Four Seasons convertibles – Santa Edition :-)

It’s been a little while since I’ve featured the work of some 4-season convertible drivers. It’s been an unofficial theme for this month and we’ve had quite a few people write in sharing images of their convertibles being used top down, all year round.

Today’s images come from Simon P, in England, who got up to a little yuletide fun with his 9-3 Convertible last Christmas. OK, there’s no snow on the ground here, but Christmas in England isn’t generally considered to be warm.


I often drive my convertible with the roof down in very cold weather, sometimes as low as -5.

Here are a few photos taken this year and last at Christmas, just for fun with some friends and my children. I love the looks of disbelief that we receive.

All the best



Thanks to Simon, and if you’ve got any topless Saab winter pics (you know what I mean), please feel free to send them along…..

Four seasons convertible – Part 6

It’s been a little while between entries, but I do have more winter convertibles to show you, celebrating the all-weather nature of Saab’s drop top.

Marien has a 2.0T Vector convertible, black on parchment, that’s tuned by Maptun. It’s driven in all weather, and as long as it’s 6 degrees or more and not raining, the top’s down.

It’s shown here with 17 light alloys fitted with winter tyres.

Thanks Marien!

Winter Convertible

Winter Convertible

The Four-Seasons Saab Convertible – Part 5

In one of the previous 4-seasons Convertible posts, the following was asked….

I am confused. Being new to the Saab world (bought a 2008 9-5 cpo ss) I am curious what the fuss is all about a 4 seasons saab converible? Couldnโ€™t any convertible on the market with fwd and heated seats brave four seasons?

Theoretically, I suppose another FWD convertible with heated seats could actually provide adequate passage through a snowy winter. But there are a few things that Saab people love about Saab convertibles (even if they’re like me, and don’t own one but just like to know they’re there).

First – they’re not just adequate in snowy conditions. They’re designed in a country that designs everything to withstand and even flourish in a snowy winter. Saab convertibles are as liveable in winter as they are in summer.

Second – it’s not just the heated seats, it’s the whole toasty warm HVAC system. Most companies have good heating nowadays, but when the 900 Convertible came out back in the mid-80’s, there could be a huge disparity between the ability of different HVAC systems to heat a closed cabin, much less a convertible with the roof off.

Third – The great thing about the Saab convertible lineage is that it’s always been a true four-seasons and four-seater convertible. For a long time, the only convertibles you could drive in a mildly sporty way were two-seat roadsters with almost no luggage space (hello MG and later, the Mazda Miata/MX-5). The only 4-seat convertibles were big barges. When the Saab 900 Convertible came along, it was smart looking, stylish, comfortable for two and very manageable for four, great to drive and as safe as a roof-less car could get.

That lineage continues, which is why Saab Convertible owners today are still happy to drive their drop-tops in winter just like in any other season.


Some of the winter convertibles sent in over the last few days……

From Barry P…..

“This car truly is a car for all weather and climates! ๐Ÿ™‚

Alexandros has a 2007 model convertible, which should really have had the top down in the glorious first photo ๐Ÿ™‚

Alexandros’ car also saw some action in the Frankfurt Saab Support Convoy….

SVX92 has a very smart looking 9-3, along with a couple of very smart looking dogs (Aczar and Ayden).

A word for convertible owners, and for Saab….

anyone who doesn’t have a wind screen (i.e. at the rear of the front seats) needs to invest in one.

If they cant find a way to design one into the next 9-3 (a la Mercedes E-class) then I hope (are you listening, SAAB?) they design a false bottom in the floor of the trunk for the collapsed windscreen to rest without interfering in luggage space as presently is the case


More convertibles later in the week!

Thanks to everyone who’s sent in photos, thoughts and stories about their winter convertible experiences.

More on Saab’s Independence Day edition for 2011

I first wrote about this special Saab Independence Edition last month, when it was mentioned by a couple of Djup Strupes that there would be a series of cars to commemorate Saab’s sale from General Motors (Saab were sold to Spyker on February 23, 2010).

What I got right in that post:

  • The Independence Edition will be happening
  • It will be limited to 366 vehicles for 2011

What I seemingly got wrong in that post:

  • The edition could have both 9-5s and 9-3s included

From what I’ve seen today, it seems that the Saab Independence edition will be focused completely on the Saab 9-3 Convertible.

The car will be based on the Aero Convertible and will have the 220hp 2.0T Biopower engine (from the 9-5) under the hood. It will also have a number of unique features:

  • A new color will be used – Sunset Red
  • New parchment seats, with center strip and piping (a-la the 20th Anniversary convertibles from a few years ago, but more pronounced and in orange)
  • Orange turbo instrument needle (a-la C900 and Turbo X)
  • New 18″ wheels
  • Hirsch leather instrument panel and other other Hirsch interior appointments
  • New ‘Super Sport’ steering wheel

That 366 number is a worldwide number, not a number for each market. Each car will be uniquely numbered via an etching on the rear left window showing what number out of 366 it is.


The one thing I don’t know yet is if the specifications mentioned above are the same for all markets. I’ve received this from one particular Djup Strupe and what’s here is accurate for the market DS works in, but I don’t know if it applies to all.

The Four-Seasons Convertible – Part 4

Saab convertibles are built to withstand tough winter conditions, making them the perfect all-year car for someone who likes some top-down fun.

We’re celebrating the winter-friendly nature of the Saab convertible this month and I’ve got a few more pics to share.


Robert P doesn’t own this Saab drop-top any more, but it looks like it saw some top-down action in less than summery conditions…..

This isn’t a snow-filled image, but Hovsep in Beirut assures me that it was indeed in winter – at around 8 degrees C – so you have to admire the courage of this young bride riding to her wedding in the back of this 900 Convertible.

James lives in Seattle (we met at one of the great Trollhattan Saab meetups a few years ago) and his Viggen sees regular winter use.

That’s around -5 degrees C to those using the Swedish scale….. and the top is down “with the footwell heater and rump-roaster on. Woohoo!”

The Four-Seasons Saab Convertible – Part 3

Here’s another entry celebrating the year-round adaptability of the Saab Convertible – a car built for winter conditions and lots of summer fun!

Martin D is a big fan of the classic yellow Saab convertible. In fact, he’s got a few of them in the family and has sent through a few images of them. As you can see, they both get regular use, no matter how cold the season!

Click to enlarge.

Parked top-down in the snow….


Picking up the Christmas Tree…..

At a skiing holiday….

At the Saab Support Convoy in Russelsheim….


My thanks to Martin for the images.

I’ve got a bunch more, too. It seems there are a LOT of people who love their winter convertibles ๐Ÿ™‚

The Four Seasons Saab Convertible – Part 2

We’re looking for people who use their Saab Convertibles all year round. Gunnar has taken up the challenge.

They’re made in Sweden for Swedish conditions, so there’s no reason to keep them tucked up during the winter, right?

I am not such an extreme topless driver like Frederik, since I have [some medical sensitivity to cold conditions] when driving in my former Cabrio (MX-5) at temperatures around freezing point. The doctor asked me if I would be nuts and my boss at work asked me if I did that on purpose for getting a few days off being sick…no kidding… ๐Ÿ˜‰

But I really bought the Saab because I wanted to have a Cabrio for every season. And yes, it works perfectly.

Here are some images of Gunnar’s car. Click to enlarge. My thanks to him for sending them in!

17″ Aero rims with winter tyres – nice!

Saab 9-3 Convertible

Wearing a winter coat…..

At the Saab Support Convoy in Russelsheim last January…..

Saab 9-3 Convertible

And in more pleasant conditions….

Saab 9-3 Convertible


If you’ve got a Saab Convertible that gets winter use, please send along some photos of your 4-seasons 4-seater convertible. I’d love to share them here on the site.

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