothing bad happened to the people inside it:
“The car was totaled. If it hadn’t been a Saab we both (She and Her husband) would of been dead.”

Then she thanks all the officials who arrived to the scene and gives compliments to the Police, ambulance staff, tow-car company and the hospital. Everything worked flawlessly. “I think it’s good for everybody to know”.

The she gives a warning to all drivers out there: “It’s unbelievable how this situation could surprise us all. The way it came (the moose, translators clarification), there are no words to describe it. It’s such a noise that it felt as if it fell from the sky.”

Thanks to Pekko for the translation.

Assuming they’ll order a new 9-5 to replace the one the moose just totalled, perhaps VM could deliver it personally to keep the story rolling?


I had a great catch-up dinner with a couple of Sydney Saab friends this evening. OK, Richo’s moved over to the dark side, but I still sense good in him, as does Princess Lea [sic]. Brendan B was there with his Viggen convertible, too.

The other members of the Sydney Saab clan that I usually catch up with were probably sick of seeing each other’s faces as they had what looks like a great meet-and-drive event on the weekend.

I had to put two shots of the Viggen in there – because it used to be mine! It’s now owned by a guy named Wayne G, who tells me it’s purring like a cat.

Great job, NSW Saab nuts!


The Guardian had a short review of the Saab 9-5 over the weekend.

No urgency. Not much of huge interest there.


It’s interesting that Volvo’s new Chinese owners want to move into places Volvo hadn’t planned on going….

…. and then their main product development guy leaves.

Saab might be struggling onwards, but I still think we got the better deal.


LA – here we come!

Wednesday Night Snippets – Saab Saved in NM edition

My apologies for the lack of posting this evening. My computer got a bit tied up downloading the new album from Slash and here in Oz, we’re still on connections that make that sort of activity rather s l o w.
Great album, by the way. Stockdale does Australia proud.
The Saab Club of New Mexico got together recently to celebrate Saab’s sale. As has become tradition, there was cake 🙂
There are more photos over on Flickr and a writeup of the day at the Saabisti New Mexico website.
Thanks to David for the heads up and well done to all on the event!
Josh F has pointed out an interesting occurence in the UK.
We were all pleasantly surprised when we saw the pricing for the new 9-5 in the UK market a few weeks ago. That pleasantness has been further enhanced with the release of pricing for the new Volvo S60.
I’ve not done direct comparisons on size, but it does seem to be a somewhat smaller car. Nevertheless, Volvo seem to have priced it in line with the 9-5 (just a bit under).
The S60 ranges from

West Texas Saab Club seek graphic design help?

I just thought I’d throw this one out there and see if any of you talented graphic people could help out.
There’s a new Saab Club being formed in West Texas and I’ve received an email from Clay M seeking some help with designing an appropriate logo that could be used for web and print media, as well as other applications as needed.

I have extremely limited experience with creating graphics and the work I have done in the past is just general pixel-based creations with Windows Paint. I have a good idea of what I am wanting, but haven’t had any luck in successfully producing anything physical.
Ideally, I would like a graphic in a size and format that can be used for letterhead, t-shirts, banners, etc. Would you possibly know of a graphic-savvy individual that might be interested in providing this service on the basis that I provide the general idea for the logo?

Hopefully we’ll find some help here…..

WTSaab.JPGI’ve attached a basic idea of what I’m looking for (click to enlarge), although the placement of the text still seems a little awkward to me. As you can tell, the entire logo is pixelated and some of the items used didn’t resize very well. I’d say that all of the components of the logo are necessary (state outline, griffin crown, SAAB text, Swedish flag, Texas flag, etc.), as are some of the colors, but there is some artistic license available.

If any of you feel like having a crack at this, please feel free and email me your results, which I’ll send on to Clay.
Thanks in advance.

Welcome SE Pennsylvania Saab Club!

One of the great outcomes from the Saab Support Convoys is that there will be several new Saab Car Clubs formed out of people getting together for a common cause.
Whilst there are a couple of car clubs in Pennsylvania already, there’s nothing in the south-eastern area so John Carter has decided to leverage the support of his employer – General Sales Saab in West Chester, PA – to form a local Saab Club: the SE Pennsylvania Saab Club.
The support of the dealership means that there are no membership fees for interested people and the club will have a base for meetings, etc.
John has set up a forum for interested persons and hopes to get a few activities going, with a view to maybe organising a combined activity with members of the three other PA Saab clubs at some stage.
Link: SE Pennsylvania Saab Club forum.
Good luck to all of you. It’s always great to see a new Saab Club form and get active in their support and enjoyment of the brand.

Swedes vs the Dutch in the battle of Saab Support Convoys

Last time I checked in, the Dutch had around 360 vehicles signed up for their Saab Support Convoy on January 17th.

Of course, the Swedes are holding a Saab Support Convoy of their own and it seems they’re aiming to give the Dutch a run for their money in terms of the number of cars that turn out.

Nothing like a bit of friendly competition, eh?

OK, they’re not competing. That’s my silly talk. But the Swedes are looking to get as many people to Trollhattan as possible for the Swedish Saab Support Convoy.

STCSdecal.jpg The Swedish event is being set up by the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden and they’re aiming to have 500 Saabs in attendance. They would like to encourage everyone with a Saab in the Trollhattan area (and beyond!) to come to Trollhättan on the 17th of January.

Attendees don’t have to be a member of any Saab Club, they just have to own and drive their Saab and show their support for Saab.

500 Saab Cars in a row should in theory mean there would be approximately 10,000 meters of Saab Cars. That’s equal to a Swedish mile!


Click here to see the event information at the STCS website.

In short, they plan to gather at 11.00 o’clock at the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan. At around 13.00/13.30 they will form a big Saab Convoy through the town of Trollhättan out
to the Saab development and assembly plant, arriving at 14.00.

Cheeky – and keep the 17th January free for the Saab Support Convoy.

Those fun lads at the Saab Club Nederlands are getting increasingly cheeky with their site banners.



One other thing they’re doing, when they’re not designing cheeky banners, is planning a car run on the 17th January Next year.

It’s called the Saab Support Convoy.

There are currently over 230 people signed up for this Dutch drive and I believe they’re possibly meeting up with Belgian Saabers and others along the way.


The Saab Turbo Club of Sweden has joined the fray and are planning a drive the same day in support of Saab. More information can be found here at their website.

In short, they plan to gather at 11.00 o’clock at the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan. At around 13.00/13.30 they will form a big Saab Convoy through the town of Trollhättan out
to the Saab development and assembly plant, arriving at 14.00.

Hopefully the local media will be there.


The big question is – can other Saab Clubs and owners join in and arrange Saab Support Convoys in their own area?

Can we get a bunch of local news outlets to cover this as a global event?

I think it’d be a great idea. With a January 7 date being mentioned as a date for final bids from buyers for the company, it might also be a good chance to celebrate.

Thoughts in comments.

New SCNA website – featuring 2010 SOC

Before SCNA stood for Saab Cars of North America, it was (and still is) the acronym for the Saab Club of North America.
The SCNA has a new-look website online and it’s looking pretty good. Those of you who haven’t checked it out yet might want to do so here.

They’ve got a link there to some groovy Saab wallpapers, put together by a guy named Roy Chui. Great work.
I love Saab wallpapers 🙂

Most importantly, they’ve also got some preliminary information on the 2010 Saab Owners Convention, which will be held in Aurora, Ohio from July 22-25th, 2010.
This will be the first post-GM convention and I’m sure the new Saab 9-5 will play a prominent role.
Early details are available at the Saab Convention website.

Saab Club of Canada’s enhanced driving school – reviewed and praised

The Saab Club of Canada runs an Enhanced Driving School twice a year at the Shannonville Motorsport Park in Belleville, Ontario. It’s always well attended, primarily because they’ve been doing it for a long time now and have great instructors who know their stuff.
Their most recent session was attended by a journalist from Canadian Driver, a guy named James Bergeron. He was fortunate enough to score a XWD Saab 9-3 for the day, too.
His account of the day is now online at Canadian Driver.
The intro….

Driving is serious business; most people get their license when they are 16, pass the “driving test” which is more of a test of one’s abilities to follow the law than to operate a motor vehicle, and then never look back. The majority of the drivers on the roads today haven’t had any training other than a few quick lessons from their parents or a driving school.
Do you remember what to do if your car goes into a skid? Was it turn into the skid? Or maybe it was turn away from the slide? Across the hood, that’s a good one; wouldn’t that mean you always turn right?
Forget all of that. The best way to learn, or re-learn, how to drive, is to practice. Twice a year at Shannonville Motorsports Park in Shannonville, Ontario, The Saab Club of Canada offers an Enhanced Driving School to all members of the public that offers the opportunity to learn and improve driving skills in a controlled environment……

….and the conclusion (both the course and the car)

All the instructors were extremely knowledgeable, easy-going and friendly. My instructor, Paul Kitchener, was extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond by letting me take his Corvette Z06 onto the track for some added thrills.
After taking the Saab driving school, I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to improve their car control skills. For $265, it is a bargain; heck, they even provide lunch!
How did my Saab 9-3 fare on the track? I came away impressed….

You can read the in-between stuff at Canadian Driver.
If you’ve not attended a driver training course in the past I really recommend you consider it. Your Saab’s limits on the road exceed your own by a large margin and it’s best to learn where yours are in a controlled environment.
Just don’t do what I did.
If you’re in Canada and you want to attend the Saab Club of Canada’s Enhanced Driving School, unfortunately you’ll have to wait until next year. Courses are usually run in May and October each year.
Bookmark the club’s website and be sure to check it out in the early stages of 2010.

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